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Friday, 22 October 2010

sorry, kinda random i know. i shall continue with my fan-fic in a while

sorry, i know this isnt my fan-fic but i shall continue with it in a bit!
i just wanna say two small things.
1. does anyone have any ideas for small but cool christmas gifts? you guys are the randomist people i know so i figured id ask you. see im getting a camera for chrsitmas but i also want some small cheaper random things to go with it. for example im asking for a sound mashine with random cartoon noices (always comes in handy) and a gun that shoots foam balls at people. pleassee help.

2. also on the same subject, has anyone cheaked out I LOVE THAT SITE! thats where i get most of my random christmas ideas from. theres like...EVERYTHING.
theres an emergency clown nose kit (thats right im thinking of u florence)
a giant gummybear!
anti-gravity radio controlled cars.
also it delivers to the UK unlike msot cool random things that are just in america!

i shall continue with fan-fic later but for now BYEEEEEE! :D

Thursday, 21 October 2010

dimentions-part 3 (FINALLY:D)

Today is a good day. Its half term at school,im gonna write a new fan-fic and im having pizza for tea!!!!! yay!woots! anyways, on with the fan-fic!

They arrived exactly where they had been. Standing in an identical kitchen, exactly where they had been standing. The only differerance was that the glowing blue light was gone.
"....Well." Sathacus said slowly. "That was an adventure."
"Wanna a rematch of ping-pong Israel? I'm sure I can beat you this time!" asked Dragona.
Israel grinned mischiviously. "Race ya!"
"Wait!" shouted Necros. "Something's not right."
"What?" Nicolette asked.
"....I'm not sure." he muttered. "Just...something."
"I feel something too." Leo mumbled quietly.
"Can you hear that?" whispered Florence. The others strained to hear. There was the quiet murmer of the TV comming from the livng room.
"But....we turned all the TVs off." Dragona said looking at the others in confusion.
Slowly, they crept into the living room. Aquila shapeshifted into a cat, Skylara into a wolf and Lillivale into a snow leopad. The others drew their weapons as silently as a ninja and crowded around the closed door. Kallista mouthed a countdown and on zero she kicked the door open.
They looked around the room.
"Bone?" spluttered Bridget as she saw her cousin lounging on a green sofa.
"Tanith!" exclaimed Dragona.
"Sabien?" gasped Skylara turning back to human form as she saw her boyfriend standing by the lampshade.
"Nicolette?" shouted Sarthacus.
"Um...yeah Sathacus I'm right nex to you!" sighed Nicolette.
"But...but.....but....your over there aswell!"
"What?" Sure enough Nicolette saw plain as day that she was standing (looking quite shocked) by the fireplace. Nicolette blinked at her double-ganger in disbelief.
"Bone!" laughed Bridget not noticing that there were two Nicolettes in the room. She walked over to greet her cousin. "It's so good too...." before she could finish Bone punched her in the face. Bridget staggered back in shock.
"Why the hell did you do that?" asked Sabien.
"That's not Bridget. That's not any of them." she snarled.
Everyone looked around in confussion exept for Necros. He seemed to have gone quite still.
"Alternate Dimention." he wispered to Lillivale.
"What?" laughed Lillivale.
"Just watch..." he muttered.
"HEY! BONE! WHAT'S YOUR PROBLEM?" shouted Bridget aggressivly. She hating getting punched. She was normally the one who did the punching.
Bone glared at her. "My problem?" she asked. "My problem is that yout not my cousin! Your too nice!"
"No I'm not!" shouted Bridget. "I love a good fight and I'm hardly ever friendly! Ask anyone!"
"Shut up bitch!" shouted the Nicolette standing by the fireplace.
"Escuse me?" gasped the other Nicolette. "I'm sorry but can someone tell me what the bloody hell is going on."
"I can." sighed Necros. "Alternate dimention. I read up on this after I got back from a differant one."
"When you say what way do you mean?" asked Israel.
"Well judging by the other Nicolette and Bone's behaviour I'm guessing a bad one."
"So......what's happening again?" Tanith asked standing up.
"I'm guessing these punks are from another dimention and are looking for a little fun." laughed Sabien.
"What? Sabien? What the hell's got into you?" exclaimed Skylara. "Your ment to be visiting your uncle Steve!"
"I killed my uncle Steve!" he chuckled. "Silly git."
"And now we're gonna kill you!" snarled Tanith as she lept forward.

Sorry this one wasnt very good and a little confuzzling but hopefully the next one shall be a bit better :D

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

I believe some apologies are needed...

hi all!
i believe some apologies are needed.
first of all SO SORRY I HAVENT DONE THE NEXT PART OF FAN-FIC! no joke i am O_V_E_R_L_O_A_D_E_D with homework!
those of you in year nine may agree with me that suddenly the homework goes right up! it is rather a shock to the system.

JUST to get part 2 done i stayed up till 1.30am. it was a friday though so i was ok.

also you all may have noticed i havent really commented on all your fan-fics in a while. honest answer. its coz i havent read them. IM SOOOOO SOOOOORYYYYYYYYY! its for the same reason.

D. .....EAT LOADS OF COOKIES! (that ones for my benefit btw)


that is all.


...that is all. offically.

Friday, 8 October 2010

dimentions-part 2

First of all this bit may ay not be very good. I've had a hard week. and today to top it all off  i went to the library and a girl had my chemical romance on so loud through her headphones i almost screamed, my sister turned into tiny tim/scroge for her acting skills and my father went on about sheds,maths and my education until half eleven at night!
it is now almost 12.00am. i am hoping this shall calm me down.....i hope.

Lillivale hissed in pain as Nicolette gently dabbed a wet cloth onto the large scratch across his forhead. Skylara glared at him from the other side of the room as Bridget wrapped a bandage around her hand.
"My oh my." Nicolette tutted. "You shouldn't have been so competitive, look where it's got you now!"
"He started it.."mumbled Skylara.
"Oh! Really? And when you lept on me from behind and scratched me across the face you didn't?" Lillivale snapped back.
" I was being playful!" she snarled.
A small cat jumped up onto the window ledge and prowled over the kitchen surfaces purring contently. The cat changed back into Aquila and she sat there rather smug. "While you two were fighting I crept past you in fox form. Slow and steady wins the race." she grinned at them and they growled at her under their breathes.
"I hope that the man Leo was talking too was right about danger comming." grumbled Bridget as she sercured Skylara's bandage "I don't know how much more of this I can take."
Then the shaking started.

Meanwhile in the games room of casa de Florence, Israel and Dragona were playing ping-pong.
Israel chuckled as he scored yet another shot against Dragona. He was winning by a mile.
Dragona frowned at him. "Ping-pong is stupid anyway. I'd beat you in a proper fight any day."
"Really? You keep believing that Dragona." Israel said sarcastically.
"Bring it!" laughed Dragona.
"You don't know what your getting into."
"Trust me I do!" Dragona replied,taking up a fighting stance.
Just as the two were about to start when the ground started to shake.
"What the....?"
The two went crashing to the floor. It seemed like the whole house was shaking.
"Let's go find the others!" shouted Dragona.

Necros looked out across the garden. Something wasn't right. He could sense it. He'd felt like this before. Once. Before the portal opened. He touched the gun in his overcoat pocket. He had a feeling history was going to repeat itself.
Sarthacus walked up behind him. "Are you ok?" he asked.
"Something's comming Sarthacus, something big." he muttered.
Sarthacus let out a huge sigh. "Well we're all doom and gloom today aren't we?! Jeez. I'm getting a drink."
As he turned to walk away the ground started shaking. The pair looked at eachother and ran back inside to find the others.

Florence handed Leo a glass of water. She didn't know exactly what the old man had said to him but it sure had shaken him. He'd been jumpy and jittery ever since. She was starting to believe something was very wrong.
" are you feeling?" she asked kindly.
"I have a feeling something bad is going to happen Flo. I'm sure of it! The man knew my name and...and...he seemed so sure and the look in his eyes"
"Shhh. It's ok. I believe you! We've heard and seen stranger things!"
Leo sipped his water and tried to relax. He had to stop worrying. They'd all be just...
A disturbance interrupted his thoughts. The glass in his hand started shaking.
"Oh god!" said Florence. She looked up and grabbed Leo's hand. She dragged him out of the way of a falling lamp just in time and stormed out the door. "It's got to be my house that gets wreaked!" she shouted as another light smashed onto the floor where she'd just been standing.

Kallista was humming happily to herself as she strode down the corridor. She was in a good mood. She hadn't beaten Sarthacus in the arm wrestle but she'd let him win. Tomorrow she'd ask him for a rematch and the look on his face would be priceless when he lost. The thought made her chuckle to herself.
She heard a noise. She looked above her and saw a chandelier shaking. "That's odd." she thought outloud.
Then she heard a strange wooshing noise and infront of her a large blue light appeared. She looked upon it in awe. It was so pretty, just...flickering there. It was the most beautiful thing she'd ever seen.
But her instints stopped her from going towards it. It was beautiful but it felt wrong. Like it didn't belong here.
Just as she was about to turn away the light started advancing towards her. She turned and ran shouting for her friends.
They all met up in the kitchen. Kallista arrived last and told them about the quickly advancing blue light.
"The back door!" shouted Florence. Sarthacus opened it but it was too late. The blue light was there too!
"Oh hell!" said Israel as he eyed up the fast approching blue light.
"What do we do?" Leo asked looked at the others for guidence.
"We go through it." Necros said quietly. The friends looked at eachother and nodded slowly. They all took a deep breath and let the light comsume them.

Sunday, 3 October 2010

New skul fan-fic: Dimentions-part 1

Leo walked into the chinese take-away. He'd pulled the short straw and had to go and collect the food. He didn't mind. It was a nice evening and he felt like a stroll.
Leo went up to the counter and rang the bell. A small, old chinese man with a long white beard and glasses came running out. He stopped when he saw Leo and gawped at him.
"Erm...hi." Leo said nervously. "I came to pick up an order under the name of Black. Florence Black."
The man hesitated and then moved closer. "You. You magic." he said in a thick chinese accent.
Leo froze and his body tensed. It was probably just a crazy old man but he wasn't going to take the chance.
"Phh! No I'm not!" he said trying to laugh it off. The man wasn't buying it.
"I can sense people's magic. I sense you magic."
Leo's eyes widened. He took up a fighting stance. "Look," he said. "I really don't want to hurt you but.."
"Nor I wish to hurt you, but, me sees things. Please,give me your hand. I sense your future."
Normally, Leo wouldn't have even thought about giving the man his hand but, there was something in his expression that made him stop. He saw nothing bad in the man's eyes, only kindness. Leo relaxed and slowly moved towards the man. Cauciously he held out his hand. The man smiled and took it. He let out a small gasp as he did so and quickly took it away.
"Mr.Sparks," he gasped. "Great danger is comming! Great danger for you and your friends!"
"How did you..."
" You can not escape it! You and your friends must prepare yourselves! The cracks are opening! They shall find you! Cannot escape! Cannot escape!"
Leo looked at the man's horrified expression and he was frozen with fear.
Leo sprinted out of the take-away and up the street. He truely believed the man and he wasn't taking any chances. His friends would probably think he himself was crazy but better to be safe than sorry.

Israel flicked through the channels with a bored expression. "Nope, nope, nope,deffiantly not!" he sighed.
Aquila sat on the arm of the chair next to him in cat form licking herself. Once she had finished she yawned and curled up on his lap. Israel looked down at her with a look of distaste. "There's too many shapeshifters in this house. When I'm not covered in cat hair it's wolf hair or fox hair or dog hair!"
Skylara looked up from her magazine and grinned mischiviously. She put it down and turned into a tabby kitten. She jumped up onto the chair and then up onto his head and balanced precariously there. Bridget and Nicolette saw this and started giggling. "It's not funny!" Israel grumbled. He lifted Skylara off his head and held her up to his face. "Stop it. No. Bad Skylara." Skylara leaned forward and licked his nose. He yelped and dropped her onto the floor making the girls laugh even harder.
Dragona sighed from the corner of the room. " This is all very entertaining but I'm off to my room. Call me down when Leo gets back, I'm freakin' starving." Just as he reached for the doorhandle Leo burst in looking very worried.
"Get the others!" he panted. "NOW!"
The group raised their eyebrows at one another but ran to get the others all the same.
Once everyone was in the living room Leo told them about what the old man had said.
"The cracks are opening?" snorted Bridget. "Really now? Wasn't that a doctor who episode?"
"Oh! Oh! The one with the fez!" piped up Skylara.
Necros stood in the corner looking deep in thought. "Cracks...." he said. "That's what I saw when I was younger. When I was thrown into another dimention. A large crack through time and space."
"No, seriously Necros I'm sure that was a doctor who episode." said Florence.
"I know what I saw..." Necros said quietly.
"Ok," said Sarthacus. "So we either have A. a crazy old man whose watched doctor who too much. B. a rip in time and space comming for us or C. something competely different."
"So, what the hell are we supposed to do about it?" Lillivale said turning back from dalmation form to human.
Kallista sighed. "Well, we'll just have to play the..."
"Waiting game." everyone groaned.
"Hey Skylara,Aquila," shouted Lillivale. "Bet you couldn't bet you two couldn't beat me in a race across the garden." he said turning into a lion.
"Your on!" Skylara shouted turning into a cheetah and bounding out the room.
"Hey!" shouted Aquila turning back to human form and running after them. "That's not fair, I only have three forms!"
Florence sighed. "Shapeshifters, so darn competative. We're not like that are we guys? Guys?"
Florence turned around to see Kallista and Sarthacus having an arm wrestle and the others cheering them on. The only person who wasn't was Leo.
"I'm worried Flo." he said quietly.
She smiled at him. "Don't worry with a bunch like us we're sure to be fine. What on Earth could they throw at us that we couldn't beat?"

Friday, 1 October 2010

Just to clear things up before i start.

Ok people, as you may know I am starting a new fan-fic.
Here are the people who so far are in it: Nicolette, Leo, Kallista, Alexzz, Lizzy, Donkey shooter, Dragona, Aquila, Florence and Hellboy.

now i dont THINK if missed anyone out. Please tell me if you have asap.
Im going to probably start it tonight but im not sure.
Now leo will be the main person in the first bit but the first bit might be PRETTY LONG so yeah other people will also be in it.

and the story line so far (next to nothing) is A-MAZ-ING if i do say so myself :D
so...yeah...peace out. adios. bye. auvoir (or however you spell it) toodlepip, so long....i should stop now.