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Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Part 5- Back to Skylara,Cornelious and Sarthacus

Before anyone could say anything Sarthacus clicked his fingers and held the flame up to Scapegrace.
"You take one step and you'll go up like a firecracker." he said.
Scapegrace tried to cower away in the cramped fridge. "Please don't kill me!" He squealed.
"Well technically your already dead." said Skylara.
Scapegrace glared at her. "Well you know what I mean!"
" First thing's first." started Sarthacus. "Why the hell are you in a fridge?"
"I have a condition ok!" Scapegrace wailed looking hurt. "I never wanted to be a zombie. I thought it would be cool at first,feeling no pain or anything. But after a while..I started to smell and things started to ...well..fall off."
The trio looked at each other a moment and then all burst out laughing.
Scapegrace's face turned dark. "It's not funny!" he shouted.
The three of them wiped their eyes and tried to say serious. But they'd chuckle slightly if they caught one another's eye.
"Anyway..." said Sarthacus trying to contain himself. "How did you get.."
He was interupped by a loud war cry behind him. They turned around to find a middle-aged man with bad skin hurdling towards them swinging a large chicken around his head. "I'LL SAVE YOU MASTER!" he screamed.
Skylara sighed changed into a lion and roared ferociously at him. The man squealled and turned around just as quickly as he came but he fell as he scrambled in his hurry. He lay wimpering on the floor.
Scapegrace groaned. "Yeah. Thanks a lot Thrasher. Great bloody rescue."
"Ok! What the hell is going on?" Cornelious asked them.
"It's a long story..and we should really be off.." Scapegrace started.
Sarthacus held the flame up closer to his face forcing Scapegrace to back away.
Corneilious sighed. "Leave it Sarthacus. Let them go. They won't do any harm. Their too moldy to do any damage."
Sarthacus took a long look at Scapegrace. Finally he said "Fine. But if we hear that you do anything,"
"We won't! We won't! We swear!" Scapegrace cried backing towards the door with Thrasher at his side. Scapegrace opened the door to reveal a boy who looked around 17 doubling over in pain. He staggered in and fell to the floor writhing in pain. He looked up just in time to say "!" Then he cried out in pain ripped off his flesh and let out a mighty howl.
"Werewolf." Cornelious managed to croak.


  1. C'mon, guys!! Is no one goin' to read this!?!?!

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  3. I will give the first opinion! LOVED IT :D

  4. Hahaha I love it!
    Werewolf?? AWESOME!!

  5. "swinging a large chicken around his head" bwahahahahahahhahaha! Chicken!