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Thursday, 23 September 2010

Skul-fan-fic part 13: We're off to see the weirdo,the horrible weirdo called Nye!

The carrige ride seemed to drag on forever. Cornelious,Skylara and Sarthacus could feel their powers weakening as they neared their destination. They felt vunerable. They didn't like being vunerable.
Sabien didn't feel any weaker but he was deffinitely feeling depressed. His wolf sences were dulling and he couldn't smell anything anymore.
"Man,being dead sucks!" he exclaimed to the others.
"We're leaving AS SOON AS we have what we need!" Skylara said whilst keeping one eye on the dead man infront of her. "Not a moment longer!"
"Chill Skylara. It's gonna be fine." Said Sarthacus.
The carrige ground to a halt and they all got out. They'd arrived at a warehouse of some sort. They walked into a room full of tables with bodies on them. Well...there were bodies on some tables and bodies hung up around the room. Severed heads blinked at them as they walked past. Skylara shivered and stayed close to the others. She wasn't taking any chances. Not here. Not in this place. It would be a horrible place to die. Then it dawned on her that technically she was already dead.
"Not permenently! Not permenently!" She kept repeating to herself.
Finaly they arrived at a creature crouching over a corpse on the table. It was discusting beyond words. It had to be Nye.
"Ah! I've been expecting you lot." It cackled. "What do you want? Can't you see I'm busy?"
"We need a cure for a remnant permanently stuck in someone." Replied Cornelious.
Nye looked at them in disbelief. "Do you not know what PERMANENTLY means you fools!? It means permanent!Irriversible!" It sighed. "But if you wanted to reverse something irriversable I suppose you came to the right place. I am a genius after all. But why on earth should I help you?"
Sarthacus held a gun up to Nye's head.
Nye paused. "Ah! Erm...I'll see what I can do." It said scuttling away.
Several moments passed.
"Can you change Skylara?" Cornelious asked. She shook her head. "Sarthacus?" He clicked his fingers and nothing happened. "Me neither." Whispered Cornelious. "If we have to defend ourselfs all's we have is Sarthacus's gun and our own wit." Sarthacus raised his eyebrows and showed him that the gun. It was empty.
"...Ah. But we have our wit."
"Only just." replied Skylara. "My brain seems to be working slower here. I don't like it."
Cornelious pondered a moment but shook his head. "Well lets hope it doesn't come to that."
Nye returned only a moment later with a small vile in his hand. "Here." he said. "Give the possesed two spoons of that and they'll be fine."
"Really?" asked Sarthacus. "That's it?"
"Well you could say abracadabera."
"Would that help?"
"No. It would just make you look very stupid."
"Is that everything?"
"YES!" shouted Skylara. She grabbed Sabien's hand. "Let's go. Now."
Cornelious nodded. "Thankyou for your help Nye." he said turning.
Sarthacus didn't move. "Can you seal my name?" he asked quietly.
Skylara gawped at him. "WHAT?! NO! WE'RE LEAVING! NOW! YOU PROMISED!"
"....I didn't exactly promise." he murmered.
Skylara screamed in fury and lunged for him. Sabien and Cornelious held her back. "SARTHACUS BOLT! I'M GOING TO...!"
"Kill him?" giggled Nye. "He's already dead!"
Skylara glared at Nye. "I HATE YOU!" She screamed at Nye and changed targets. Sabien grabbed her around the waist. "We'll be over there." he said whilst dragging her away.
There was a moment of silence.
"Well!" said Nye clapping his hands together. "Shall we begin?"
"There!" Said Nye admiring his handywork. "Perfectly carved symbols!"
Sabien had managed to control Skylara but she had insisted staying over there with him. She didn't want to be anywhere near Nye or Sarthacus at the moment. Sabien had agreed. For everyone's safety.
"Good. Now stitch him back up. Now." Cornelious said glaring at Nye. He felt nothing towards the creature but he didn't like it here. It wasn't right.
"Hmmm....I don't think I will." replied Nye.
"What?" exclaimed Sarthacus. "Stitch me up now!"
"What are you gonna do about it? Your all powerless and your gun is empty. I know an empty gun when I see one." Nye said taking out a gun of his own. "None of you are leaving here. Ever."
Cornelious glared at Nye and then nodded to Skylara and Sabien. The two rushed over and took fighting stances.
Before Nye could react Cornelious punched it in the jaw. It yelped in pain and dropped the gun. Sabien began releasing Sarthacus before he stopped him.
"Hello! I need stitching up!"
Sabien nodded and took up a needle and thread. He placed back Sarthacus's heart and began to stitch him quickly back up. He could get re-stitched properly later. He just needed to move without his inner-organs spilling out.
Skylara was kicking Nye continusly in the head while Cornelious helped Sabien with the stitiching. When Sarthacus was patched up the four of them ran to the exit.
"Not so fast." croaked Nye. Standing up. He had a gun in his hand pointed at Skylara. He pulled the trigger.
Sabien was the first to realise. Quick as a flash he threw himself infront of Skylara. The bullet pierced his flesh and he fell to the ground unconcious.
"SABIEN!" Screamed Skylara.
Sarthacus realised that if they hadn't of stayed they would back safe and sound by now. It was all his fault. A wave of guilt washed over him. He sprinted towards Nye and hit it in the jaw.
"Sarthacus! He's loosing blood! We need to go.Now!"Cornelious shouted helping Skylara pick up the unconcious Sabien.
Sarthacus nodded and ran after them. They found the door and hurried through it landing on a pile of grass.


  1. 1st comment! Beat Dragon and Sarthacus! HA!
    Awesome story! I hope Sabien will be ok. Can't wait for the next part. Will Skylara forgive Sarthacus?


  3. if you would like to incorporate me into this, i would be glad :D

  4. awesome fan-fic btw, and i know its a bit late, but it would be awesome, if i could be added in :D

  5. aww its almost finished alexzz. sorry. but i swear you'll be in the next one im already planning. if you want to be? ;)
    you'll be at the top of my list ;)

  6. Oooh!!! AWSOME!!! Uh oh...Will you please forgive me? Muhaha! I'm more powerful now!!1 If the remnant gets hold of me it will break the walls and I'll be as powerful as Darquesse!!!

    ... That would be bad...