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Friday, 1 October 2010

Just to clear things up before i start.

Ok people, as you may know I am starting a new fan-fic.
Here are the people who so far are in it: Nicolette, Leo, Kallista, Alexzz, Lizzy, Donkey shooter, Dragona, Aquila, Florence and Hellboy.

now i dont THINK if missed anyone out. Please tell me if you have asap.
Im going to probably start it tonight but im not sure.
Now leo will be the main person in the first bit but the first bit might be PRETTY LONG so yeah other people will also be in it.

and the story line so far (next to nothing) is A-MAZ-ING if i do say so myself :D
so...yeah...peace out. adios. bye. auvoir (or however you spell it) toodlepip, so long....i should stop now.


  1. one little thing, my OC is Bridget not Lizzy. Bridget goes on crazy adventures, Lizzy stays home and chases chickens. write about Bridget she is more awesome-er then me

  2. Can't wait!!! nah nah nah nah nah i'm the main character!!!! yeah!!! Write soon!!!!