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Thursday, 30 September 2010

Skulduggery fan-fic part 18

Cornelious spotted Skylara and Sarthacus chatting and laughing together at the end of the corridor. He smiled to himself. He was glad they appeared to be friends again. Then he stopped smiling. Why did he feel glad? He didn't feel anything normallly. It had always been the downside of his power. He could change others emotions but never feel any of his own. Maybe his power was maturing. He chuckled to himself. It had taken 152 years for his power to finally mature.
Skylara spotted him and ran towards him.
"Where have you two been?" he asked.
Sarthacus opened his mouth to answer but Skylara got there first. "WE JUST MET SKULDUGGERY PLESANT!"
Cornelious paused. "Right. Cool."
Skylara blinked at him. "Skulduggery Plesant? We JUST met him! The REAL Skulduggery Plesant. In the flesh,well, in the bones, know what I mean."
"Skylara,it's nothing new. I've met Skulduggery a thousand times. It's not really that big of a deal."
Skylara glared at him and crossed her arms. "Well I haven't." she mumbled.
"Erm,anyway Cornelious any news from the girls?" asked Sarthacus.
"Yes actually, they have Tanith and  they also took the trouble of finding a soul catcher and they're bringing it with them. Oh! And they caught Billy-Ray Saguine while they were at it."
" My,oh my! Did they have the time to uncover the lost city of Atlantis and solve world hunger aswell?" Skylara murmered sarcasticaly.
"They say they'll meet us here in about an hour." Cornelious said ignoring her.
"Right." Sarthacus said nodding his head. "Shall we ready a room for their arrival?"
"Certainly master Bolt and then when they arrive we shall all gather around and roast chestnuts upon an open fire while mama reads us a story." Skylara sighed sarcastically as she walked out the door.
Cornelious raised his eyebrows at Sarthacus.
"Don't mind her. She's just had a near death experiance and hasn't had any sleep for over 10 hours. And to top it all off I think you just pissed her off." he whispered.
"Ah. That would explain the over-used sarcasm."
"Indeed." Sarthacus said following Skylara out of the room.

Nicolette,Skyril and Bridget arrived at the sanctuary at 1am. Bridget lifted the unconcious Tanith out of the boot and onto her shoulder.
"Cornelious said to meet them in room 15 on the west wing of the Sanctuary hospital." she said as Skyril locked the car.
"Let's go." Nicolette said clapping her hands together and striding purposely towards a large door on her left."
"Erm Nicolette, it's the other way."
They arrived at a large white room filled with several hospital beds. The one nearest to the door was occupied by a boy with short dark brown hair and green eyes who looked about 17. He looked round and grinned at them.
"You must be Nicolette,Skyril and Bridget." he said in a rough voice. "I'm Sabien Mist. Skylara told me you'd be comming."
"Erm...yeah  and you must be the werewolf. You must be worn out by Skylara's constant questioning." joked Bridget.
"Oh, I don't mind." he said. "Anyway Skylara should be back in a minute. She went to get a coke, she's pretty shattered."
"Aren't we all." muttered Skyril.
A moment later Skylara emerged sipping a cup of coffee with a look of distaste. "I hate coffee," she grumbled. "but they didn't have any coke and I need the stupid caffine so I don't drift off."
"Nice to see you too Skylara." said Nicolette.
"Oh, sorry. Hi guys. Come on, let's get this over with." she sighed. "Sarthacus and Cornelious are through here." she indicated to the room opposite.
 They walked in to find Sarthacus placing a chair in the middle of the room and Cornelious seemed to be untangling some rope.
"Hi girls, can you put Tanith on there please?" asked Sarthacus looking around.
"Sure." Bridget said shrugging and dumping Tanith down on the chair. Hard.
The group gave her a look. "What? Tanith won't mind a few bruises. And if she does I'll set her straight."
"Violence doesn't solve everything Bridge." Said Skyril wisely.
"No,but it solves most stuff n' it sure as hell is fun!" she replied grinning mischieviously.
"Have you got the soul catcher?" Corneilious asked and Nicolette held it up. "Good, Sarthacus,if you would do the honours."
"Certainly." Sarthacus said as he finished tying up Tanith. He walked over to the corner and picked up a large red bucket. He swung it and a load of water splashed on Tanith. Tanith opened her eyes and coughed and spluttered violently. When she'd reccovered she took in her surroundings.
"Where the bloody hell am I?" she asked.
"That, you don't need to know." Skyril said. "But you do need to know that we're busting you out of Tanith pronto."
Tanith laughed bitterly. "You can't do that silly child, I'm bound to this body forever!"
"Really? Are you now?" Nicolette asked as Sarthacus produced a small bottle from his trench coat.
"Hold her." he instructed Bridget and Skylara.
"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" Screached Tanith as she struggled against the two girls.
Skylara sighed. " Skyril just told you what you moron. Your rather slow to catch on aren't you?"
"We can and we will." Nicolette said as Sarthacus poured the liquid from the bottle into Tanith's mouth.
Tanith struggled for a few more seconds and then se stopped. She screamed as the remnant slowly crawled out of her throat. Nicolette opened the soul catcher and caught it just as it tried to fly into Sarthacus.
"Gotcha!" she said triumphantly.
After a few moments they heard a grunt from the chair. Tanith lifted up her head and looked around her.
"Hey, where am I? I don't know where I am, who half of you are, how I got here or why the hell my bum hurts so much."

They'd explained to Tanith about what had happened and she'd thanked them and left almost imideately to go and find Ghastly.
After Tanith had left the two groups had all gathered around Sabien's bed and told eachother what had happened since they'd last met. It was nearly morning.
"So....what are we going to do to entertain ourselves now that this is over?" asked Nicolette.
"Oh I'm sure something will crop up eventually. But for now we'll all just chill." Cornelious said sighing.
Sabien coughed. "Erm, well...I was wondering if.....sometimes all do this kinda thing if I could....ya know.....tag along?"
Skylara smiled at him and took his hand. "Sure, we could always use your help."
Skyril raised her eyebrows at them. "Ohhhhhh! Looks like Skylara's got herself a werewolf!" she sang.
Skylara glared at her. "I would so punch you right now but I'm too darn tired. I'm off to bed." she said standing up and walking out. "Laters."
"Looks like I touched a nerve." Skyril whispered to Bridget.
"Well I don't know about you guys but I could really use a break." Sarthacus said tilting back in his chair.
" I think we all could Sarthacus," said Bridget looking outside. "but we never get a break when we want one."

                                                                      THE END

New fan-fic shall be comming soon.....I hope........


Wow....that,was a whole lot'a fish names.
i was ment to post the results yesterday but my parents have offically said i spend to much time on the computer and on this blog and derek's and whenever i say "im going on the computer" they give me disaproving looks and shake their heads. *glares* that is so untrue....well...maybe it is a tad true.....maybe.

But after a few withering looks from my dad i am up here and deciding on the results.
Its so hard!!!!!!!!!!! No,really its soooooo hard. I hate making decisions like this. I hate disappointing people.
but *sigh* it must be done.

before i say the winner i must say that the following were my favs: Zed,Conkers,Fishduggery Fin, Brock, Bob, Alfred, Yappy, Skylara Fishtail and Montague.

i think im gonna have to have a first,second and third...
but i can't think of any other prizes for second and third so basically you just get the pride of being an amazing fish-namer (which not many people can say they are)

so in third place IS........................MONTAGUE! which was by Lizzy.

in second place.................................SKYLARA FISHTAIL! which was by Sarthacus.

AND FINALLY IN FIRST PLACE.......*drum roll please*........................
............................................BROCK! by Leo Sparks!

congrats Leo you shall be the main person in the first post of my new story (hopefully comming soon if my parents dont ban me.) oh and also you get the joy of looking at Brock as he swims around my blog.

also i liked how you included the referance in your story! it was very clever.

thanks everyone and seriously it was VERY hard to chose.


Tuesday, 28 September 2010


Ok, well I have almost finished my current fan-fic so I am currently thinking about the plot to my next one.
Also (in case any of you havn't noticed) i have some rather snazzy new fish on my blog page. THEY ARE SO AMAZING!
*cough* anyway i have named the green one Zippy and the black one Ned and I'm not sure about the rest.

I challenge you to help me name the yellow fish. It can be any name what so ever (boy or girl) and the person who i think has chosen the best name for the fish....SHALL BE THE MAIN PERSON IN THE FIRST POST OF MY NEW FAN-FIC (COMMING SOON)!!!!!!

I shall carry on with my science now. *mumbles* stupid science!
Get naming!

oh and for anyone who like Sarthacus was wondering how i got the fish i went into design on my blog and then went on add a gadget and its somewhere in the gadgets!

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Skulduggery fan-fic part 17

Ok so before i carry on with the story there is a little matter about my next fan-fic i wish to sort out.
Ok, so far these are the people who are going to be in the next one: Nicolette, Leo, Kallista, Alexzz, Lizzy, Donkey shooter, Dragona, Aquila and Florence. i THINK thats it. so if you also want to be in it and ive forgotten you (sory if i have) then please say so below. Thanks ;) on with the story!

Skylara gawped at him.
"" she stuttered.
"Handsome?  Witty? Manly?" asked Skulduggery.
"Your Skulduggery Plesant!"
"Yes. Yes I am. And who might you be strange,stuttering person?"
Sarthacus sighed. "Brace yourself." he told Skulduggery.
"Your Skulduggery Plesant! Your here! OMG! I'm just so pleased to finally meet you! I am such a big fan! I....I.." Skylara rambled on. "Oh! Wait! Can I just...?"
Skylara turned and before them stood an identical Skulduggery.
"Well...said Skulduggery. "This doesn't feel weird at all."
"Sorry..." said Skylara in Skulduggery's voice. "It's just I've never turned into a..."
"Skeleton detective before?"
"Yeah." she said sheepishly turning back into herself.
"This is Skylara Wolfbane." said Sarthacus. "She'd a shapeshifter and as you can probably tell she's a big fan."
Skulduggery looked taken back for a moment. Then he seemed to stand up a little taller. "I have fans." said Skulduggery smugly.
" You have A fan Skulduggery. As in one."
"I COULD have more fans."
"I wouldn't allow it. Your already far too big headed for any more fans."
Skulduggery paused. "Ah. Well, there is that."
"Anyway Skulduggery why are you here?" Sarthacus asked.
"I needed to come to the Sanctury hospital as I had a broken arm. I was just about to leave when I heard a commotion on the roof and decided to cheak it out."
"Where's Val?"
"Gone to Paris with Fletcher. I don't know how she stands spending so much time with the boy. Still...could be worse. Least she's not with the vampire." he said his tone darkening when he said vampire.
"Anyway Sarthacus, what have you been up too?" he said,quickly changing the subject.
"Me,Skylara and Cornelious went looking for a cure for Tanith while Nicolette, Bridget and Skyril went to go fetch her."
"Were you sucessful?"
"From this end, suprisingly, yes." said Skylara chipping in. "It was a close shave but we got what we needed."
"Oh..." said Skulduggery sounding disappointed. "So..there isn't much fighting left?"
" not if the others have Tanith."
" don't really need me?"
"No. Not really." said Sarthacus.
"If all goes well we'll tell you when Tanith's back." Skylara said also sounding disappointed that she didn't get to spend more time with her idol.
"So....what on Earth am I supposed to do now?"
"We reccomend monopoly." said Sarthacus sympatheticly patting him on the shoulder.
"Well..." Said Skulduggery sighing and walking to the edge of the building. "It was nice meeting you Skylara, great to know that I have a fan. Hopefully I'll see you two again soon."
"When trouble comes a'callin'" chuckled Skylara. "Oh and thanks for saving us!"
"That,Skylara, is what I do best." he said jumping off the side of the building and gliding down to the floor.
Silence fell.
"That...WAS SO COOL!" exclaimed Skylara after a moment.
"He is way too cocky." Sarthacus mumbled shaking his head.
"Oh! And your not?"
"I'm allowed to be. I'm too awesome not to be cocky."
"Phh! You keep believing that Sarthacus!" she said pushing him toward the door.

Saturday, 25 September 2010

Skulduggery fan-fic part 16

Skylara walked down the hallway. Sabien had persuaded her to go and get some sleep and she was off to a quiet store-room where she might be able to get some shut-eye. It felt good to stretch her legs. She'd been sitting there for eight hours straight now. She'd been walking for at least ten minutes and the pins and needles were only just starting to fade.
She looked down and saw that her bootlace was un-done. She bent down to re-tie it but no sooner than she had she heard a low growl from above her. She looked up to see a large vampire snarling down at her.
"Uh oh." she said and then turning into a cheetah, she sprinted as fast as she could in the other direction.
Sarthacus looked down at the floor. He'd never felt so guiltly in all his life. He'd tried to find a reason why it hadn't been his fault but he'd came up with nothing. He was never the one to cause something bad to happen. He was normally the one who prevented it. Now,he had no one to blame but himself.
Sarthacus sighed and trudged up the silent hall. Suddenly he heard hurried footsteps comming from down the hall. A small indian man sounding out of breath came running in his direction. He was too busy looking behind him to notice Sarthacus and he bumped straight into him. The two of them went crashing onto the floor.
"Hey! Watch where your going..." started Sarthacus but then he saw the look of panic in the man's eyes.
"The two vampires!" The man said in a harsh whisper. "They've escaped! We need too..." He didn't get to finish that sentance. A clawed hand from behind him picked him up and ripped the head from his body. The head rolled next to Sarthacus,the look of panic still fresh on it's face. Sarthacus looked up at the vampire's furious face.
 " Aw hell!" he said. He threw a fireball at the vamp's face,distracting it momenterily and then fled.

Sarthacus turned a sharp corner and sprinted towards the door to the roof. They were on the top floor but he might be able to loose them on the roof if he jumped to the next building. He saw another vampire comming from his left with a cheetah just infront of it. The cheetah changed back into Skylara and she ran alongside him.
"There are two?!" she asked.
" 'Fraid so." he replied slamming open the door. The pair sprinted onto the roof. They knew they wouldn't be able to outrun the vampires, Skylara could have turned into a bird but she knew that the vampires were to close for Sarthacus to even have a chance to try and jump to the next building. Very few people ever escaped vampires and the two of them were not feeling up to their best this evening.
They turned around to face their opponents and the vampires hissed viciously.
Skylara turned into a large werewolf and the vampires snarled angrily. Everyone knew most vampires hated werewolves.
Sarthacus had been mastering a new trick for a few days now. "What better time to use it than now?" he thought to himself. He clicked his fingers and produced a fireball. Then he blew as hard as he could on it causing the fireball to grow and surge forward towards the vampires. The two instantly burst into flames. They cried out in pain but managed to extinguish the flames in a matter of seconds.
Skylara bounded up to one of the vampires while it was distracted and bit it's arm clean off. The vamp howled in agony and before it could attack she bonked it on the head.
The other vampire looked at it's fallen companion and lept at Sarthacus. He dodged it just in time and he and Skylara sprinted to the far side of the roof. They might be able to throw the vampire off the side of it if they were lucky. Sarthacus pushed the air causing the vampire to stumble further towards the edge. Skylara turned back into human form and punched the vampire in the face,causing it to topple off the side but at the last second his hand snaked out and clung to Skylara's ankle. She cried out in shock and toppled over the edge with it. She clung to the side but her fingers were slipping. She wouldn't be able to hold on for long.
"Skylara!" shouted Sarthacus. "Hang on!" He threw a fireball at the vampire's face. It didn't let go so he threw another one. This time the vampire let go of Skylara and tumbled to it's doom. If Sarthacus didn't act fast, Skylara would suffer the same fate. He knew she couldn't change in mid-air.
"Give me your hand!" he cried.
Skylara looked up at him. She had to trust him. She had no other choice. She thrust her hand up towards him and he gripped onto it. He pulled her up and they crashed into a heap on the floor.
After a moment or two they got up.
"Are you ok?" Sarthacus asked looking concerned.
Skylara grinned at him. "Yeah. Thanks."
"So....friends?" he asked hopefully.
" Friends." she agreed.
Skylara looked behind Sarthacus to see that the vampire with the severed arm had gotten up.
"SARTHACUS!" she shouted. He looked behind him just in time to see the advancing vampire get shot in the head. The vampire fell to it's knees and from behind it, the pair could see a thin man in a suit holding up a gun.
He put the gun away and walked over to them.
"Why on Earth are you on the roof fighting vampires on a night like this? It's far too cold." Said Skulduggery Pleasant.

Friday, 24 September 2010

Skulduggery fan-fic part 15

There will be much more action in the next bit I swear ok? Sorry I just needed to get the soppy bit here so there will be lots of action next time ok? Good. Ok then on with the story.

Sarthacus studied Skylara. They hadn't spoken since the fight. She was sitting beside Sabien's bed. He was still unconcious and had been now for eight hours. She hadn't left his side.
Cornelious walked up behind him and handed him a coffee. Sarthacus murmered his thanks and sipped it quietly. It scolded his tounge but he didn't care. At least now he felt something.
"How are you?" Cornelious asked.
"M'k, the doctors stitched me up properly now and I'm feeling a bit better."
Cornelious looked at his friend,not knowing whether to be concerned or angry. He didn't really feel any emotions normally but today for some reason he was feeling something. The sensation was new to him and he didn't know how to react.
"Has she spoken to you yet?"
"Has she slept yet."
"Have you slept yet?"
"I got about an hour but I woke up."
There was a silence between the companions for a moment.
"I feel so bad." Sarthacus said finally. "If I hadn't have had my name sealed it would have been different.....Skylara did say. She didn't like it there, I was a bad friend. And then what happened with Sabien......" he tailed off.
Cornelious pondered over what to say for a moment. "I don't know what to say to you Sarthacus. You were selfish and wrong. You know it, I know it, Skylara knows it."
"Will she forgive me?" he asked.
Cornelious shook his head. "I don't know."

Skylara looked down at Sabien's pale face. The bullet wouldn't have effected him so badly if he wasn't a werewolf. She was sure he knew how dangerous bullets were for his kind. So why did he do it? Why did he take the bullet for her? She'd only known him a few days but he was willing to put his life at risk to protect her.
When she'd been asking him all those questions he hadn't gotten annoyed or irritated by her. He'd never one asked her to stop talking.
"Please wake up Sabien. Please wake up." she kept saying over and over in her head, almost imagining that if she didn't stop saying it it would come true. Tears fell down her face and dripped onto the floor. She wasn't sure why. She was never normally so emotional.
"It's because he protected you, even though he hardly knew you he did something to save you from harm." said a small voice inside her head.
Silently she wept for Sabien and willed him to come back.

Sarthacus stared as Skylara wept for the werewolf. A unbearable feeling of guilt had washed over him. It was horrible. He couldn't stand it. He had to do something. He took a deep breath and walked over to Skylara.
She looked up at him a moment and imediately turned back to Sabien.
"Hey." he said quietly.
She didn't answer.
"I'm sorry.....I shouldn't wasn't right."
Skylara sighed. "Sorry just dosn't cut it Sarthacus. You said we'd go as soon as we had what we need and you lied to me. I thought you were my friend."
"I am. I am. I'm so sorry!" He pleaded. "Please forgive me! I feel so guilty!"
Skylara shook her head. "Sarthacus....I really don't feel like talking to you right now. Just....just go."
Sarthacus paused a moment and then walked away. He hoped Skylara would forgive him,but now wasn't the time.
Moments after Sarthacus left Sabien's eyelids flickered. Skylara gasped in shock. "Sabien?" she whispered.
He let out a grunt and opened his eyes. They lighened up when he saw Skylara. "Hey." he croaked. "What'd I miss?"
She laughed in delight and flung her arms around his neak. Sabien was taken back at first but after a moment returned the hug.
Then Skylara stiffened and retreated. "Why did you take that bullet for me?"
"You scared the hell out of me Sabien! Your a werewolf for christ's sake! You could have died quite easily and you almost did! Are you insane?!"
"I didn't want you to get hurt..."
Skylara carried on like she hadn't heard him. " 99% of werewolves die when they are hit by a bullet! 99%! Didn't you know the risk?!"
"Yes Skylara. I did."
Skylara paused. "You did...." she said quietly.
"Of course I did." he said smiling and taking her hand.
She looked at him a moment and then smiled and squeezed his hand tightly. "I'm glad your ok." she said.
"You too." he replied.

Skulduggery fan-fic part 14: The ultimate showdown

Nicolette and Bridget saw Skyril was in trouble and lept for Tanith. But Tanith was ready and tripped Nicolette with her boot. Nicolette went flying into Jack and the two of them fell to the floor in a crumpled heap.
Bridget punched Tanith in the face and a loud crack signalled that she'd broken her nose. Tanith yelled in pain and then dived at Lizzy,clawing at her face.
Skyril let out a roar of anger and ran towards Nicolette and Jack on the floor. Nicolette's eyes widened in shock and she rolled out of the way just as Skyril kicked Jack's head like a football. Jack cired out and curled up in pain.
"A little help here!" said Bridget fighting Tanith back. Nicolette ran over but Skyril was too busy beating up Jack to notice.
Tanith saw Nicolette and swivelled around and kicked her in the face before Nicolette could block it. Nicolette went flying. She fell to the ground winded and woozy.
Tanith took out her sword and slashed at Bridget. Bridget tried to reach for her bull-whip but she knew she would be a moment too late. There was only one thing she could do.
"Skyril!" she yelled.
Skyril turned around and saw that Tanith had Bridget cornered. If she helped Bridget then Jack might escape but if she didn't....Bridget wouldn't stand a chance.
Skyril had only a moment to deside. She sighed and turned her back on Jack. "Friends over foes." She said to herself hurrying to Bridget's aid.
"Oi!" She shouted at Tanith. Tanith turned around for a milisecond but that was enough. Bridget grabbed Tanith's head and rammed her knee into it. Tanith staggered back and Skyril met her with a punch to the stomach. Tanith span around on the spot for a moment and then crashed down.
Bridget grinned at Skyril. "Thanks." she said.
Skyril smiled back but then she remembered about Jack. She let out a small gasp and turned around just in time to see Jack jump off into the distance.
Skyril hung her head. She felt a hand placed on her shoulder. "I'm sorry." Bridget said quietly.
"It's k. I'll get him next time." Skyril mumbled.
They heard a low groan from behind them. Nicolette sat up and faced them.
"Did we win?" she asked.
"No stupid we're all dead and buried. Welcome to hell sucker." replied Bridget.
Nicolette frowned at her. "Hey! I've just hit my head really hard! Give me a break! And when I eventually die I'm going to Heaven!"
Bridget walked over and patted Nicolette's cheek. "You just keep telling yourself that Nic." Skyril chuckled and Nicolette scowled at the two of them and stood up holding her head. "Woah. I don't feel so good." she said wobbling slightly.
"Come on." Skyril said grabbing her arm before she fell again. "We've got Tanith and we'll be back in Ireland soon. We just need to wait for Skylara, Sarthacus and Cornelious to get the cure. I'll tell them to meet us back at the Sanctuary when they're done."
"That sounds like a plan." Agreed Bridget from behind them throwing Tanith over her shoulder as she said so.
"Ok." said Nicolette. "But can we stop off for some food first. I'm feeling a little faint."


Ok. I have a small note before I start the next bit. *cough cough cough*
Well. I've already roughly planned out most of the rest of the story and its ALMOST at the end. Only around four more parts left-no more than six probs.
BUT alexzz an florence both asked if they could be in it. sorry alexzz and florence, but no.
BUT all is not lost. I shall start another fan-fic after this one and I need some characters for that!
so you two can both be in that one if you wish.
That goes for the rest of you! Ask if you want to be in the next one and i shall include you. Ok? so just say so below THIS post.
but you might have to wait a while. as i haven't even finished this one and i haven't a clue what i'll write about in the next fan-fic and i only have a rough plan for this one.
That is all. Let the story continue....after I have some minted lamb.

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Skul-fan-fic part 13: We're off to see the weirdo,the horrible weirdo called Nye!

The carrige ride seemed to drag on forever. Cornelious,Skylara and Sarthacus could feel their powers weakening as they neared their destination. They felt vunerable. They didn't like being vunerable.
Sabien didn't feel any weaker but he was deffinitely feeling depressed. His wolf sences were dulling and he couldn't smell anything anymore.
"Man,being dead sucks!" he exclaimed to the others.
"We're leaving AS SOON AS we have what we need!" Skylara said whilst keeping one eye on the dead man infront of her. "Not a moment longer!"
"Chill Skylara. It's gonna be fine." Said Sarthacus.
The carrige ground to a halt and they all got out. They'd arrived at a warehouse of some sort. They walked into a room full of tables with bodies on them. Well...there were bodies on some tables and bodies hung up around the room. Severed heads blinked at them as they walked past. Skylara shivered and stayed close to the others. She wasn't taking any chances. Not here. Not in this place. It would be a horrible place to die. Then it dawned on her that technically she was already dead.
"Not permenently! Not permenently!" She kept repeating to herself.
Finaly they arrived at a creature crouching over a corpse on the table. It was discusting beyond words. It had to be Nye.
"Ah! I've been expecting you lot." It cackled. "What do you want? Can't you see I'm busy?"
"We need a cure for a remnant permanently stuck in someone." Replied Cornelious.
Nye looked at them in disbelief. "Do you not know what PERMANENTLY means you fools!? It means permanent!Irriversible!" It sighed. "But if you wanted to reverse something irriversable I suppose you came to the right place. I am a genius after all. But why on earth should I help you?"
Sarthacus held a gun up to Nye's head.
Nye paused. "Ah! Erm...I'll see what I can do." It said scuttling away.
Several moments passed.
"Can you change Skylara?" Cornelious asked. She shook her head. "Sarthacus?" He clicked his fingers and nothing happened. "Me neither." Whispered Cornelious. "If we have to defend ourselfs all's we have is Sarthacus's gun and our own wit." Sarthacus raised his eyebrows and showed him that the gun. It was empty.
"...Ah. But we have our wit."
"Only just." replied Skylara. "My brain seems to be working slower here. I don't like it."
Cornelious pondered a moment but shook his head. "Well lets hope it doesn't come to that."
Nye returned only a moment later with a small vile in his hand. "Here." he said. "Give the possesed two spoons of that and they'll be fine."
"Really?" asked Sarthacus. "That's it?"
"Well you could say abracadabera."
"Would that help?"
"No. It would just make you look very stupid."
"Is that everything?"
"YES!" shouted Skylara. She grabbed Sabien's hand. "Let's go. Now."
Cornelious nodded. "Thankyou for your help Nye." he said turning.
Sarthacus didn't move. "Can you seal my name?" he asked quietly.
Skylara gawped at him. "WHAT?! NO! WE'RE LEAVING! NOW! YOU PROMISED!"
"....I didn't exactly promise." he murmered.
Skylara screamed in fury and lunged for him. Sabien and Cornelious held her back. "SARTHACUS BOLT! I'M GOING TO...!"
"Kill him?" giggled Nye. "He's already dead!"
Skylara glared at Nye. "I HATE YOU!" She screamed at Nye and changed targets. Sabien grabbed her around the waist. "We'll be over there." he said whilst dragging her away.
There was a moment of silence.
"Well!" said Nye clapping his hands together. "Shall we begin?"
"There!" Said Nye admiring his handywork. "Perfectly carved symbols!"
Sabien had managed to control Skylara but she had insisted staying over there with him. She didn't want to be anywhere near Nye or Sarthacus at the moment. Sabien had agreed. For everyone's safety.
"Good. Now stitch him back up. Now." Cornelious said glaring at Nye. He felt nothing towards the creature but he didn't like it here. It wasn't right.
"Hmmm....I don't think I will." replied Nye.
"What?" exclaimed Sarthacus. "Stitch me up now!"
"What are you gonna do about it? Your all powerless and your gun is empty. I know an empty gun when I see one." Nye said taking out a gun of his own. "None of you are leaving here. Ever."
Cornelious glared at Nye and then nodded to Skylara and Sabien. The two rushed over and took fighting stances.
Before Nye could react Cornelious punched it in the jaw. It yelped in pain and dropped the gun. Sabien began releasing Sarthacus before he stopped him.
"Hello! I need stitching up!"
Sabien nodded and took up a needle and thread. He placed back Sarthacus's heart and began to stitch him quickly back up. He could get re-stitched properly later. He just needed to move without his inner-organs spilling out.
Skylara was kicking Nye continusly in the head while Cornelious helped Sabien with the stitiching. When Sarthacus was patched up the four of them ran to the exit.
"Not so fast." croaked Nye. Standing up. He had a gun in his hand pointed at Skylara. He pulled the trigger.
Sabien was the first to realise. Quick as a flash he threw himself infront of Skylara. The bullet pierced his flesh and he fell to the ground unconcious.
"SABIEN!" Screamed Skylara.
Sarthacus realised that if they hadn't of stayed they would back safe and sound by now. It was all his fault. A wave of guilt washed over him. He sprinted towards Nye and hit it in the jaw.
"Sarthacus! He's loosing blood! We need to go.Now!"Cornelious shouted helping Skylara pick up the unconcious Sabien.
Sarthacus nodded and ran after them. They found the door and hurried through it landing on a pile of grass.

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Skulduggery fan-fic part 12

Finally the trio arrived at an abandoned warehouse. "He's here." said Skyril getting out the car.
"How do you know?" Lizzy asked.
"I just.....know." She replied.
Lizzy raised her eyebrows and Nicolette and made her finger swivel around her ear whilst mouthing"Cookoo."
They opened the creaky door of the warehouse. It was full of wooden planks. They could hear faint talking in the distance. Skyril put her finger to her lips and signalled that they should follow her lead.
They crept up behind a stack of planks and peeked around. Before them stood Tanith talking to someone they couldn't see.
"I've never liked you." she snarled. "Not when I was just Tanith and not now."
"..It's suprising how many people have said that to me." Said a voice that had to be Jack's.
Skyril growled and lept out from her hiding place. "Hello Jack. Remember me?"
Jack cocked his head to one side a moment and then a huge grin spread across his face.
"Ahhh Skyril Oblivion. How nice to see you again."
"I'm here for revenge. You killed my friend!"
"Did I? God I've lost track. I'm afraid I can't remember. I've killed too many people you see. Oh! Wait! It's comming back to me! ....Erm....what was his name....Vivaloos Frog?"
Skyril's features darkened. "His name..." she said slowly. "Was Vivacious Fog!" then she sprung forward and punched Jack in the jaw.

Then all hell broke loose.

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Skulduggery fan-fic:part 11

" A BANCHEE?! ARE YOU CRAZY!?" Screamed Skylara as they got out of the car.
Cornelious sighed. "It's the only way! It said so in Kenspeckle's book!"
"I rekon Kenspeckle's books are out to get me! Seriously! First Nye and now a Banchee!?"
"Oh yeah Skylara." Sarthacus said sarcasticaly. "Your fine with zombies,vampires and remnants but its a bunch of books that bring your downfall."
Skylara glared at him. "Don't think I haven't forgotten about the farting cats Sarthacus!"
Sarthacus paused. "...That's different."
The two of them turned around to see Sabien in fits of laughter. "God! I've never laughed so much in my life! You two are acting like little school children!"
The pair glared at Sabien and then nodded to one another. Instantly Sarthacus raised his hand and Sabien started floating in mid-air. Skylara turned into a woodpecker,landed on Sabien's head and pecked vigorously. Sabien yelped and begged them to stop. In a few moments the three of them were in fits of laughter on the floor. Even Cornelious had to crack a smile.
"What's so funny?" said a cold voice from behind them. Imediately the laughter stopped. The group stood up slowly and turned around. Before them was a woman who they could only assume was the banchee.
"Why have you come here?" she said with only a hint of curiousity.
Sarthacus cleared his throat and spoke up. " wish to speak to Doctor Nye and we heard you where the person to see."
"Why is the female growling at me?"
"Erm...that's her stomach....she hasn't eaten in...hours." Sarthacus said stammering slightly. He didn't fear the banchee but he didn't want to make this situation any worse by saying Skylara hated banchees almost as much as she hated Nye.
He glanced at Cornelious and he nodded. Cornelious closed his eyes a moment and instantly a wave of calm washed over Skylara making the growling cease.
"Hmm.." said the banchee sounding suspicous. "I'll see what I can do." And with that she walked away.
" we wait here or..?" asked Sabien after a moment.
Sarthacus shrugged. "Suits me." he said sitting down as he said so.
Skylara shook her head,comming out of her daze. "I still don't trust her." she grumbled,then she turned into a Huskey and started to chase a nearby squirral she'd spotted. Sabien sat down and watched her looking intrigued while Sarthacus started playing with a flame he'd produced in his hand. Cornelious sat beside him.
"We seem to be doing too much waiting and not enough fighting." he mumbled.
Sathacus laughed. "Tell me about it!"

After about an hour the banchee returned.
"An appointment has been made. You will leave imidately." She said with a tone of authority.
"She's not the boss of us!" Skylara whispered to Sabien.
"With one scream I could kill you all instantly child so I suggest you do what I say." She said hearing her.
"Child?" Spat Skylara. "I'm 109,I'm no child."
"I'm over a thousand years old and I've killed more than that in a matter of seconds so I suggest you do as I say. Child." She shot back,her tone rising.
"Easy Skylara." Cornelious said using his powers to calm her rage. "Thankyou for your help." He said to the banchee.
The banchee nodded her head slightly. "Your carriage awaits."
They heading in the dirrection of a large carriage the banchee had pointed too. Sabien half pushed,half dragged Skylara into the carriage and she only stopped complaining when she caught sight of the man sitting opposite her. He was pale and shivelled and when he blinked at her she jumped out of her skin.
" NOT a good day." She grumbled.

Monday, 20 September 2010

Skulduggery fan-fiction part-10

"Hey Sathacus,got any further to finding the cure yet?" asked Nicolette on her mobile. Skyril was driving her Black Aston Martin DB5 like a madwoman. She kept murmering "So close...I'll find you Jack...I'll find you." and Nicolette and Bridget were getting worried.
"Yeah. We think Doctor Nye might shed some light on the subject." He said.
"Ah." she replied. "Skylara's not gonna be happy with that. She hates Nye. Says it's too....creepy."
"Meh. She's ok. We got her a nice werewolf to keep her busy. At the moment she's like a 20 question ball in overdrive! But he doesn't seem to mind. I think he's enjoying all the attention."
Nicolette laughed. "A werewolf? I can imagine! Well better him than me!"
"How are you doing on your noble quest?"
Nicolette glanced at Skyril. "Ok..." she said hesitantly. "We think Tanith's gone after Spring-Heeled Jack."
"Spring-Heeled Jack!" Sarthacus said sounding suprised. "I'm related to him!"
"Oh god. Whatever you do do not tell Skyril that!" she said lowering her voice.
"Why? What's wrong with that?"
"Let's just say....she holds a LITTLE grudge against Jack." she said glancing over at Skyril again.
"....Ok. Erm....well I gotta go. Cya Nicolette."
"Cya Sarthacus."

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Skulduggery fan-fic part 9- The wolf awakes

Sarthacus scanned the page over and over again, too tired to take any of the information in. He had over a dozen paper cuts on his fingers and his brain hurt like hell!
They'd been reading for seven hours straight now,and they still hadn't found what they were looking for.
"Found anything?" he asked Skylara.
"Nope." she sighed. "Let's take a break." she suggested,slamming the book she'd been reading down on the table. "I don't know about you guys but I need one."
Nodding in agreement Sarthacus yawned and curled up on his chair but Cornelious stayed put.
"I'm good." he said without looking up from his book. Skylara shrugged and wandered over to the unconcious werewolf. She'd never seen one before. She'd heard about them of course. She knew a man who'd had a nasty encounter with one last christmas and had a missing arm to show for it.
"He should be turning back to human form soon." she said. "Any minute now."
"Fantastic." said Cornilious sounding disinterested.
"Don't care." mumbled Sarthacus from his chair in the corner. "Too sleepy..." A moment later he started snoring quietly and mummering something about Spider-man Shattered Dimenstions
There was a bright flash from behind her and Skylara turned around to see the werewolf had gone,and in it's place was the boy they'd seen last night,curled up in a tight ball. He groaned and sat up. He scanned around the room and his eyes widened when Skylara came into view. His body tensed,prepering for a fight.
"It's ok!" Skylara said quickly seeing his reaction. "We won't hurt you,if you don't hurt us."
The boy hesitated a moment and then slowly relaxed slightly,but his eyes were still alert,looking for any signs of danger.
"What's your name?" Skylara asked gently.
"Sabien." he said in a deep voice. "Sabien Mist."
Sabien had emerald green eyes and short dark brown hair. He was wearing jeans,a white shirt and a black tie with pointy buisness like shoes.
Skylara grinned at him. "Hey Sabien. I'm Skylara Wolfbane and these are my friends Cornelious Kromwell and Sarthacus Bolt."
"Hey." said Cornelious without looking up.
A loud snore came from the corner signalling Sarthacus was still flat out.
"Why were you spying on us in the car park?" Skylara asked abruptly.
" did you..?" he stammered.
"I thought I had a feeling someone was watching us. I thought I'd accuse you and see what happened. By your reaction I'm guessing you were. Spill."
Sabien sighed defeated. "I was comming to see if Kenspeackle had any more of those potions that stop me changing. I spotted your car and hid in the bushes in case you were trouble."
"We ARE trouble." Sarthacus murmered from the corner. He seemed to have woken up. "Just the good kind."
Sabien paused and looked at the floor a moment. "Um..if you don't mind me asking....are you guys..."
"Magic?" asked Sarthacus turning around. Then he remembered that werewolves don't remember things when they have turned. He clicked his fingers and produced a flame. "Why? Are you?"
"I used to be before..." Sabien tailed off.
"Hey,it's ok." Skylara said smiling kindly. "We don't care your a werewolf. I actually think it's kinda cool." she said turning into a wolf and back again as she said so.
At that moment Sabien realised he could trust Skylara Wolfbane and that he was sure she and him would get along just fine.
"Hey. People. I think I got something here." shouted Cornelious making them jump.
"What is it?" Asked Sarthacus.
" Now Kenspeckle's gone, there's only one person who can help us with a cure for Tanith."
"I don't like where this is going..." Skylara said giving Cornelious a look.
"I'm sorry Skylara. It's the only way. We have to see..."
"DON'T SAY IT!" Skylara said putting her hand over ears.
"Nye." Cornelious finished.
"NO! NO! NO! NO!" Skylara said pacing around the room. "I hate it! It gives me the creeps!"
"It's the only way.." Said Sarthacus putted his hand on Skylara's shoulder.
Skylara glared at him for a moment. "Fine." she finally said. " But we're leaving as soon as we have what we need!"
"We wouldn't dream of staying a minute longer."
"Good." She grumbled.
"What about him." Corneilious said gesturing to Sabien who was sitting on the floor.
Sarthacus stroad up to him. "Are you in? I don't entirely trust you but we could use an extra pair of hands."
Sabien looked up. "Sure. Let me just grab some potions and I'll be ready to go."
"Great." said Cornelious standing up. "Let's go."
As they were walking out the door Sarthacus started humming a little tune that sounded like the Wizard of Oz. "We're off to see the weirdo,the horrible weirdo called Nye. Because,because,because,becau.."
"SARTHACUS!" screamed Skylara.
Sarthacus grinned at Cornelious and he rolled his eyes. "This is gonna be a long day." he sighed.

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Skulduggery Fan-fic part 8-To England

Skryil looked up in awe at the London eye. She'd never been to London before. It was spectacular!
On the plane she'd been too busy nursing her swollen neck to be exited but as soon as she saw Big Ben she hadn't shut up about London ever since.
"OMG! Look you guys! It's the London eye! Can we go on it!? Can we go on it!? Pleaseeeeee?" she squealled in delight.
"Easy Skyril." Said Bridget chuckling slightly. "we're here on a business trip remember?"
"Aww! We're always on buisness trips." she grumbled.
Nicolette looked down at the map in dismay. "London's so darn big! If you were Tanith where would you go?"
"Hmm..." said Bridget. "Billy-Ray said she had unfinished buisness. I suppose when the remnant and Tanith joined it had the same memories as her so....did Tanith have any enemies in London?"
Skyril's smile dropped. "Jack." She snarled. she'd been having so much fun that she had forgotten her old enemy.
The other two were taken back. They'd never heard skyril sound so vicious. She was always so nice and friendly.
"Spring-heeled Jack?" asked Nicolette,unsure whether she should push the subject any further.
Skyril looked at the other two. "My one true enemy is Spring-heeled Jack. He's almost killed me a couple of times and killed my friend,guadian and mentor Vivacious Fog. I hate him more than anything and the next time I see him I will have my revenge."
The pair looked at her in shock for a moment.
"Erm....ok." Said Bridget eventually. "Well....I suppose she MIGHT have gone after him. But remember Skyril,our main goal is to get Tanith. I understand that your upset and you also have unfinished buisness with Jack but...can't it wait a little longer?"
"I can't promise that I won't go after Jack if I see him but I'll try and stay focused." Skyril said quietly.
" are we going to find him?" Nicolette asked cauciously.
Skyril laughed bitterly. "If there's any one who can find jack,it's me. We'll find him. And when we do...he's mine."

Friday, 17 September 2010

Part 7-Skylara,Sarthacus and Cornelious

Skylara reacted imediately. She changed into a huge gray wolf easily twice the size of her usual form. She let out a challenging growl and bounded forward to meet her opponent. The werewolf turned it's head towards her sizing up its new challenger but she was already upon him snapping at his shins.
All Sarthacus and Cornelious could do was watch. The two animals were moving too fast and looked too similar to tell apart.
"I can't throw a fireball without the risk of hitting Skylara." groaned Sarthacus,who had been looking forward to a fight for days.
The werewolf had Skylara pinned to the floor,his teeth dangerously close to her neck. Sarthacus saw his chance and threw a fireball at the werewolf's tail. The werewolf howled in agony and fell back giving Skylara the chance to get up. Once it had got the fire out however it became more vicious than ever. Sarthacus pushed the air and the werewolf was pinned against the wall. It whinned helplessly as it struggled to fight the invisible force pushing it against the wall.
Cornelious took out a gun from his kilt and pointed it at the werewolf.
"NO!" screamed Skylara back in human form. "Imagine if you were in his position!"
Cornelious hesitated. If he were in werewolf's position he wouldn't care either way.
"Also bare in mind that my favorite form is a wolf and I will be VERY upset if you kill him." she growled more forcefully.
Imediately Cornelious put the gun away and Skylara relaxed slightly. "Thankyou. Sarthacus,if you please."
"Sure." he said and he put an air bubble around the werewolf's head,cutting off his oxygen momentarily. The werewolf gasped for the non-existant air for a moment and then his head slumped down. Sarthacus released the air bubble and went over to the fridge to grab himself a coke.
"So..what now?" he said opening the can.
"We wait for him to return to human form in the morning." Said Skylara a matter of factly.
Sarthacus gawped at her "And what are we supposed to do in the mean time?"
She grinned at him,walked over to the table and placed five large books upon his lap.
"Well we can start by trying to find a cure for Tanith in one of these books. And then we can play the waiting game."
Sarthacus heisitated a moment then opened the smallest of the books. "Well," he muttered "At least the waiting game is a whole lot better than Monopoly."
Cornelious chuckled and Skylara glared at both of them before settling down with a large book called 'Miracale cures and remedies.'

Part 6: Skyril,Nicolette and Bridget

Bridget cracked her whip at Billy-Ray but he dodged out of the way just in time. he tunneled down and then reapperared behind Nicolette but he was weakened by the use of his power and before he could stop her Nicolette threw a fireball at his face.
Screaming in rage he flapped madly at his face until the fire was out. He had no eyelashes or eyebrows and his face was badly scorched. Growling in rage he charged at Skyril.
Her power usless against Billy-ray, Skyril grabbed the nearest glass and threw it at him. He dodged it easily and grabbed her by the neak.
Before she could even cry for help Bridget was upon them. She swung a right hook at Billy-Ray and he flinched slightly but slowly kept strangling the life out of Skyril's slender body. Nicolette pushed air at Billy-ray and he flew through the air. Skyril wobbled and then crashed down onto the floor.
Billy-Ray tried to get up but before he could move Bridget bashed him on the head. Hard. He staggered back and slumped back against the wall.
Bridget turned around to see Nicolette crouched by Skyril.
"Unconcious." she said before Bridget could ask.
Bridget nodded and then grabbed two chairs from the nearest table. She sat Skyril gently down on one and plonked Billy-Ray down on the other.
"Got any rope?" She asked Carlton who had carried on washing glasses the whole time like nothing was going on. He nodded and went through a door behind him.
Ten minutes later Billy-Ray woke up to find himself tied to a chair. He looked down to discover that he was floating in mid-air. Below him Nicolette was holding him up with air,Skyril was still unconcious on the chair and Bridget was in mid-conversation with Carlton.
"He's awake!" Nicolette called to them.
"Bring him a little lower Nicolette!" shouted Bridget and Nicolette did as she said.
Bridget walked up to Billy-Ray and looked him right in the eyes "Now Billy,I don't like you and you don't like me but we're gonna try and co-operate arn't we?"
Billy-Ray growled at her and spat in her face. Bridget shook with fury and before anyone could stop her she punched him right on the nose.
"Bridget! Control yourself! We need him concious!" shouted Nicolette. Bridget was still shaking with rage but she took a step back. "Carlton." she growled. "Do your thing."
Carlton nodded again and took a step forward. "Now Billy-Ray I don't really like you either but I've had no quarrel with you. Now,please tell me, Where is Tanith Low?"
Billy-Ray laughed at him. "What makes you think I'm gonna tell you?"
Carlton sighed. "Ok,let's do it the hard way." Carlton's blue eyes turned yellow "Tell me Billy-Ray. Where is Tanith Low?"
Billy-Ray sat upright. "She's gone back to London. She said she had some unfinished buisness there."
Carlton turned around and looked at the other two. "There happy?"
Bridget thought for a moment. "Not quite...." she said and then walked over to Carlton and whispered in his ear. Carlton raised her eyebrows at her "Is it really nessecery?"
"No." She replied. "But it would make me happy."
Carlton grinned at her and nodded. He looked back at Billy (who looked quite dazed) and his eyes turned amber again. "Billy-Ray, have you ever wet the bed?"
Billy-Ray sat upright again "Yes. Once. When I was eight. My mom made me sleep outside with the dog for a whole week until I swore I'd never do it again."
Bridget grinned looking satisfied. "Right. Now that's cleared up let's be off."
Nicolette set Billy-Ray back down and turned to Carlton. "Thanks for all your help." she said smiling.
"Not at all." he replied. "It's always more exiting when you bring trouble into my bar."
 "What are we gonna do with Billy-Ray?" asked Bridget.
"We'll drop him off at the sancuary on the way." Nicolette said sighing.
Bridget shrugged,grabbed Skyril,released Billy from the chair,punched him and slung him over her shoulder,saluted to Carlton and walked out.
Nicolette turned back to Carlton again before leaving. "No hard feelings?" she asked.
He chuckled. "Lots. But I'll put them to one side if you find Tanith and cure her. Remanants give me the creeps." he said shivering slightly.
"Deal." She said and then followed Bridget out of the door.

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Part 5- Back to Skylara,Cornelious and Sarthacus

Before anyone could say anything Sarthacus clicked his fingers and held the flame up to Scapegrace.
"You take one step and you'll go up like a firecracker." he said.
Scapegrace tried to cower away in the cramped fridge. "Please don't kill me!" He squealed.
"Well technically your already dead." said Skylara.
Scapegrace glared at her. "Well you know what I mean!"
" First thing's first." started Sarthacus. "Why the hell are you in a fridge?"
"I have a condition ok!" Scapegrace wailed looking hurt. "I never wanted to be a zombie. I thought it would be cool at first,feeling no pain or anything. But after a while..I started to smell and things started to ...well..fall off."
The trio looked at each other a moment and then all burst out laughing.
Scapegrace's face turned dark. "It's not funny!" he shouted.
The three of them wiped their eyes and tried to say serious. But they'd chuckle slightly if they caught one another's eye.
"Anyway..." said Sarthacus trying to contain himself. "How did you get.."
He was interupped by a loud war cry behind him. They turned around to find a middle-aged man with bad skin hurdling towards them swinging a large chicken around his head. "I'LL SAVE YOU MASTER!" he screamed.
Skylara sighed changed into a lion and roared ferociously at him. The man squealled and turned around just as quickly as he came but he fell as he scrambled in his hurry. He lay wimpering on the floor.
Scapegrace groaned. "Yeah. Thanks a lot Thrasher. Great bloody rescue."
"Ok! What the hell is going on?" Cornelious asked them.
"It's a long story..and we should really be off.." Scapegrace started.
Sarthacus held the flame up closer to his face forcing Scapegrace to back away.
Corneilious sighed. "Leave it Sarthacus. Let them go. They won't do any harm. Their too moldy to do any damage."
Sarthacus took a long look at Scapegrace. Finally he said "Fine. But if we hear that you do anything,"
"We won't! We won't! We swear!" Scapegrace cried backing towards the door with Thrasher at his side. Scapegrace opened the door to reveal a boy who looked around 17 doubling over in pain. He staggered in and fell to the floor writhing in pain. He looked up just in time to say "!" Then he cried out in pain ripped off his flesh and let out a mighty howl.
"Werewolf." Cornelious managed to croak.

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Skulduggery Fan-fic Part 4-Skyril,Nicolette and Bridget

"Any ideas on where to start looking for Tanith?" Asked Bridget.
They'd just set off in Skylara's Land rover which she'd had for several years but looked almost brand new.
"I don't really use it." she said when they'd asked. "I just turn into a horse or a bird for a while. It's more exiting yah know."
" I know a guy...who might have some information about her." Nicolette said mysteriously as they turned around a sharp corner. Skyril raised her eyebrows at Bridget but the pair said no more on the matter.
Around half an hour later,they arrived at a small bar on the outskirts of town. It didn't look completely abbandoned but it was deffinatly quite shabby.
They opened the door to find the bar was completely empty,exept for a tall,lanky barman who was washing a few glasses.
He had a long pointy nose and sharp blue eyes. His hair was short,brown and was spiked up in random places.
" Hello Carlton." Said Nicolette,strolling into the bar and taking the seat nearest to him.
Carlton looked up and a broad smile spread across his face.
" Ah! Nicolette. How nice to see you again! How long's it been? Four years? But last time I saw wern't in such a great mood."
"I'm sure I wasn't that bad."
" You tried to kill me."
"Phhh! That's in the past Carlton! Stop living in the past....."
"Hmmm." He said suspiciously. " Anyway who are your friends?"
"Well this is Skyril and this is Bridget. Skyril,Bridget this is Carlton Quicksilver. He's an adept. He can make people tell him the truth,even when they don't want too."
Skyril took one look at Carlton and took a small step away from him instantly.
Carlton smiled at her reaction "Don't worry." he said. "Last time I tried my powers on one of Nicolette's friends I was in hospital for 2 weeks."
Nicolette laughed "Oh Carlton the fun we have together. Anyway, have you heard anything reccently about Tanith Low by any chance."
He paused a moment "Well...I did here that she's got a remnant stuck inside her. Oh! and some guy said she'd seen him hanging around with a Texas guy with sunglasses."
Bridget's eyes narrowed "Billy-Ray.."
Skyril gasped "No....." she said. "Oh god. We've truely lost her now."
"No!" shouted Bridget. "We can't give up hope! Not untill we've tried. And anyway...I still haven't got to fight anyone yet."
"Oh you can start with me lil' darlin'." Someone said behind her. "No one goes hunting down my gal."

Monday, 13 September 2010

Skulduggery Fan-Fic part 3-Sarthacus,Skylara and Cornelius

Cornelius was driving his black Jaguar XK series convertible with pride. But beside him Sarthacus sat looking uncomfortable with Skylara (In huskey form) sitting on his lap, leaning out the side of the car, letting the wind run through her lucious coat.
"Could you be a fluffier dog?" asked Sarthacus brushing fur off the bottom of his trench coat.
Skylara growled at him but reluctantly turned into a dalmation puppy instead.
"So...where are we heading now?" Sarthacus asked Cornelious.
Cornelious looked at him straight in the eyes. "The Hibernian. I know it won't feel the same without Kenspeckle but we have to go. One of his books might speak of a cure. I'm sure Kenspeckle looked a few things up after his last encounter with remnants."
Sarthacus paused a moment. "Agreed," he said finally. "let's go."

They arrived at the Hibernian around midnight. Skylara couldn't shake off the feeling that she was being watched. Pulling her jacket up further around her neck, she didn't voice her fears but still,she kept looking around every few minutes or so,just to be sure.
They opened the door to the Hibernian. Almost immediately they started gagging.
"What on Earth is that smell?" Gasped Skylara.
"It's worse than cat farts!" Exclaimed Sarthacus.
Skylara paused "Cat farts?" she asked.
" Have you smelt them? Last time I experianced one I almost died. Trust me. I'd face a vampire anyday as long as it didn't have a farting cat."
She took a long hard look at him. "So your fearless when it comes to vampires,murderers,zombies ect. As long don't see a farting cat?!"
"Quiet you two!" hissed Cornelious. "I hear something from over there."
They quietly advanced to where Cornelious had indicated. They came to a small dark room. inside they heard a low humming sound that sounded eletrical. Sarthacus found the light switch as turned it on. In front of them they saw a table piled high with books and bwhind it, a large humming fridge.
Skylara raised her eyebrows at the other two but Sarthacus was transfixed on the fridge. Tilting his head slightly, he crept forward and slowly reached for the handle. In one swift movement he opened the fridge.
Standing before them was Vaurine Scapegrace..or..what was left of him.
His skin was pale and his arm looked like it had been stitched back together a few times. He was missing three fingers and his nose. Worst of all the smell of rotting flesh was almost unbearable if you even glanced in his direction.
Skylara backed away from the fridge gagging. "Omg!" she exclaimed. "That is so discusting!"
Suddenly Scapegrace's eyes opened. The three looked at him in shock.
"What?" he said. "You never seen a zombie king in a fridge before?"

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Skulduggery fan-fic part 2

" So I have some good news and some bad news." Sarthacus started as they all sat down.
" The good news is that there's still one remnant loose."
Everyone grinned at eachother. Finally something interesting to do. But Cornellius wasn't getting his hopes up too high.
" And the bad news?" he asked.
Sarthacus dropped his smile "It's inside Tanith low far as we's staying there."
Imediatly the mood dampened in the room.
" Tanith?" Croaked Nicolette. "Poor,poor Ghastly."
Everyone knew that Ghastly Bespoke had been in love with Tanith since the day they first met.  They also knew that he would never stop untill he found a cure for her.
"So...what's the plan of action everyone?" Asked Skyril.
Bridget stood up again making Skylara cautiously step back. "Well I think we should split up. One group should go looking for a cure for Tanith, the other should go looking for the remnant."
Skylara,realising Bridget had calmed down again turned back to human form.
"Skyril, are you feling up to this?" she asked kindly.
" ARE YOU KIDDING?" she shouted, throwing her sling to the ground. "I WOULDN'T MISS IT FOR THE WORLD!"
" Then it's settled then." said Cornellious and imediately everyone felt a million times happier when he spoke.
" Sathacus and Skylara with me. We'll go looking for a cure. Then Nicolette, Bridget and Skyril, you go looking for the remnant. Try and keep Tanith contained untill we find a cure."
Sarthacus groaned "Why can't I go and beat up a remnant?"
"Because Skyril's blinding skills might be needed to defeat the remnant, Nicolette's good with daggers and I'm afraid if Bridget doesn't hit someone soon...things are gonna get ugly."
Sarthacus mumbled something they couldn't make out but didn't object any further.
"Let's a' go Mario!" shouted Skyril.
Everyone looked at her with shocked expressions.
"OK!" she said looking hurt. "I'm never saying that again."

Skulduggery Fan-fic part 1


Nicolette was looking down at the headline in the paper with a look of distaste. It had been three days since the remnants had been captured by Skulduggery and his crew and Nicolette was still feeling glum. They all were. Well exept for Cornellius who always felt nothing.

Skylara,Nicolette,Sarthacus,Skyril,Bridget and Cornellius had all gone out as soon as they heard that the remnants were loose. But sadly they had been cornered by about 50 of them and they'd all been possesed.

When they had all woken up they were all unscathed exept for Skyril who had somehow got a broken arm. But inside, they all just felt embaressed and humiliated.

Skylara walked in from her kitchen, her arms filled with 5 boxes of pringles and a large bottle of pepsi. She put them down on the table and slumped back in her favorite armchair.

"Anything new?" She asked, trying to keep her voice interested.

"Nope." Nicolette sighed. "Just the same rubbish about the miricale cure."

"How's your arm Skyril." Skylara asked still making an effort to lighten the mood.

"Still sore." Skyril replied,grimacing slightly. "If only Kenspeckle were still alive then it would have been cured by now."

The room went deadly silent. They all knew that now Kenspeckle was gone, their wounds would always take a few days longer to heal. They still had other magical doctors,but Kenspeckle had always been the best.

"Where's Sarthacus?" Cornellius asked sounding disinterested as usual.

"Still out looking for something interesting to crop up." said Bridget whilst kicking a table leg.

They sat there for about another five minutes in silence.

"Oh! I know what will cheer us up!" Skylara exclaimed.

30 minutes later:

" 6! 1,2,3,4,5,6! Oh! I landed on Pall Mall! Shall i buy it?" asked Skylara who truely felt boreder than anything but she just hated her friends being so unhappy.

"Kill me now." Skyril whispered to Nicolette.

Bridget's anger was rising. No one noticed but her eyes had got a deep scarlet.


"...your only saying that because your loosing." Skylara mumbled.

Bridget screamed in fury and threw the monopoly board to the floor,stamping on it continusly.

Suddenly the front door burst open and Sarthacus stood there looking quite smug.

"WHAT?!" screamed Bridget as Skylara turned into a cat and ran under the couch to get away from the comotion.

"Have I," He said calmly. "Got news for you guys."

Calling all skul fans

ok i also am gonna do a fan-fic
it will be nowhere near as good as most other peoples but im  gonna try.
now im soooooooo sorry about this but i can only include the first 5 of you that ask to be in my fan-fic. :( im sorrrryyyyyyyy. its just im not to good at managing loads of characters like most other fan-fic...ers. if fan-ficers is a word.
Ok so get postiiiingggg now.