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Thursday, 30 September 2010

Skulduggery fan-fic part 18

Cornelious spotted Skylara and Sarthacus chatting and laughing together at the end of the corridor. He smiled to himself. He was glad they appeared to be friends again. Then he stopped smiling. Why did he feel glad? He didn't feel anything normallly. It had always been the downside of his power. He could change others emotions but never feel any of his own. Maybe his power was maturing. He chuckled to himself. It had taken 152 years for his power to finally mature.
Skylara spotted him and ran towards him.
"Where have you two been?" he asked.
Sarthacus opened his mouth to answer but Skylara got there first. "WE JUST MET SKULDUGGERY PLESANT!"
Cornelious paused. "Right. Cool."
Skylara blinked at him. "Skulduggery Plesant? We JUST met him! The REAL Skulduggery Plesant. In the flesh,well, in the bones, know what I mean."
"Skylara,it's nothing new. I've met Skulduggery a thousand times. It's not really that big of a deal."
Skylara glared at him and crossed her arms. "Well I haven't." she mumbled.
"Erm,anyway Cornelious any news from the girls?" asked Sarthacus.
"Yes actually, they have Tanith and  they also took the trouble of finding a soul catcher and they're bringing it with them. Oh! And they caught Billy-Ray Saguine while they were at it."
" My,oh my! Did they have the time to uncover the lost city of Atlantis and solve world hunger aswell?" Skylara murmered sarcasticaly.
"They say they'll meet us here in about an hour." Cornelious said ignoring her.
"Right." Sarthacus said nodding his head. "Shall we ready a room for their arrival?"
"Certainly master Bolt and then when they arrive we shall all gather around and roast chestnuts upon an open fire while mama reads us a story." Skylara sighed sarcastically as she walked out the door.
Cornelious raised his eyebrows at Sarthacus.
"Don't mind her. She's just had a near death experiance and hasn't had any sleep for over 10 hours. And to top it all off I think you just pissed her off." he whispered.
"Ah. That would explain the over-used sarcasm."
"Indeed." Sarthacus said following Skylara out of the room.

Nicolette,Skyril and Bridget arrived at the sanctuary at 1am. Bridget lifted the unconcious Tanith out of the boot and onto her shoulder.
"Cornelious said to meet them in room 15 on the west wing of the Sanctuary hospital." she said as Skyril locked the car.
"Let's go." Nicolette said clapping her hands together and striding purposely towards a large door on her left."
"Erm Nicolette, it's the other way."
They arrived at a large white room filled with several hospital beds. The one nearest to the door was occupied by a boy with short dark brown hair and green eyes who looked about 17. He looked round and grinned at them.
"You must be Nicolette,Skyril and Bridget." he said in a rough voice. "I'm Sabien Mist. Skylara told me you'd be comming."
"Erm...yeah  and you must be the werewolf. You must be worn out by Skylara's constant questioning." joked Bridget.
"Oh, I don't mind." he said. "Anyway Skylara should be back in a minute. She went to get a coke, she's pretty shattered."
"Aren't we all." muttered Skyril.
A moment later Skylara emerged sipping a cup of coffee with a look of distaste. "I hate coffee," she grumbled. "but they didn't have any coke and I need the stupid caffine so I don't drift off."
"Nice to see you too Skylara." said Nicolette.
"Oh, sorry. Hi guys. Come on, let's get this over with." she sighed. "Sarthacus and Cornelious are through here." she indicated to the room opposite.
 They walked in to find Sarthacus placing a chair in the middle of the room and Cornelious seemed to be untangling some rope.
"Hi girls, can you put Tanith on there please?" asked Sarthacus looking around.
"Sure." Bridget said shrugging and dumping Tanith down on the chair. Hard.
The group gave her a look. "What? Tanith won't mind a few bruises. And if she does I'll set her straight."
"Violence doesn't solve everything Bridge." Said Skyril wisely.
"No,but it solves most stuff n' it sure as hell is fun!" she replied grinning mischieviously.
"Have you got the soul catcher?" Corneilious asked and Nicolette held it up. "Good, Sarthacus,if you would do the honours."
"Certainly." Sarthacus said as he finished tying up Tanith. He walked over to the corner and picked up a large red bucket. He swung it and a load of water splashed on Tanith. Tanith opened her eyes and coughed and spluttered violently. When she'd reccovered she took in her surroundings.
"Where the bloody hell am I?" she asked.
"That, you don't need to know." Skyril said. "But you do need to know that we're busting you out of Tanith pronto."
Tanith laughed bitterly. "You can't do that silly child, I'm bound to this body forever!"
"Really? Are you now?" Nicolette asked as Sarthacus produced a small bottle from his trench coat.
"Hold her." he instructed Bridget and Skylara.
"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" Screached Tanith as she struggled against the two girls.
Skylara sighed. " Skyril just told you what you moron. Your rather slow to catch on aren't you?"
"We can and we will." Nicolette said as Sarthacus poured the liquid from the bottle into Tanith's mouth.
Tanith struggled for a few more seconds and then se stopped. She screamed as the remnant slowly crawled out of her throat. Nicolette opened the soul catcher and caught it just as it tried to fly into Sarthacus.
"Gotcha!" she said triumphantly.
After a few moments they heard a grunt from the chair. Tanith lifted up her head and looked around her.
"Hey, where am I? I don't know where I am, who half of you are, how I got here or why the hell my bum hurts so much."

They'd explained to Tanith about what had happened and she'd thanked them and left almost imideately to go and find Ghastly.
After Tanith had left the two groups had all gathered around Sabien's bed and told eachother what had happened since they'd last met. It was nearly morning.
"So....what are we going to do to entertain ourselves now that this is over?" asked Nicolette.
"Oh I'm sure something will crop up eventually. But for now we'll all just chill." Cornelious said sighing.
Sabien coughed. "Erm, well...I was wondering if.....sometimes all do this kinda thing if I could....ya know.....tag along?"
Skylara smiled at him and took his hand. "Sure, we could always use your help."
Skyril raised her eyebrows at them. "Ohhhhhh! Looks like Skylara's got herself a werewolf!" she sang.
Skylara glared at her. "I would so punch you right now but I'm too darn tired. I'm off to bed." she said standing up and walking out. "Laters."
"Looks like I touched a nerve." Skyril whispered to Bridget.
"Well I don't know about you guys but I could really use a break." Sarthacus said tilting back in his chair.
" I think we all could Sarthacus," said Bridget looking outside. "but we never get a break when we want one."

                                                                      THE END

New fan-fic shall be comming soon.....I hope........


  1. Loved it, Skylara! Loved the funny banter between the friends, and Bridget's wicked sense of humor! The part of Tanith wondering why she had a sore bum got me laughing again! Lol Very clever writing. Can't wait for more! :D


    Yay! I cured Tanith!

    What I always thought was, you would take Tanith to Nye, and it would gut the remnant out of her.

  3. wunderbar!

    Loved Bridget's last line!

  4. Great! :D

    can i be in your fan-fic plz? my bio is on the bio-rama.

    PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE!!!! i posted some ideas for fish names...if that helps....