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Sunday, 12 September 2010

Calling all skul fans

ok i also am gonna do a fan-fic
it will be nowhere near as good as most other peoples but im  gonna try.
now im soooooooo sorry about this but i can only include the first 5 of you that ask to be in my fan-fic. :( im sorrrryyyyyyyy. its just im not to good at managing loads of characters like most other fan-fic...ers. if fan-ficers is a word.
Ok so get postiiiingggg now.


  1. 2nd!

    NAME:Bridget Whiplash
    AGE:looks to be about 15, true age 153 years old
    HAIR COLOR:Brown
    EYE COLOR:Gray-green most of the time, red when angry
    PERSONALITY:Tall and with a presence Bridget is probably the most ruthless person out side the gaol, be glad she's a good guy.
    POWERS: Vampire, uses serums to control the "bad behavior"
    OTHER WEAPONS:uses a bull whip most of the time but likes guns and can make a bomb out of ANY-THING
    PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION:tall and powerfully built, nails are long and sharp as are her teeth. loves green and purple and wears them together
    sometimes, most often wears black.

  2. Name: Sarthacus Bolt
    Age: 75 looks 19
    Visual description: Long dark hair reaching bottom of his neck, bright pale blue eyes, 1 metre 80 cm tall, Black trench coat, black boots, black fedora hat (Very rarely), black gloves.
    Accent/Nationalaty: Scottish
    Magic type: Has the ability to dabble between Elemental, adept, and his natural magic, leaping up to 15 metres high.
    Agility: Extreme!!
    Friends: Skulduggery, Ghastly. Once followed Valkyrie.

  3. Name:Nicolette Croga
    Age: 28 lookearly teens
    desription: medium brown hair with copper red and blonde highlights hazel eyes soft pretty face thin figure slight muscles
    Magic: strong elemental good with guns and swords but brilliant with her daggers can hit things from far distances and never misses
    personality: nice funny freinly caring only agressive when annoyed or attacked


  4. ok so i have nicolette,sarthacus,odile and Lizzy :D
    only one spot lefftttt

  5. Name: Skyril Oblivion
    Age: 76 looks 16
    Description: Shoulder length deep black hair with dark purple streaks, average height, slender but not super skinny
    Clothes: loves scarves generally wears black clothes with miscellaneous dark purple additions (like gloves or socks or a scarf)
    Gender: Female
    Chosen path: Adept
    Job: freelance, works for whomever she thinks is right
    Power: Able to make people temporarily blind depending on how many people and how long focused
    Weapons: Lots of small knives and daggers, particularly likes finger knives
    Personality: Sweet, proud, kinda weird, loves rain, doesn't like dogs much

    YESSS! I got it!!

  6. ok odile im going to post your character on this page myself so i can look at all the characters together while im writing it.
    Name: Cornelius Kromwell
    Age: 152 but looks to be in his late 30's
    Looks: He is bald with freckles on his scalp. He wears a bright yellow t-shirt clashing with a Scottish kilt. One of his eyes are completely black, the other one transparent. One of his front teeth is silver.
    Power: He is an Adept with the power to change people's moods and feelings. The downside of this power is that he can have no feelings or moods himself.
    Nationality: Scottish
    Personality: Even though he has no feelings or moods there is one instinct which he has always had.... to make people around him happy.
    Dislikes: Anyone who tries to make other people unhappy.
    Height: 1m 45cm (that's very small)

    ok that was odiles

    one spot left people, one spot left

  7. nope skyril got there! its over people its over!