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Friday, 25 March 2011

I HAVE RETURNED! And Skylara's Strange Dream Part 5

Yes, I have returned! :D
I have finished my big exams for now(although with a constant feeling of dread after my head of year told us that "The fun part of eductation was over." Eductation was never fun so I don't even want to imagine what it will be like now)
I am pretty sure I have failed my science exam BUT I am praying that the science teachers still let me into triple science next year (especially if I suck up to them for the next two weeks).
I think I did ok in my maths and actually, FANTASTIC in my english ;)

But, alas, my music group gave up on me and the violin. They told me it was 'too loud' when I'm guessing I was 'too rubbish'. I think I'll leave the violin to sherlock for now.

I've missed you guys! I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO glad to be back!

So, to celebrate, here is the next part of Skylara's Strange Dream:

The creature beat down with its almighty fist and Skulduggery rolled out of the way just in time. He fired several times at the beast’s face but the bullets seemed to have no effect upon it- or if they did, the creature was into much of a frenzy to care.
Skylara’s eyes changed from silver to amber to green. Try as she might, she could not shift into the silver wolf she longed to be. She hated being weak and defenceless. Even when she had no weapons, she could almost always rely on her powers- or so she had thought.
“Damn it!” She shouted angrily as she had no choice but to back away when the creature swiped its claws at her viciously. “Why can’t I shift? Can you guys use your powers?”
Skulduggery clicked his fingers together experimentally but no spark appeared. Pinicolette produced no blue energy and Lunar could not teleport.
“I think it’s because we all have parts to play in this dream.” Sabien said thoughtfully as he dodged another blow. “Scarecrows can’t produce fire, wooden girls generally don’t levitate or anything and pixies don’t far as I’re the first pixie I’ve met.”
“I need a weapon!” Lunar decided scouring the woods for something of use. “A sword, a gun even an average sized stick...”
“Don’t. Even. Think. About. It.” Pinicolette growled catching Lunar’s side glance towards her.
Everyone heard a yelp of surprise and saw Skulduggery being picked up by the creature and thrown around like a rag-doll.
“Someone do something quick!” Sabien yelled, running forward to grab Skulduggery’s fallen gun.
Skylara stood up straight, closed her eyes and held out her hands expectantly. “SWORD.” She said commandingly.
When she opened her eyes, she gave a little gasp. In her hands, a dark purple light sabre had appeared, glowing as bright as the moon.
“Not what I was looking for,” She muttered. “But so much COOLER!”
Just as she was about to try it out, she felt herself being lifted high in the air. A moment later she was face to face with the monsterous creature, its burning eyes glaring at her with pure hatred.
“Errrr...hello?” she tried.
The creature gave a thunderous roar and began shaking her violently. Skylara swung the light sabre blindly as the world around her went flying past in a blur.
“The collar!” she heard a distant voice say. “Get the collar!”
But her brain wasn’t functioning properly. She had no idea why. It was a dream after all. How could all of this be effecting her? Then a thought hit her. “You can’t die in a dream right?” she shouted to the others down below her.
“W-what?” She heard Sabien say. “Why?”
“I don’t know,” sighed Skulduggery as the beast threw him up in the air and caught him again, toying with him. ”Because we’re being swung around by a gigantic beast from hell you twit!”
“What if it’s like the matrix?” Skylara continued too engrossed in her own thoughts to hear Skulduggery. “What if this is actually real life and the life I have been living has been a dream all along? What if everything I have known is a lie? What if-”
“There’s a field of Oreos over there.” Lunar interrupted.
“Oh. Well that’s far too good to be real life.” And with that Skylara slashed wildly in the general direction of the beast’s neck.
The beast froze. It dropped Skylara and Skulduggery and tried to grasp at its own neck. The collar crashed to the ground and made a satisfiying crack. Skulduggery’s foot also made a satisfying crack as he hit the ground with a thud. Skylara landed a little more gracefully but she still landed on her feet, toppled a bit and stumbled into a bush to her left.
Skylara stumbled back out of the bush a few moments later, her hair sticking up at odd angles.
“Did we win?” she asked.
“Like hell you won!” they heard a familiar voice say. The creature had shrunk to less than 10 times its size and now it was about the same height as Skulduggery.
“Israel!” exclaimed Lunar. “You’’re a.....what are you exactly?”
“A liger. It’s a lion, tiger cross. Look it up.”
“Do ligers have a habit of throwing people around and breaking their feet?” Skulduggery asked sarcastically.
“Oh. Sorry about that...” Israel said sheepishly. “Shock collars do that to some people. Thanks for getting that off by the way.”
“Not at all, not at all. That’s what I do for people who break my feet!”
“You’re not going to let this go are you?”
“You broke my foot!”
“You’ve broken it before!”
“But this time it was broken by a liger!”
“At least I gave you a new experience.”
“You gave me a new excuse to punch you.”
“Not from down there you can’t.”
“Come closer so I can yank your tail!”
“At least I have a tail!”
“Ladies,” Sabien interrupted. “Are you quite done?”
“Yeah shut up will you!” groaned Pinicolette. “Hey, has anyone seen Mar-chu?”
As if on cue the small white kitten crawled out from her hiding place under a small green shrub. She mewed and padded over to Skulduggery and began to lick his foot.
Skulduggery hissed in pain. “Someone throw me my gun before I-“ Everyone gasped in admiration as Skulduggery’s foot healed before their eyes.
“Woah...” breathed Skylara. “Once again, my imagination is so dang awesome...”
When Mar-chu was finished, she settled down in front of Skulduggery expectantly.
“Sorry about the gun thing.” He muttered, scratching her head between her ears.
Sneezing happily, Mar-chu jumped up and crawled into Skulduggery’s front pocket before anyone could stop her.
“Ah.” Skulduggery said. “Well that was unexpected.”
“Leave her be.” Lunar said waving her hand at him. “She healed your foot after all.”
“Hail be to the ice-cream kitten!” laughed Skylara.
“Come on guys, let’s go before anything else happens...” Sabien prodded, looking around the woods for anything else that looked suspicious.
Everyone murmured in agreement and started to trudge along the orange tar path once again.
“Hey,” Israel said suddenly. “Is that a light sabre? Where can I get me one of those?”
“My dream. My light sabre.” Skylara replied hugging the light sabre protectively.
Dragona watched them silently from the bushes.
“I’m so sorry.” He whispered. “Kallista, I wish you could understand that everything I do is to protect you.” Slowly, he crept after them, biding his time and wishing that there was some other way...

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

I really shouldn't be here...

I really shouldn't be on here...
I promised myself I wouldn't but I just had too. Just once for the next week and a half.

I have loads of revision. And I am too stressed to do any.

I'm doing it. I just don't have enough time too.

I worked myself out a timetable yesterday.

But then my english teacher gave me revision ontop of my never ending science and maths and ruined it all.

Then I was invited to a Birthday sleepover and shopping.

Then I was told I have to learn to play the violin within two weeks for music. (Benedict Cumberbatch did it in a month for Sherlock. People said that was impressive.)

Last night I was up so late revising. Then I got really grumpy and had 5minutes of watching a programme I didn't even like with an oreo and some milk (it was too late for tea because of the caffine) and then I went to bed.

That was all the fun I had.

And I miss you guys. You and your fantastically weird ways.

And I miss writing.

And now I must go.

I hope to speak to you guys again soon! Hopefully I will be in a better mood when I do!


Saturday, 12 March 2011

Appologies in advance.

I won't be posting for a while :(

*cries* Not that long really. Just for about 2 weeks.
The reason is because I am swimming in revision. I have english,maths and science tests that are gonna set me for GCSE and I have the tests in a weeks time for all that week.


and of course, Hellboy can be the lion ;) psst! *whispers to hellboy* Thanks for making my blog the blog of the week ;)

I've had a day or so off homework today and yesterday just to clear my head for the revision. Of course, I spent it doing very important things...
1. Reading my first sherlock book and obsessing over it 24.7.
2. Going the cinama and eating a truck load of junk.
and 3. Daydreaming about what it would be like if I had superpowers.

And my Mum says I'm weird and people are going to avoid me! Phht! As if!

So if I'm not on Derek's blog as much, and you don't see a post from me for about 2 weeks, don't worry! I haven't been kidnapped by ninjas! I'm just pulling my hair out over many an exam-which is indeed, much worse.

But then I shall be back and as bloggy as ever! I'm also going to get uba fit because I'll have more free time on my hands up till the 6-week hols.
No! It's not because I want to have exreame super hero muscles! *shifty eyes*

So appologies in advance, but I promise I shall post as soon as I get back ;) it just me or did the bio-rama picture get bigger? it's growing! *shifts away* seriously, anyone know how to fix that? It's kinda distracting.
It's like it's saying "CLICK ME DARN IT! CLICK ME!"

*Skylara hears a crash* Hmmm..I wonder what- *Skylara is dragged backwards* NOOOOOO! DA NINJAS!

*Skylara just manages to post before a mysterious Ninja turns off the laptop*

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Skylara's Strange Dream- Part 4

Hello All!
I have returned from my many travels! Well...Center Parcs.
It was great but I am glad to be home. Home is were the heart is as they say- or in my case where my warm comfortable bed is with no one else to snore and keep me up most of the night. Yes, my family snores. I don't but apparently I mumble quite a bit.
On one of the nights I even heard some creepy music and everyone else was asleep. So as you can imagine I was curled up in a ball till about 2.00am filled with fear.
But one of the best bits was when I tried a bit of fencing and completely fell in love with it. Me and my dad are hoping to take it up soon!
Then I shall be a swashbuckling ninja! *gets into fighting stance and trips over her foil* ...Sort of...
Ok, so here's part 4- and don't worry Dragona, this is quite a light-hearted tale so I won't make you kill anyone.
Or will I? DUN, DUN,DUN!
Also, by not giving much away, your not in this part- but a few other new characters are...

Skylara groaned as they passed a sign that read- ‘Orange tar path-7 miles to go.’  Lunar had stopped her merry skipping hours ago and now she, Skylara and Sabien were slowly plodding along, dragging their weary feet behind them.
Skulduggery on the other hand, was walking ahead at a brisk pace. Every so often he would say “Keep up!” or “Isn’t it such a wonderful day for a stroll?” and his comments would always be met by icy glares and angry mutterings.
On the 5th time he had said something about ‘a wonderful day for a stroll’ Skylara snapped.
“That’s it!” she thundered. “I’m tired, I’m hungry and I’m just about up to here with you and your annoying comments! In reality, I’m strapped to a dentist chair having who knows what done to me, and I’m spending my excitingly random dream walking down a path the shade of Cheryl Cole’s face listening to ‘Skulduggery and his many country walk ideas’!” She breathed heavily for a few seconds, her eyes filled with rage. Then she began to calm down slightly and took a deep breath.
“Quite done?” Skulduggery asked his head cocked to the side again.
“Think so. Sorry. I just don’t like being bored. At least I didn’t draw a smiley face on the wall and start shooting at it.” She chuckled.
Everyone looked at her with puzzled expressions.
“Sherlock thing.” She explained.
“O.K...” Lunar said slowly. “But she’s right, this dream is currently pretty suckish.”
“I have an idea!” Sabien exclaimed. “Skulduggery appeared when you asked about a scarecrow! Try asking for something else now!”
“Technically, I didn’t ‘appear’ as you put it. I was already there.” Skulduggery mentioned before Skylara could answer Sabien. “You just didn’t see me. Also, in case you didn’t notice, I am not a scarecrow.”
“You look like one...” Lunar muttered.
“I happen to be a sophisticated and suave individual with a great taste in fashion.” He replied adjusting the angle of his hat.
“Right...” said Lunar rolling her eyes.
“Ok,” Skylara announced. “I wish for a-”
“That’s not right!” Sabien interjected. “Say it like you did before with Skulduggery!”
“Fine, don’t get your tail in a twist!” she grumbled before clearing her throat to begin. “Say, isn’t there meant to be a gigantic chocolate fudge ice-cream around here somewhere?” Skylara said quite dramatically, putted one hand on her hip and the other stroking an imaginary beard on her chin for added effect causing Lunar to giggle quietly.
For a moment, nothing happened. But then, suddenly a small bundle of white fur dropped from the sky into Skylara’s hands.
Everyone gazed at the bundle for a moment and then all of a sudden it let out a small “Mew!” and sat up, it’s wide eyes looking at them with curiosity. Then, it began to purr contently and lick it’s tiny paws.
“That,” Skulduggery declared. “Is the strangest looking ice-cream I have ever seen.”
“It ain’t like that in Ireland.” agreed Sabien.
Skylara looked down at the name tag on the kitten’s collar and her face lit up.
“It’s Mar-Chu!”she laughed.
“Mar who?” Skulduggery queried.
“Mar-Chu!” Lunar echoed. “She’s one of our friends.”
“...Your friend’s with a cat?”
“And a werewolf,a skeleton, a vampire- do I need to go on?” Skylara replied.
“She’s not always a cat.” added Lunar. “But I suppose she is in this dream.”
“Try asking for something else Skylara!” Sabien encouraged. “Maybe something that’s actually IN the ‘Wizard of Oz’ this time! Really get into character!”
Skylara took a moment to ponder how she would approach it this time. Then she nodded, grabbed a piece of long-grass by the side of the path and stuck it in her mouth.
“Say, I wonder where a tin-man could be hangin’ around in this lil’ old dream!”I’m just a sweet girl feelin’ kinda lonesome!” Skylara said earning her some strange looks from her friends.
“What?” she shrugged. “Dorothy is American and she’s also very cheesy and annoying.”
“Never. Do. An. American. Accent. Again.” Lunar shivered.
“EVER!” added Sabien as Skylara gave them both a stony scowl.
“I thought it was actually quite good...” Skulduggery said, trying to hide the smile in his voice.
“You guys should give it a go!” Skylara huffed.  Just then, Skylara’s wolfish instincts picked up a rustling in the trees about 20 metres away. Her eyes turned a dark amber and her body tensed up so much that she was fixed to one spot but for some reason she couldn’t shift to wolf form. Mar-Chu fell out of Skylara’s tense hands, sneezed and trotted along to Sabien to seek his affections.
Skulduggery was the first to notice Skylara’s eyes and he slowly walked forward and put his hands on her shoulders.
“Skylara?” he asked quietly. “Are you ok?”
When Skylara tried to answer him a deep throaty growl rumbled through her throat. Although she couldn’t move any of her limbs, Skulduggery noticed that her eyes were transfixed to a dark corner in the trees.
Pressing a gloved finger to his lips, and nodding silently to the others, Skulduggery took out his gun and treaded carefully over to where Skylara was looking.
“We know you’re in there.” Skulduggery shouted over to a particularly large bush where he suspected Skylara had spotted something.
“No I’m not!” someone giggled. Then he heard a sound that was like a branch snapping and saw a short wooden stick poked out of the bush.
“I know that voice!” Lunar said running towards the bush before Skulduggery could stop her. “Nicolett-“ Lunar gawped at Nicolette. Sheepishly, she came out from behind the bush.
She was a tiny wooden girl with a long wooden nose and plaits made of a thick yellow wool.
“Pinicolette actually...” Pinicolette muttered.
“You got the wrong story Sky!” laughed Sabien. “Pinocchio is just a tad different from the ‘Wizard of Oz’ don’t cha think?”
“Not really...” Pinicolette chimed in. “because-aw! Not again!” she said, angrily stamping her little wooden foot as her nose grew another inch. “That wasn’t a lie! Won’t you even let me explain myself?”
Skulduggery had walked back to where Skylara was standing. She was still fixed to the spot, growling quietly, her hands now balled up into tight fists.
“What’s wrong?” he asked her again. The others looked back at Skylara, worry written clear on their faces.
“Is she in some kind of trance?” Lunar asked. “Hey! Skylara! Alpacas! Cookies! Sherlock! Chocolate!”
“Maybe she’s in mid-shift or something?” Sabien suggested. “Something must have set off her wolf instincts. It’s her most comfortable form for her to take so maybe she picks up certain things.”
“Perhaps we need to calm her down?” tried Nicolette.
“Skylara,” Skulduggery said softly. “We’re all safe here. Nothing is going to harm us.”
At the word ‘harm’ Skylara suddenly snarled and leapt into a fighting stance.
“Get ready.” She said in a voice that sounded more wolf than human. “Things are about to get ugly.”
No sooner than she’d said it, a humongous beast at least 10 feet tall crashed out from behind a group of trees. It had a thick metal collar around its neck that beeped occasionally.
“It’s being controlled!” Pinicolette realised. “If it was wild, why would it have a collar?”
“Stupid dream!” Skylara growled. “Won’t let me shift!”
“Well, you did ask for something more exciting...” Lunar said as she eyed up the beast.
“Be careful what you wish for...” Skulduggery sighed as he loaded his gun and prepared himself.
“Hello,” Sabien said kindly, walking towards the creature slowly.
“Err, I wouldn’t Sabien...” Skylara warned him.
“We won’t hurt you if you don’t hurt us,” Sabien continued, ignoring Skylara’s cautious words.
The creature cocked its head to one side, as if it was weighing up its options. Then, its collar beeped frantically and the creature’s body shook violently as it roared and writhed with pain.
“Shock collar!” Skulduggery shouted to his companions.
Once the creature’s ordeal was over, it looked straight at the group and gnashed its teeth angrily, thinking that they were the source of its traumatic pain. Then it lunged forward, and the battle began.

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Skylara's Strange Dream part 3

Hey guys! I'm on holiday! ...I'm also too exhausted to say anymore on that matter.
There are more people to come in later parts, I promise! Hope you guys like it!

Lunar hummed happily to herself as she skipped down the orange tar path.
“Congratulations Lunar!” Skylara announced sarcastically. “You’re so disgustingly cheery that you have won yourself a part in the Wizard of Oz! Please, take a left into cheesy lane to start rehearsals!”
“You seem to have reached a new level of sarcasm Skylara.” Lunar sang skipping more vigorously just to annoy her further.
“I do try.” Skylara retorted.
“Ignore her.” Sabien told Lunar. “She’s just angry because she hasn’t gotten to hit anything in this dream yet-OW!” he yelped as Skylara punched him in the arm.
“Problem solved.” She said smiling sweetly at him. “Now, if I remember correctly there should be a scarecrow around here somewhere...”
She heard someone clear their throat from behind her, making her spin around and take up a fighting stance.
Before them, stood a barely recognizable Skulduggery, hanging limply upon a wooden frame. Skylara had to do a double take. His suit was ragged and covered in a thick layer of dust, his tie was missing and worst of all his hat had a pigeon nesting in it.
“Do I fit the description?” he asked.
“But you’re a skeleton! Not a scarecrow!” Lunar blurted out jabbing her finger towards him in disbelief.
“Indeed.” Skulduggery sighed. “Yet I’m the one tied to a wooden cross next to a field of Oreos.” He indicated to the field behind him filled with Oreo loaded bushes.
Skylara looked sheepishly at the floor. “I’m going through an Oreo’s and tea phase...” she explained.
“Ah!” said Skulduggery, nodding slowly. “That would also explain why the soil smells of tea...can someone please remove me from this?”
“Oh! Sorry!” Skylara said apologetically as she and Lunar ran forward to untie him as Sabien tried his best to shoo the pigeon out of Skulduggery’s hat. The pigeon, which was quite comfortable there, began to coo and flap it’s wings frantically.
Skylara sighed and turned into a sparrow hawk. She looked menacingly at the pigeon and it took off immediately. 
“Thank you.” Skulduggery said brushing himself off and adjusting his hat to its usual cocked angle. “Now, at least, I look a little more dignified.”
The others exchanged glances. Although Skulduggery had removed some of the dust from his suit and the pigeon had flown from its make-shift nest
he looked far from dignified.
“Yeah...” Lunar assured. “You look...great. You know, for a dead man.”
Skulduggery looked down at his suit. “Fine.” He grumbled. “But even in a ruined suit you can’t deny how devilishly handsome I look! Right?”
His comment was met by an uncomfortable silence.
“Wanna come and ask the Wizard for a new suit?” Skylara asked finally.
“Fine.” He grumbled. “But this is a stupid dream.”
Skylara chuckled. “T’is an awesome dream! ...Well except for this stupid dress!” She tugged at it aggressively.
  “It makes you look like a sweet little angel!” Skulduggery teased.
Skylara glowered at him as Lunar and Sabien laughed raucously. “Looks can be deceiving...” she growled as they set off along the orange tar path again.

Meanwhile, in a castle not too far away...
“Mirror, mirror on the wall...” sang Cheryl. “Who wears fake-tan most of all?”
The mirror stood silently in front of the expectant Cheryl.
“Darn!” She muttered angrily. “Why couldn’t I have one of those talking mirrors that are in the fairy tales like?” She stormed over to a dark cage at the back of the room.
She knocked loudly on the cage. A mysterious figure shuffled forward, it’s tail twitching angrily.
“I have a little job for you...” Cheryl said.
“Not until I know my Kallista is safe...” Dragona snarled.
“Look!” Cheryl said as she beckoned him futher towards the front of the cage. She held up a crystal ball which showed Kallista happily making daisy chains as Octa sang another of his sweet poems beside her.
“And you haven’t undone the spell?” Dragona asked.
“Of course not! She doesn’t even know you’ve been born!” Cheryl cackled before spluttering madly and running over to her table to grab a glass of water.
Once she had recovered she looked expectantly back at Dragona.
“What do you want me to do?” he demanded.