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Friday, 17 September 2010

Part 7-Skylara,Sarthacus and Cornelious

Skylara reacted imediately. She changed into a huge gray wolf easily twice the size of her usual form. She let out a challenging growl and bounded forward to meet her opponent. The werewolf turned it's head towards her sizing up its new challenger but she was already upon him snapping at his shins.
All Sarthacus and Cornelious could do was watch. The two animals were moving too fast and looked too similar to tell apart.
"I can't throw a fireball without the risk of hitting Skylara." groaned Sarthacus,who had been looking forward to a fight for days.
The werewolf had Skylara pinned to the floor,his teeth dangerously close to her neck. Sarthacus saw his chance and threw a fireball at the werewolf's tail. The werewolf howled in agony and fell back giving Skylara the chance to get up. Once it had got the fire out however it became more vicious than ever. Sarthacus pushed the air and the werewolf was pinned against the wall. It whinned helplessly as it struggled to fight the invisible force pushing it against the wall.
Cornelious took out a gun from his kilt and pointed it at the werewolf.
"NO!" screamed Skylara back in human form. "Imagine if you were in his position!"
Cornelious hesitated. If he were in werewolf's position he wouldn't care either way.
"Also bare in mind that my favorite form is a wolf and I will be VERY upset if you kill him." she growled more forcefully.
Imediately Cornelious put the gun away and Skylara relaxed slightly. "Thankyou. Sarthacus,if you please."
"Sure." he said and he put an air bubble around the werewolf's head,cutting off his oxygen momentarily. The werewolf gasped for the non-existant air for a moment and then his head slumped down. Sarthacus released the air bubble and went over to the fridge to grab himself a coke.
"So..what now?" he said opening the can.
"We wait for him to return to human form in the morning." Said Skylara a matter of factly.
Sarthacus gawped at her "And what are we supposed to do in the mean time?"
She grinned at him,walked over to the table and placed five large books upon his lap.
"Well we can start by trying to find a cure for Tanith in one of these books. And then we can play the waiting game."
Sarthacus heisitated a moment then opened the smallest of the books. "Well," he muttered "At least the waiting game is a whole lot better than Monopoly."
Cornelious chuckled and Skylara glared at both of them before settling down with a large book called 'Miracale cures and remedies.'


  1. ;] woo hoo go waiting game :]...


  2. i do enjoy the waiting game :P thats a lie. im awfaully impatient ;)