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Monday, 13 August 2012, hi.

So um...hey guys *sheepish look*
It's been long. Too long since I've spoken to you all.
I've missed you. A lot. I've just been kind of busy lately but that's still no excuse.
I've now sworn to come on every now and then although it deffinatly won't be as much. My parents really want me to knuckle down and focus on my GCSEs this year and I made the fatal error of choosing to take graphic art *shivers* and I'm seriously behind despite the fact I've been going at it for ages.

And after a few months of working I thought about coming back on here but I realised that it had been so long that none of you may really miss me or anything and so many new people have joined that I wouldn't be able to keep up with all of the goings on.
And then I saw Skyril's post on 'The Eight Great Immortals' and saw that you guys did miss me, so, I'm coming back.
I deffinately won't be able to come on as much as I used to but I'm going to try and come on at least once a week - and post up here some stuff too, just to let you guys know when I'm coming on or to catch up a bit :)

So anyways...a lot's changed since I last came on. Blogger has a kind of new layout that's freaking me out.

Btw, Octa - did you win that 10 times the awesomeness competition? Niall mentioned you had a while back so If I'm wrong correct me. WELL DONE! :D I won too and I'm seriously happy *grooves*
So, I've got to go and tidy my room now but I'm going to come back to this post later and see...what craziness I've just allowed to unfold.

Let the craziness and madness unfold.