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Monday, 13 September 2010

Skulduggery Fan-Fic part 3-Sarthacus,Skylara and Cornelius

Cornelius was driving his black Jaguar XK series convertible with pride. But beside him Sarthacus sat looking uncomfortable with Skylara (In huskey form) sitting on his lap, leaning out the side of the car, letting the wind run through her lucious coat.
"Could you be a fluffier dog?" asked Sarthacus brushing fur off the bottom of his trench coat.
Skylara growled at him but reluctantly turned into a dalmation puppy instead.
"So...where are we heading now?" Sarthacus asked Cornelious.
Cornelious looked at him straight in the eyes. "The Hibernian. I know it won't feel the same without Kenspeckle but we have to go. One of his books might speak of a cure. I'm sure Kenspeckle looked a few things up after his last encounter with remnants."
Sarthacus paused a moment. "Agreed," he said finally. "let's go."

They arrived at the Hibernian around midnight. Skylara couldn't shake off the feeling that she was being watched. Pulling her jacket up further around her neck, she didn't voice her fears but still,she kept looking around every few minutes or so,just to be sure.
They opened the door to the Hibernian. Almost immediately they started gagging.
"What on Earth is that smell?" Gasped Skylara.
"It's worse than cat farts!" Exclaimed Sarthacus.
Skylara paused "Cat farts?" she asked.
" Have you smelt them? Last time I experianced one I almost died. Trust me. I'd face a vampire anyday as long as it didn't have a farting cat."
She took a long hard look at him. "So your fearless when it comes to vampires,murderers,zombies ect. As long don't see a farting cat?!"
"Quiet you two!" hissed Cornelious. "I hear something from over there."
They quietly advanced to where Cornelious had indicated. They came to a small dark room. inside they heard a low humming sound that sounded eletrical. Sarthacus found the light switch as turned it on. In front of them they saw a table piled high with books and bwhind it, a large humming fridge.
Skylara raised her eyebrows at the other two but Sarthacus was transfixed on the fridge. Tilting his head slightly, he crept forward and slowly reached for the handle. In one swift movement he opened the fridge.
Standing before them was Vaurine Scapegrace..or..what was left of him.
His skin was pale and his arm looked like it had been stitched back together a few times. He was missing three fingers and his nose. Worst of all the smell of rotting flesh was almost unbearable if you even glanced in his direction.
Skylara backed away from the fridge gagging. "Omg!" she exclaimed. "That is so discusting!"
Suddenly Scapegrace's eyes opened. The three looked at him in shock.
"What?" he said. "You never seen a zombie king in a fridge before?"


  1. LOL Im laughing so hard my brain is threatining to break again

  2. OMG! Scapegrace a zombie king! LOL XD

  3. Hahahaha! This is SO good! You have GOT to make more!