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Monday, 20 September 2010

Skulduggery fan-fiction part-10

"Hey Sathacus,got any further to finding the cure yet?" asked Nicolette on her mobile. Skyril was driving her Black Aston Martin DB5 like a madwoman. She kept murmering "So close...I'll find you Jack...I'll find you." and Nicolette and Bridget were getting worried.
"Yeah. We think Doctor Nye might shed some light on the subject." He said.
"Ah." she replied. "Skylara's not gonna be happy with that. She hates Nye. Says it's too....creepy."
"Meh. She's ok. We got her a nice werewolf to keep her busy. At the moment she's like a 20 question ball in overdrive! But he doesn't seem to mind. I think he's enjoying all the attention."
Nicolette laughed. "A werewolf? I can imagine! Well better him than me!"
"How are you doing on your noble quest?"
Nicolette glanced at Skyril. "Ok..." she said hesitantly. "We think Tanith's gone after Spring-Heeled Jack."
"Spring-Heeled Jack!" Sarthacus said sounding suprised. "I'm related to him!"
"Oh god. Whatever you do do not tell Skyril that!" she said lowering her voice.
"Why? What's wrong with that?"
"Let's just say....she holds a LITTLE grudge against Jack." she said glancing over at Skyril again.
"....Ok. Erm....well I gotta go. Cya Nicolette."
"Cya Sarthacus."