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Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Skulduggery fan-fic:part 11

" A BANCHEE?! ARE YOU CRAZY!?" Screamed Skylara as they got out of the car.
Cornelious sighed. "It's the only way! It said so in Kenspeckle's book!"
"I rekon Kenspeckle's books are out to get me! Seriously! First Nye and now a Banchee!?"
"Oh yeah Skylara." Sarthacus said sarcasticaly. "Your fine with zombies,vampires and remnants but its a bunch of books that bring your downfall."
Skylara glared at him. "Don't think I haven't forgotten about the farting cats Sarthacus!"
Sarthacus paused. "...That's different."
The two of them turned around to see Sabien in fits of laughter. "God! I've never laughed so much in my life! You two are acting like little school children!"
The pair glared at Sabien and then nodded to one another. Instantly Sarthacus raised his hand and Sabien started floating in mid-air. Skylara turned into a woodpecker,landed on Sabien's head and pecked vigorously. Sabien yelped and begged them to stop. In a few moments the three of them were in fits of laughter on the floor. Even Cornelious had to crack a smile.
"What's so funny?" said a cold voice from behind them. Imediately the laughter stopped. The group stood up slowly and turned around. Before them was a woman who they could only assume was the banchee.
"Why have you come here?" she said with only a hint of curiousity.
Sarthacus cleared his throat and spoke up. " wish to speak to Doctor Nye and we heard you where the person to see."
"Why is the female growling at me?"
"Erm...that's her stomach....she hasn't eaten in...hours." Sarthacus said stammering slightly. He didn't fear the banchee but he didn't want to make this situation any worse by saying Skylara hated banchees almost as much as she hated Nye.
He glanced at Cornelious and he nodded. Cornelious closed his eyes a moment and instantly a wave of calm washed over Skylara making the growling cease.
"Hmm.." said the banchee sounding suspicous. "I'll see what I can do." And with that she walked away.
" we wait here or..?" asked Sabien after a moment.
Sarthacus shrugged. "Suits me." he said sitting down as he said so.
Skylara shook her head,comming out of her daze. "I still don't trust her." she grumbled,then she turned into a Huskey and started to chase a nearby squirral she'd spotted. Sabien sat down and watched her looking intrigued while Sarthacus started playing with a flame he'd produced in his hand. Cornelious sat beside him.
"We seem to be doing too much waiting and not enough fighting." he mumbled.
Sathacus laughed. "Tell me about it!"

After about an hour the banchee returned.
"An appointment has been made. You will leave imidately." She said with a tone of authority.
"She's not the boss of us!" Skylara whispered to Sabien.
"With one scream I could kill you all instantly child so I suggest you do what I say." She said hearing her.
"Child?" Spat Skylara. "I'm 109,I'm no child."
"I'm over a thousand years old and I've killed more than that in a matter of seconds so I suggest you do as I say. Child." She shot back,her tone rising.
"Easy Skylara." Cornelious said using his powers to calm her rage. "Thankyou for your help." He said to the banchee.
The banchee nodded her head slightly. "Your carriage awaits."
They heading in the dirrection of a large carriage the banchee had pointed too. Sabien half pushed,half dragged Skylara into the carriage and she only stopped complaining when she caught sight of the man sitting opposite her. He was pale and shivelled and when he blinked at her she jumped out of her skin.
" NOT a good day." She grumbled.