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Sunday, 19 September 2010

Skulduggery fan-fic part 9- The wolf awakes

Sarthacus scanned the page over and over again, too tired to take any of the information in. He had over a dozen paper cuts on his fingers and his brain hurt like hell!
They'd been reading for seven hours straight now,and they still hadn't found what they were looking for.
"Found anything?" he asked Skylara.
"Nope." she sighed. "Let's take a break." she suggested,slamming the book she'd been reading down on the table. "I don't know about you guys but I need one."
Nodding in agreement Sarthacus yawned and curled up on his chair but Cornelious stayed put.
"I'm good." he said without looking up from his book. Skylara shrugged and wandered over to the unconcious werewolf. She'd never seen one before. She'd heard about them of course. She knew a man who'd had a nasty encounter with one last christmas and had a missing arm to show for it.
"He should be turning back to human form soon." she said. "Any minute now."
"Fantastic." said Cornilious sounding disinterested.
"Don't care." mumbled Sarthacus from his chair in the corner. "Too sleepy..." A moment later he started snoring quietly and mummering something about Spider-man Shattered Dimenstions
There was a bright flash from behind her and Skylara turned around to see the werewolf had gone,and in it's place was the boy they'd seen last night,curled up in a tight ball. He groaned and sat up. He scanned around the room and his eyes widened when Skylara came into view. His body tensed,prepering for a fight.
"It's ok!" Skylara said quickly seeing his reaction. "We won't hurt you,if you don't hurt us."
The boy hesitated a moment and then slowly relaxed slightly,but his eyes were still alert,looking for any signs of danger.
"What's your name?" Skylara asked gently.
"Sabien." he said in a deep voice. "Sabien Mist."
Sabien had emerald green eyes and short dark brown hair. He was wearing jeans,a white shirt and a black tie with pointy buisness like shoes.
Skylara grinned at him. "Hey Sabien. I'm Skylara Wolfbane and these are my friends Cornelious Kromwell and Sarthacus Bolt."
"Hey." said Cornelious without looking up.
A loud snore came from the corner signalling Sarthacus was still flat out.
"Why were you spying on us in the car park?" Skylara asked abruptly.
" did you..?" he stammered.
"I thought I had a feeling someone was watching us. I thought I'd accuse you and see what happened. By your reaction I'm guessing you were. Spill."
Sabien sighed defeated. "I was comming to see if Kenspeackle had any more of those potions that stop me changing. I spotted your car and hid in the bushes in case you were trouble."
"We ARE trouble." Sarthacus murmered from the corner. He seemed to have woken up. "Just the good kind."
Sabien paused and looked at the floor a moment. "Um..if you don't mind me asking....are you guys..."
"Magic?" asked Sarthacus turning around. Then he remembered that werewolves don't remember things when they have turned. He clicked his fingers and produced a flame. "Why? Are you?"
"I used to be before..." Sabien tailed off.
"Hey,it's ok." Skylara said smiling kindly. "We don't care your a werewolf. I actually think it's kinda cool." she said turning into a wolf and back again as she said so.
At that moment Sabien realised he could trust Skylara Wolfbane and that he was sure she and him would get along just fine.
"Hey. People. I think I got something here." shouted Cornelious making them jump.
"What is it?" Asked Sarthacus.
" Now Kenspeckle's gone, there's only one person who can help us with a cure for Tanith."
"I don't like where this is going..." Skylara said giving Cornelious a look.
"I'm sorry Skylara. It's the only way. We have to see..."
"DON'T SAY IT!" Skylara said putting her hand over ears.
"Nye." Cornelious finished.
"NO! NO! NO! NO!" Skylara said pacing around the room. "I hate it! It gives me the creeps!"
"It's the only way.." Said Sarthacus putted his hand on Skylara's shoulder.
Skylara glared at him for a moment. "Fine." she finally said. " But we're leaving as soon as we have what we need!"
"We wouldn't dream of staying a minute longer."
"Good." She grumbled.
"What about him." Corneilious said gesturing to Sabien who was sitting on the floor.
Sarthacus stroad up to him. "Are you in? I don't entirely trust you but we could use an extra pair of hands."
Sabien looked up. "Sure. Let me just grab some potions and I'll be ready to go."
"Great." said Cornelious standing up. "Let's go."
As they were walking out the door Sarthacus started humming a little tune that sounded like the Wizard of Oz. "We're off to see the weirdo,the horrible weirdo called Nye. Because,because,because,becau.."
"SARTHACUS!" screamed Skylara.
Sarthacus grinned at Cornelious and he rolled his eyes. "This is gonna be a long day." he sighed.


  1. Can't wait for next one!!!!


  2. Cool story, though.

    We're off to see the wierdo, the horrible wierdo called Nye!

  3. well bolt, all you talk about is SMSD, so it seems fair that you dream about it. am i missing something? i don't remember who Nye is, love the weird little song about him, tho

  4. oh havent you read the 5th book Lizzy? its in it. its a creepy doctor who is weird and scary and does experiments on people