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Saturday, 25 September 2010

Skulduggery fan-fic part 16

Skylara walked down the hallway. Sabien had persuaded her to go and get some sleep and she was off to a quiet store-room where she might be able to get some shut-eye. It felt good to stretch her legs. She'd been sitting there for eight hours straight now. She'd been walking for at least ten minutes and the pins and needles were only just starting to fade.
She looked down and saw that her bootlace was un-done. She bent down to re-tie it but no sooner than she had she heard a low growl from above her. She looked up to see a large vampire snarling down at her.
"Uh oh." she said and then turning into a cheetah, she sprinted as fast as she could in the other direction.
Sarthacus looked down at the floor. He'd never felt so guiltly in all his life. He'd tried to find a reason why it hadn't been his fault but he'd came up with nothing. He was never the one to cause something bad to happen. He was normally the one who prevented it. Now,he had no one to blame but himself.
Sarthacus sighed and trudged up the silent hall. Suddenly he heard hurried footsteps comming from down the hall. A small indian man sounding out of breath came running in his direction. He was too busy looking behind him to notice Sarthacus and he bumped straight into him. The two of them went crashing onto the floor.
"Hey! Watch where your going..." started Sarthacus but then he saw the look of panic in the man's eyes.
"The two vampires!" The man said in a harsh whisper. "They've escaped! We need too..." He didn't get to finish that sentance. A clawed hand from behind him picked him up and ripped the head from his body. The head rolled next to Sarthacus,the look of panic still fresh on it's face. Sarthacus looked up at the vampire's furious face.
 " Aw hell!" he said. He threw a fireball at the vamp's face,distracting it momenterily and then fled.

Sarthacus turned a sharp corner and sprinted towards the door to the roof. They were on the top floor but he might be able to loose them on the roof if he jumped to the next building. He saw another vampire comming from his left with a cheetah just infront of it. The cheetah changed back into Skylara and she ran alongside him.
"There are two?!" she asked.
" 'Fraid so." he replied slamming open the door. The pair sprinted onto the roof. They knew they wouldn't be able to outrun the vampires, Skylara could have turned into a bird but she knew that the vampires were to close for Sarthacus to even have a chance to try and jump to the next building. Very few people ever escaped vampires and the two of them were not feeling up to their best this evening.
They turned around to face their opponents and the vampires hissed viciously.
Skylara turned into a large werewolf and the vampires snarled angrily. Everyone knew most vampires hated werewolves.
Sarthacus had been mastering a new trick for a few days now. "What better time to use it than now?" he thought to himself. He clicked his fingers and produced a fireball. Then he blew as hard as he could on it causing the fireball to grow and surge forward towards the vampires. The two instantly burst into flames. They cried out in pain but managed to extinguish the flames in a matter of seconds.
Skylara bounded up to one of the vampires while it was distracted and bit it's arm clean off. The vamp howled in agony and before it could attack she bonked it on the head.
The other vampire looked at it's fallen companion and lept at Sarthacus. He dodged it just in time and he and Skylara sprinted to the far side of the roof. They might be able to throw the vampire off the side of it if they were lucky. Sarthacus pushed the air causing the vampire to stumble further towards the edge. Skylara turned back into human form and punched the vampire in the face,causing it to topple off the side but at the last second his hand snaked out and clung to Skylara's ankle. She cried out in shock and toppled over the edge with it. She clung to the side but her fingers were slipping. She wouldn't be able to hold on for long.
"Skylara!" shouted Sarthacus. "Hang on!" He threw a fireball at the vampire's face. It didn't let go so he threw another one. This time the vampire let go of Skylara and tumbled to it's doom. If Sarthacus didn't act fast, Skylara would suffer the same fate. He knew she couldn't change in mid-air.
"Give me your hand!" he cried.
Skylara looked up at him. She had to trust him. She had no other choice. She thrust her hand up towards him and he gripped onto it. He pulled her up and they crashed into a heap on the floor.
After a moment or two they got up.
"Are you ok?" Sarthacus asked looking concerned.
Skylara grinned at him. "Yeah. Thanks."
"So....friends?" he asked hopefully.
" Friends." she agreed.
Skylara looked behind Sarthacus to see that the vampire with the severed arm had gotten up.
"SARTHACUS!" she shouted. He looked behind him just in time to see the advancing vampire get shot in the head. The vampire fell to it's knees and from behind it, the pair could see a thin man in a suit holding up a gun.
He put the gun away and walked over to them.
"Why on Earth are you on the roof fighting vampires on a night like this? It's far too cold." Said Skulduggery Pleasant.


  1. i LOVE the last line, XD its so funny! are you channeling golden god or something?

  2. hahehahaehaehaheah!!! Last line!! AWSOME!!! Btw, I've got SJ powers as well, were cousins!

  3. Wow! That was pretty intense, Skylara! Great story writing! I love the last part when Skulduggery shows up. (my hero!) OK girlytime over...Lol Kepp on writing, my friend! :D

  4. AHHH! *squeals girlishly* damn that was awesome, i really cannot wait for more, and i cant wait to see what you could do with my character!! jeez you people really are amazing writers!

  5. SOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD!!!!!!Can't wait for next one keep em coming!!! Will you put me in your next story PPLLEEAASSEE!!!!!