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Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Hello All! or should I one :(

Hi everyone! Currently no one is on the overflow blog, so I am all alone...


ok, enough with that. Anyways, did you all have a good Christmas? I hope so!

Guess what! I got my camera :D and even though i still don't have a clue how to use it i've got a big ol' instruction manual and an even bigger book on photography waiting in my room...

...I'll get started on that in the new year...

Wait...I'm not alone anymore! Someone called Jaffa is on the overflow blog...i don't know who they are but I'm not alone anymore :D Hey Jaffa if your reading this.


Any of you made any new year resolutions? I, have made a list and it is nowhere near done. It includes:

1. Get fit and healthy (never gonna happen but it goes on the list every year)
2. Leave my 'friend group' (I'm waiting for an opportunity...)
3. Do better on the deep, boring stuff in English that I am so bad at.
4. Do better in science, maths and spanish also.
5. Write more stories to become a better writer.
and 6. stop being so stressed out with school all the time. (coz seriously, this christmas break has made me realise just how stressed i am)

And so far, that's it. How bout all you guys? tell me some of your new year's resolutions.

Oh, and i promise to write more fan-fics in the new year...but now....i'm just chillin' and gonna eat lots of junk and watch lots of dvds.

Oh! and hi Kallista! you just came on the blog too!

Peace out guys!

Monday, 20 December 2010


Hi all! Just wanted to take this opportunity to wish you all a very merry christmas! I hope none of you are stuck in any airports or anything if it has snowed where you are, it sounds terrible on the news, all these people spending christmas at the airport.

And I will post more fan-fics soon, deffinatly, ive just been too busy preparing for christmas. making cards, wrapping and buying presents, playing in the MOST SNOW IVE EVER HAD! :D!!!!!!! I SERIOUSLY HAD TO GALLOP IN IT!

The only downside of the snow is that I have seen all the pretty scenes with the snow on the trees and the sun setting and I've been so annoyed that i havent got my camera yet to take pictures of it!

There's the camera i'm getting :) i'm so excited!!!!

What are all of you asking for? I hope you all get it and I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas! And I thank you all for being so kind and such good friends to me this year! I'm so glad that I've been able to meet you all on Derek's blog and have so many laughs and good times and I hope there are many more to come :)

Ok, soppyness over! PARRRTTYYYYYY! WOOPPPPPPP! HAPPY CHRISTMAS! *grooves off with a group of meerkats and possums*

Monday, 13 December 2010

Dimensions part 9 ( another dimension)

Skulduggery grumbled to himself as he turned into Casa De Florence drive. Valkrie had gone off around the world with Fletcher again today- this time to Rio. It was becoming more and more frequent. Skulduggery had solved several cases by himself in the last week and Valkrie had been too busy going off with her boyfriend to help him on any one of them. Although he'd never admit it Skulduggery was feeling a bit neglected...lonely even.
Skulduggery got out of the car and trudged up the stony path. He went to knock on the door but it creaked wide open when his hand touched it just a fraction.
"Hmm..." he said to himself taking his gun out of its holster. It was odd that Florence's door was open and even odder that her dogs hadn't come to greet him. Slowly, he crept forward.
Almost as soon as he’d taken a step Skulduggery heard something clatter in the kitchen. He sprang forward and kicked the door wide open. Inside he saw a boy who looked about nineteen wide-eyed, taking up a fighting stance.
"You have five seconds to tell me who you are before I shoot." Skulduggery said pointing the gun at the boy's chest.
"I'm...I'm Sabien Mist..." stammered the boy.”My girlfriend Skylara said she'd be here....I.."
"Skylara?" Skulduggery asked cocking his head to one side. "As in Skylara Wolfbane?"
"Yeah, she said she and her mates were staying here for a bit and asked me to come over. When I found the place it was like this."
For the first time Skulduggery noticed the condition the kitchen was in. There was blue dust scattered across the floor and several of the windows had been shattered. When he looked down at the dust his whole body went numb. If he had a heart it would be beating a million miles per hour. He knew that the blue dust could only mean one thing...
Gradually, Skulduggery lowered the gun and looked back up at Sabien. "Dimension doorway." he sighed solemnly. "They pop up now and again every few thousand years. They are drawn to magic. There are stories of mages going missing, getting lost in other dimensions."
"But...but you went to another dimension! You got back!"
"After a year of hell!" snarled Skulduggery, his expression suddenly turning dark.
Sabien looked taken back. He'd never met Skulduggery before himself but Skylara had gone on about him so much that Sabien felt like he knew the man rather well. Maybe Skylara hadn’t seen this side of Skulduggery either.
“Yeah but..isn’t there a way to get them back as well?” Sabien asked hesitantly.
Skulduggery’s expression turned softer. “My portal was opened, it didn’t just appear. That’s why I got back, and even then it took time.”
Sabien dropped to his knees and choked out a sob. “So...there’s no way to get them back?”
Skulduggery looked up thoughtfully for a moment. “I don’t know...” he drawled slowly.”But we’re as sure as hell gonna try. Dragona still owes me twenty quid on a bet we had, I’m not gonna let him get away with a silly excuse like ‘oh sorry I was trapped in another dimension.’ A bet’s a bet.”
Despite his mood Sabien chuckled. “What was the bet on?”
“Whether or not he could persuade a barman that he was an American biker from Texas.”
“What happened?”
“Turns out the barman was actually a biker from Texas...we won’t be going there again in a hurry...”
“...Where do you suggest we start by trying to get them back?” Sabien asked suddenly looking desperate and upset again.
“Oh...I have a few ideas...” Skulduggery said mysteriously. “But before we get started I have one thing I need to say.”
“Please put some cologne on or something, I don’t want my car smelling of dog.”
“How did you-?”
“I’m a detective, what did you expect? Come on Sabien, let’s go, walkies!”
Sabien sighed. “Am I going to have to put up with the dog jokes all the time?”
“Try and restrain yourself from putting your head out the window, it draws unwanted attention.” Skulduggery said turning towards the door.

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Dimensions (yeah Alex...i spelt it right) part 8

see alex? are u now pleased with the spelling? hmm? no, its ok ;) i ALWAYS spell things wrong. its my weak point and i am skitted for it all the time by my supposed 'friends'.

Hellyboy, thanks for the advice;)i think ur right, i should move to another group. I did try other group is into what im into...its all make-up and hair and parties with the other groups. But i suppose my group arn't exactly into what im into all the time.... the other day i wrote a poem. They stole it and were very mean about it (including the spelling) So i think i shall try to move to another group........even if they arent into what i am...thanks for the advice though :)

Now...on with the fan-fic! and here it realllllyyyy heats up....kinda.....yeah...

Israel awoke feeling light-headed and woozy. He groaned and tried to prop himself  up so he could take in his surroundings. He was in a dark cell with a green light surrounding it. Opposite his cell, he could just make out Dragona in a cell of his own. He was lying on his back looking up at the celling.
"Don't even bother trying to use magic." he said when he heard Israel stir. "Cells are bound. Green light kinda gives it away."
"Where's Kallista and Skylara?" Israel asked.
A groan to his left signalled that someone was also occupying the cell beside him. "Hello?" shouted Kallista's voice.
"We're here!" Dragona shouted back. "Are you ok? Can you see Skylara anywhere?"
Kallista shook her head to wake herself up. She crawled to the front of her cage and squinted in the darkness.
"I'm fine and no, I can't...wait..." Kallista saw in the cell opposite, a grey wolf with green eyes watching her silently. She had a bandage wrapped tightly around her torso and one of her front paws was badly swollen. When she realised that Kallista was awake, she limped forward and wagged her tail vigorously.
"Skylara!" laughed Kallista, glad to see that her friend was still alive. "Wait..why am I the only one with a green glowish thinggy around my cell?"
"We have it too!" shouted Dragona's voice from her top right. "Why? Hasn't Skylara?"
"That's weird..." mumbled Israel. "It's what bounds our cells..."
"That means Skylara can still do magic!" exclaimed Kallista. "Skylara! Quick, change back and get us the hell out of here!"
Skylara's eyes filled with sadness and she whinned unhappily.
"What's wrong?" Kallista asked. "Can't...can't you change?"
Skylara shook her head and howled mournfully.
"Aww! You poor thing!" Kallista gasped. "Was it something they gave you?"
Skylara didn't reply suggesting that she didn't know.
"What's up?" called Israel.
"Skylara can't change. She's stuck in wolf form." Kallista shouted back. "Do you guys know where the hell we ar-?" A loud creak cut Kallista off. Nearing footsteps could be heard in the distance. Dragona sat up to see Skulduggery and three white clevers looking down at him.
"Ahh! I see that our guests have awoken!" he said happily. "Dragona, I hope you slept well."
Dragona spat through the bars at him. "Go to hell." he sneered.
"...Charming." murmered Skulduggery who then turned to Israel. "I hope your above all that Israel, and that you are, at least willing to greet me in a civil manner?"
"Piss off!" Israel snarled viciously.
"My,my, we're all feeling a little tetchy today." he grumbled walking further down the cells. "Oh look! If it isn't the pet dog! If your polite you might just get a treat! Good girl! Sit!" he jeered.
Skylara growled angrily, baring her teeth and just daring him to come closer.
"Leave her alone!" Kallista shouted.
"Oh Kallista, you didn't think that I'd forgotten you did you?" Skulduggery purred, walking towards her cell.
"That's right..." she muttered. "One more step and you'll be close enough for me to kick your boney-ass!"
Skulduggery chuckled. "Kallista, I'd like to see you try. sadly, we just haven't got the time..."
Skulduggery clicked his fingers and the three white clevers moved towards the cells. "Grab them, I'll get the mutt."
The clevers moved forwards and unlocked the cells. Then they moved forward to cuff Israel, Dragona and Kallista. They put up a good fight but they were no match for the clevers superior strength without magic to help them. Skylara limped forward and snapped at Skulduggery's heels. Skulduggery sighed and kicked her in the ribs where he had shot her earlier and she yelped in pain and fell back. He bent down to put a metal chain around her neak but Skylara was determined and dived for his hands. He hissed in anger when she bit him and smacked her hard across the face making her fall unconcious.
"I'll need a muzzle for her when she wakes up." he said to the clever cuffing Kallista as he picked Skylara up. "I never did like dogs."
"Why?" laughed Dragona. "Do dogs always chew on your bones?"
Israel chuckled quietly. "Couldn't you just imagine him running down the street being chased by hungry dogs?"
"I'm considering whether or not to muzzle you two aswell!" growled Skulduggery.
"So your saying that we should just set a bunch of dogs on him the next time we have a battle?" Kallista asked joining in.
"Exactly." Dragona replied, loving how tense Skulduggery now looked.
"Let's go..." Skulduggery muttered to the clever,sounding irritated. "She's waiting."

They arrived at a huge marbel room. The pillars were jet black and the rest of the room was still pretty dark cloured. It was stunning though, like a gothic mansion. But it also felt cold and unwelcoming, like death itself was lurking in the room. At the back of the room was a large throne which seemed to be made of thin black branches. A dark figure wad sitting upon it, dressed in a long purple dress which curled around her.
"My lady...." Skulduggery said bowing lowly.
"These must be our guests," said a vaguly familiar voice. "Allow me to introduce myself..." she said moving into the light making them all gasp in shock. "I am Lady Darquesse, Queen of...well,everything."

Saturday, 27 November 2010

Dimentions part 7!

here it is...finally... its a bit short but the next part will be nice and long ;) the next part is where it all kicks off...

"So...anyone got any idea where to start." sighed Sarthacus as they trudged along the path.
"I think we should start to try and find out a bit more about this dimention before we try and escape it." said Aquila thoughtfully.
"I agree..." mumbled Necros to whom everyone listened too as he knew the most about dimentions. "We should see what we're in for here, then we might be able to figure out who can help us...."
Everyone looked around at Nicolette as they heard a bleeping. "Oh...opps." she said apologeticaly. "It's my i-phone." She looked down to cheak her texts. "You have done well. Lead them to the old sanctuary. I shall send some of the others to meet u there. U will be rewarded greatly...Misstress will remember ur loyalty...." Dark Nicolette smiled to herself. "Fools." she thought. "This will be so easy..."
"Who was it from Nicolette?" asked Sarthacus, turning to look at Nicolette's phone.
"Oh, just Flo telling me that they still haven't got anything out of Bone..." she said, quickly shoving the phone back in her pocket. "Hey, why don't we cheak out the Sanctury? There's a good place to start!"

Sarthacus eyed Nicolette up suspiciously but said nothing. "Yeah, what do you guys think?" he said to Aquila and Necros.
"It's as good a place as any..." mumbled Necros. "Let's go!"
Nicolette chuckled quietly as the others lead the way. It was just too easy....

Sorry that bit was a bit boring. BUT the next bit is where it really gets exciting! might post it tomorrow if i have time! BYE!

erm...i lied AND ALSO EPIC STORYYYYYY! know i sed the next post would be fan-fic....i lied....sorry. BUT the next post most deffinatly will! and it might even be later 2night!


Me and my 'friends' were sitting down at lunch and eating. Most of the lunch hall was empty exept for us and a few teachers at it was nearly time for last lesson. One girl always steals my stuff, so that day, when i wasnt looking, she stole my lunch box and passed it under the table to the others. Then i saw a boy run off with it. so, naturely i ran after him. the teachers (luckily ones who know all of my 'group' told him to give it back. reluctantly, he did so.

BUT as i returned to my place, i found everything else was gone. even the box of fruit i was eating. so i looked at everyone laughing at me and i looked under the table. about 17 of them were all passing it under the table to eachother. i struggled to get it back for a few minutes but failed miserably.

THEN A BOY RAN OFF WITH MY PANDA HAT! that was the final straw......

i looked around to see a girl eating MY box of fruit so i snatched the fork off her, grabbed the boy with the panda hat and said "Ok! everyone give it all back now or i kill him."

They all said "DO IT! DO IT!" and laughed at my red face(my face is almost always red,sadly). id forgotten that no one really liked him.

So i let him go, and said " have until the count of three to give everything back. 1...2...3."

None of them moved. so i sighed, and grabbed a girl (who i dislike rather a lot as she said she wanted me to die behind my back) around the neck and pointed the fork at her neak.
"Give it all back. Or she gets it." i said calmly.

They all went deadly silent but then they all laughed and then i felt a hand on my shoulder.
"Put...the fork down..." said one of the three teachers surrounding me. everyone was crying with laughter at this point exept for the girl who i had around the neak.
feebily i gave the tacher the fork and spluttered for a moment. "they...they took my stuff...." i said weakly. and then i burst out laughing. everyone else was too. Luckily the teachers knew me and knew how good i am in class so they just rolled their eyes and told everyone to give the stuff back.

after about five minutes i had everything back exept the half eaten box of fruit. the tachers told everyone to stand up. everyone did, exept a boy who likes to annoy me ALOT calle alastair.

"alastair!" said my maths teacher. "what have you done."

alastair chuckled to himself and slowly stood up. below his shirt, was my box of fruit.

miss took it and turned to me.
" not sure if you want this..." she said sympatheticly.
"Just put it in the bag..." i said struggling not to laugh.

in spanish my maths teacher came in and everyone said she was gonna take me to anger managerment. luckily, she didnt, coz im one of her favs. BUT if it had been different teachers there i could have been suspended. also my history teacher honestly looked like she thought i was a little insane.


And my story.

Thursday, 25 November 2010

A verrryy quick post

Ok...i have five minutes before im a celeb comes back on so i shall be VERY BRIEF!

1st of all: FLO! UR BACK! Thank the lord! Now dragona can finally stop going on about u! He was driving us all insane.

2nd of all:  To all of u americans HAPPY THANKSGIVING! To everyone else....HAPPY NORMAL DAY!

3rd of all: Im seeing harry potter tomorrow and i MIGHT post the next part of my fan-fic if your all very lucky.

4th: Where the hell are you? I come back on and you all leave! *sniffs self* do i smell funny or sumfin? do u guys all have computers with smell sence? I just had a shower....


6th: Nicolette, i heard somethings up? r u ok?

errrm....think thats it....


Sunday, 21 November 2010

drawings, possums and chimney sweeps

Just a little post.

1st thing: YAY darkane, i hope u do get your fingerless gloves. im asking for some expensive horse-riding gloves but i went with my dad to get them so i know i am getting them :D
2nd: Kallista, a mirror reflection would be soooo awesome!!!!!!!!! i want one too! *hopefully science will move on that far before christmas! fingers crossed!*

3rd: ALEX!!!!! THANKYOU SOOOO MUCH I WOULD BE HONORED IF YOU DREW SKYLARA FOR ME!!!!!!!! I WOULD LOVE IT!!! THANKYOUUUUU! and awwww i hope you experiance happiness soon! *gives alex a large possum* his name is Sammy and i hope he brings you joy.

...aww what the hell possums for all! *gets possum canon and shoots possums at everyone.*

....did i remember to give them their booster shots?

...*sees rabid possums and everyone screaming and shuffles away.*

oh i know another thing i want for christmas, NO HOMEWORK! i think i shall put on a cute little chimney sweep's costume and beg my teachers for no homework. "Please sir, i beg you for no homework. T'is christmas afterall!" *puppy dog eyes*

sorry guys, must dash, homework is a'callin.
happy early christmas to all! and i hope you all get what you want. Oh and that the rabid possums don't kill you while im away....:S

Saturday, 20 November 2010

Just a Little post about some stuff.

Hello all!

First of all i would just like to wish DRAGONA PINE A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Happy birthday Dragona, if any of you want to leave dragona a birthday message i suggest you go to kallista's blog where she has a whole post dedicated to him. or, of course you could do the same as me and post something on ur own blog :)

Second of all...i have just reccived some very sad news......HELLBOY'S BROTHER ISNT GOING TO DO MY DRAWING!!!!!

ALSO HE'S NOT GOING TO DO SARTHACUS'S, DARKANE'S, AQUILA'S OR NICOLETTE'S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so, as you can tell i am deeply upset by this BUT i do understand. Louis had loads of homework and exams so he has no time to draw them. Hellboy, if your reading this then please wish louis good luck from me on his exams and also that i'd STILL better have a part in your story or....there are gonna be consequences.

so has anyone got any reccomendations for artists who would just love to draw skylara for me? Maybe someone who takes in chzracter descriptions and trys to draw them? any suggestions would be a big help as i REALLYYY want a drawing of Skylara and:

A. I can't draw

B. I'm not going to ask the 3 people in my 'group' who actually can draw becuase two of them said behind my back that they want me to go and kill myself and the other is a spoilt, arty, girly,perfect superstar who has a mean attitude.

C. I don't know anyone in my family who can draw or who would be willing too.

so yeah, any help would be appriciated.

Also i am feeling kinda ill (got a cold) but im also feeling kinda festive today! so  i would like too know what all of YOU guys are asking for for christmas. Not your whole list (ovs) but just some of the main things your gonna ask for.

I'll start:  I'm asking for a realllyy cool profesional camera so i can get into photography and take loads of pictures of wildlife :D it's gonna be my first camera but its also a really expensive cool one so im VERY excited.

Finally, I shall post some more of my fan-fic soon but for me (as im sure is is for you) im piled full of homework. im sure you all are. For some reason this year the teachers are clamping down hard and the stress is getting to me. I got 98% on a history test (and im not that good at history) and a really rubbish mark on my english (my best subject) so my world's kinda turning upside down.

so im not sure how long it will be, but dont worry, ill still be on dereks blog and reading your fan-fics! i'm a little addicted to be honest ;)

peeaceee outtt!

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

SHERLOCK FAN-FIC: It's how you play the game.

hope you guys like it, its for a competition im entering and it has to be under 1,000 words so sadly its a little bit rough and some of it might not make perfect sense. BUT i hope you guys enjoy it anyway :D

And I don't know if any of you have seen it, but this is based on the modern sherlock which is a tv series on the BBC. The one with benedict cumberbatch (what a name) as Sherlock and martin freeman and John. It's become my other obsession apart from skulduggery and i just had to enter the competition.

enjoy..i hope :S and please give me your honest opinion of the story (dont worry, i dont mind critasism), thanks :)

sorry, one last note- if you've never heard of the board game cluedo then i dont think you'll get the story...

It’s how you play the game
John walked in to find Sherlock in the corner of the room standing on his head. Now, John was quite used to Sherlock’s unusual behaviour but this was beyond his usual abnormality.
“Err…Sherlock,” John started. “Why are you standing on your head?”
“I’m bored.” he replied calmly.
“Oh, well I’ve got something that might cheer you up. Mycroft call-“
“No.” interrupted Sherlock.
“But you just said you wer-“
“No. “
“But you haven’t even-“
“No. Anything to do with Mycroft is a complete waste of time.” He groaned.
“Oh, and standing on your head isn’t?”
Sherlock glared at him and got up to dust himself off. “Any case that Mycroft gives me is mind-numbingly dull. I could solve them in my sleep.”
“You never know, this one could be different.” John handed him the file. Sherlock flicked it open and glanced briefly at the pages. After a minute or two he closed the file and looked at John.
“It’s a murder?” he said trying not to sound interested.
“Well,” Sherlock said stretching. “I could have a brief look but I’m telling you it’s going to be just too easy.”
They arrived at a large Tudor mansion surrounded by deformed trees of every shape and size. The trees towered over the mansion giving it a dark and overall more sinister look.
“Well, this looks homely.” muttered Sherlock as they rang the doorbell. The door was opened by a small, elderly woman in a maid’s outfit.
“Oh, you must be the detectives.” She said smiling sadly at them. “You’d better come in.”
The maid led them through to the lounge where they found a man who looked to be in his late thirties dressed in a police uniform.
“Oh, how do you do?” he said in a gruff voice. “I’m Sergeant Jefferson and I’ve been sent here to help.”
Sherlock sighed. “I don’t need help, when will my brother get that into that thick skull of his?”
John coughed from behind him.
“Oh…err, I me WE don’t need any help…Anyway Sergeant, can you fill us in?”
Jefferson stood up a little straighter when Sherlock addressed him, almost as if he was trying to look a bit more useful.
“Well, Mr. Bane’s body was found at the bottom of the stairs last night by Mrs. Wills; however we believe that he may have been moved there from a different room. I found no evidence of a break-in and have concluded that the only possible suspects were those within the house at the time.”
John couldn’t shake the feeling that something here felt familiar. Not in the sense that he’d been here before but….
“May we see the suspects?” asked Sherlock interrupting John’s thoughts.
Jefferson led them through to the conservatory where six people were waiting for them. One was the maid but the others were unfamiliar.
“May I introduce you to Professor Peach, Colonel Carlton, Miss. Starlet, Reverend Wilson, Miss. Peters and you’ve already met Mrs. Wills.” Jefferson said, indicating to each as he said their names.
John gawped at them. Then he started to chuckle quietly.
“You’re having a laugh!” he exclaimed.
“John, what are you talking about?” Sherlock asked.
“Professor Peach?! Miss. Starlet?! Come on Sherlock, you must see it too? I thought cluedo would be right up your street!”
“John, I’m afraid I have no idea what you are talking about.” Sherlock replied.
“Cluedo Sherlock! The board game? You must have played it as a kid!”
“I never played board games as a child; I had much more important things to do.”
John looked hopefully at Jefferson.
“Sorry,” he said. “I was more of a sports lad.”
“Jefferson,” Sherlock said while John stared at them in disbelief. “May we examine the body?”
Sherlock looked down at the body of Mr. Bane. Even just by glancing at the body he knew that this murderer had been messy. There were clues everywhere.
“God I hate the stupid murderers.” He muttered angrily. “Why can’t they make things more exciting?”
“Sherlock, it’s a murder. “ John sighed. “People don’t usually describe it as…exciting.”
Sherlock wasn’t listening. He looked down at Mr. Bane’s head. There was a large dent in it but also there seemed to be some blue chalk.
“I wonder…”
  Sherlock strode over to the bookcase and scanned along until he found what he was looking for. He looked over the cover and smiled to himself.
“Done.” He said walking back towards the conservatory.
“W-what?” John stammered. “You’ve only been in here two minutes.”
“More than enough time.” He shouted back.
“Are you done?” Jefferson asked sounding surprised.
“Yes, now can we hurry this along, I’ve wasted enough time on this case already.” Sherlock groaned.
 “Wait, don’t tell me.” John said grinning. “It was Professor Peach, in the library, with the candlestick!”
 “How dare you!” Professor Peach boomed.
“Well done John!” Sherlock said patting him on the back.
“What? I was right?”
“No. Completely wrong. Anyway, the murderer must have been playing billiards with Mr. Bane in the billiard room. I know this because of the blue chalk I saw on his head. When the murderer touched the weapon they left a blue smudge on it. I have this weapon here with me now.” He said, holding up a large book.
“The bible?” gasped Jefferson.
“Reverend, if you’re as stupid as I suspect you won’t have changed your gloves. Hold out your hands.”
Reluctantly the Reverend held out his hands. Everyone gasped as they saw blue chalk on them.
“Arrest him.” Sherlock sighed.
“But why Reverend?” asked the colonel.
“Oh who cares?” Sherlock groaned turning towards the door. “Something stupid like that he wanted his money, all you idiot criminals are the same.” And with that he walked out.
“Ok,” admitted John when they’d reached the car. “You were right, it was a boring case. Well for you anyway.”
“John,” Sherlock said looking him in the eye. “You must have learnt by now that I am always right.”        

Sunday, 14 November 2010

dimentions part six!

first of all, i just have to say..HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO KALLISTA!!!!!!

ahem, secondly, i shall post my SHERLOCK FAN-FIC in 3days!!! i hope your all excitedddddd! seriously, please coz no one else is *sniffles*

and now, ON WITH THE FAN-FIC!!!

Leo, Florence and Bridget looked down at Bone. It had been three hours now since the others had left and Bone still hadn't woken up.
"Shall we do something?" Leo asked the others.
" I vote we hit her over the head. Preferably with something hard." Bridget suggested cracking her knuckles loudly.
"No, the shock might kill her. She already looks half dead." murmered Flo.
"Well thats what happens when you mess with me." growled Bridget.
Just then Lillivale walked into the room with a large red bucket. He sighed and threw it over Bone. Her eyes opened wide and she coughed and spluttered, gasping for air.
"You emptied out the bucket before you used it?" asked Florence.
" It was already filled up with something." replied Lillivale looking worried. "Why?"
Florence smacked her forhead. "That bucket was filled with horse pee. Do you know how long it take to get a litre and a half of horse pee?"
"Horse pee?" mumbled  Leo looking confussed.
"Don't ask..." muttered Florence. "Anyway she's awake and that's what matters."
Bone seemed to have reccovered and looked up at the four of them. "Horse pee?!" she cried. "This top cost a bomb! How the bloody hell am I gonna get horse pee out?"
"That's the least of your worrys." snarled Bridget lifting up Bone and slamming her down on a nearby chair making Bone's vision blur.
"Who's your leader?" asked Leo trying his best to sound as tough as possible.
Bone chuckled dryly. "Why the hell would I tell you?"
Bridget had a very short patience and couldn't stand Bone's snarky attitude any longer. She slapped her across the face, grabbed her left arm and twisted it hard causing Bone to cry out in pain.
"Because if you don't tell us I'll twist your arm off and I'll tell Lillivale here to turn into a werewolf and knaw your face off!" she hissed.
"I'm a shapeshifter, not a savage." mummered Lillivale tucking a lock of hair behind his ear.
"Not helping." whispered Florence while Bridget glared at him.
"Do your worst!" gasped Bone, trying her best to disguise the pain in her voice. Bridget nodded to herself and began to twist harder. Just then they heard a groan from down bellow.
"Dark Nicolette!" remembered Leo running towards the steps to the basement. He opened the door to see Nicolette lying in a pool of her own blood. Her left leg was sticking out at an akward angle and there was a huge gaping wound in her chest. But the worst thing of all was that her own name had been carved deep into her stomach. A Leo looked upon the scene before him in horror and he came to the realisation that that was not dark Nicolette down there. The Nicolette he knew would never do anything as cruel and as mocking as that.
"It's not Dark Nicolette down there!" he called to the others. "It's good Nicolette and she's in bad shape!"
He heard quick footsteps from behind him. "How do you know...." Lillivale stopped when he saw Nicolette. "Oh god..." he said quietly rushing forward to help Leo with Nicolette.
When they'd brought Nicolette up Florence gasped in horror and even Bridget looked a little shocked.
Bone cackled when she saw Nicolette. "The game, is on." She croaked before slipping into unconciousness.
The four of them looked at eachother in worry. "Yes it certainly is." whispered Florence.

Friday, 12 November 2010

dimentions part 5 and....something else..comming sooooooon!

woop look at me im posting slightly more often!
do u know why? its coz im skipping all my homework! yay, im gonna fail in all my exams! nah, not really ill do it all tomorrow. boy, i love saturdays!

i had a nosebleed today...and a banana. sadly i got kicked out the library for eating and kicked out of spanish for bleeding....

Anyway before i continue with the story i have another thing im gonna post...

BUT, not for 6 days!! So you have to wait a while for that, and its not the old sherlock, ohhhhh no. As most of you may know i am obsessed with yet another witty detective, thats right its not just skulduggery anymore. Its the new Sherlock on BBC 1 thats all modern and stuff. Sadly its not on for another year so im just gonna have to wait. Just like we all have to wait for Skulduggery. Man, waiting sucks.

So in 6 days i shall post it, right here, on this blog.

But for now..i give you...DIMENTIONS PART FIVE *dramatic swoosh!*

Skylara, Israel, Kallista and Dragona gathered around the fire they had made and warmed their hands upon it's open flames. They'd been following Sabien and Tanith for several hours now and they'd desided that it was high time they had a rest. They'd made camp in a forest several miles from Casa de Florence.

" was fun! We went to an alternate dimention, got kicked around a bit and now we are here, freezing too death! Good times, good times!" Skylara said sarcastically.
" least we have the fire!" Kallista said cheerfully.
"NO-!" shouted Israel but it was too late. The heavens had opened and the fire sizzled and faded out.
Israel sighed. "Have you learnt nothing from the movies?" he grumbled hugging his brown jacket tighter around him.
"Oh...sorry. I was just....." Kallista said looking ashamed.
"Don't worry Kallista." Dragona grinning at her. "It's easily fixed." Dragona pushed his hands up to make a tight wall of air above their heads, stopping the rain from falling upon them. Then he clicked his fingers,quickly dried the firewood. Kallista laughed happily, clicked her own fingers and re-lit the flame.
"Show offs." muttered Israel only making Kallista laugh harder.
"Anyone got any food?" asked Dragona looking down at his growling stomach. They hadn't eaten in hours.
Skylara's head whipped around and her ears seemed to prick up. "I could go hunting." she said, her eyes twinkling brightly.
"Fine, but I don't want any dog slobber on my food." Dragona muttered making Skylara thump him in the arm. She turned into a wolf, yelped exitedly and rushed off deeper into the forest.
"I wonder why she chose a wolf as her main form..." muttered Kallista.
"Well maybe the name Skylara Wolfbane gives it away. Also there's fact that her boyfriend is a werewolf! She obviously has a thing about wolves." replied Israel.
"My main form would be a dragon!" said Dragona eagerly.
"Mine would be a panther!" Kallista said.
"Mine would be a platypus!" shouted Israel. An akward silence fell.
"What?It was a joke guys!God!" exclaimed Israel. The others looked at eachother and then back at Israel.
"So...." Kallista said breaking the silence after a moment or two. "What do you think of this dimention?"
"I think it's a bloody nightmare," mumbled Israel angrily. "Still, it would be kinda cool to meet another me."
"I agree." Dragona said noding thoughtfully. "It would be such an epic battle and the most exillerating fight ever if I got to fight myself. Basically coz I couldn't lose either way!"
"Well, actually if the dark you won then technically you would kinda lose." admitted Kallista.
"Dark me?"
"Yeah, I think that's what we should call them. Like Dark Dragona and Dark Kallista."
"Yeah, it fits..." agreed Israel. "I like it..."

A loud bang could be heard from in the distance. Then the desprate howl echoed around them.
"Skylara..." whispered Israel. They all ran into the direction of the howling which had now become more of a wail. They came to a clearing and there in the middle they saw a silver shaped slumped on the ground that had to be Skylara. There was a large gaping wound on her left side and she wasn't moving.
"Skylara!" gasped Kallista running to her side. She cheaked her pulse and sighed in relief. It was faint but at least it was there.
"She's fading fast. If we don't get her some medical attention soon then..." Kallista didn't finish.
Israel scanned the clearing, trying to suceed in the impossible task of pointing his gun in every direction possible.
"Someone's still here..." he said quietly, his eyes darting around the thick forest. "Watching and waiting...."
"Oh, you mean someone like me?" a familiar voice said from behind him. The three of them darted around to see Skulduggery Pleasant standing before them, his arms folded and his head cocked slightly the left.
Behind him, at least a dozen clevers stood, ready to attack. But something was different about them...they were all white.
"Skulduggery, how nice too see you again!" Dragona said casually. "Didn't you here that there are some freaks from another dimention wandering about! The bloody cheak! We should so kick their asses, I heard from Nicolette that they were heading East!"
"Don't play that game with me Dragona." chuckled Skulduggery almost mockingly. "I spoke to the other Dragona moments ago on the phone."
"Oh.....well that plan failed..." muttered Dragona.
"Cuff them, grab the wolf and let's go," Skulduggery said waving his hand towards them. "The Queen said she wanted us to bring them straight to her so I suggest you do as she says unless you want to end up like the last people who upset her."
Imediately the clevers moved forward. They kicked and punched but they were too outnumbered. It was no use.
"Dragona, grab Skylara and let's get out of here!" shouted Israel as the three of them backed away.
Skulduggery tutted at them. "Seriously? I really did expect more of a fight from you Israel, I know how you love a challange. Oh well....night,night."
Before any of them could react Skulduggery drew a small silver ball from his pocket, pressed a button and threw it at them. They fell to the ground coughing and splutterling. The world started spinning and then they blacked out....

Monday, 8 November 2010

Dimentions (part 4)

I'm ill. Well, not as ill as yesterday but still ill.

I'm off school today *yipee!* but im home alone *dun,dun dunnnnnnn...* so now i carry my horse riding whip around the house with me. I heard a rustle earlier and squealed but it was just my cats. I let my imagination run away with me, its both fun and terrifying.
Yesterday i just felt all achy so i thought horse-riding would loosen me up...sadly i fell off the horse when it stopped in front of a jump so i felt even worse. But dont worry, the rock hard jumping poles cushioned my fall.
So I FINALLY have some time to do my fan-fic :D then i might just watch a repeat of sherlock and just chill. Now i finally have the TV and computer all to myself so alone.

on with the fan-fic!

Kallista had drawn her sword before Tanith had even taken a single step towards them. She slashed at her wildly causing Tanith to retreat. The Nicolettes snarled in union and flung themselves at eachother. The went toppling down the stairs into the basement but their angry growls could still be heard from far below. Sabien rushed to the curtains and flung them open. He basked in the moonlight for a moment and then he fell to the floor, gasping and crying out in pain. Moments later Sabien was gone, and a huge brown werewolf stood in his place. Sabien ran foward and lashed out onto Dragona.
"Skylara, care to get your boyfriend off of me?" he asked just about holding Sabien back.
"Sorry Sabien but it has to be done." she sighed as she turned into a bright silver werewolf and pounced upon him.
Bone and Bridget were moving so fast that everyone else only caught the odd glimpse of them.
"I'm gonna kill you." Bone sneered at Bridget.
"In your dreams honey!" Bridget snapped back.

Everyone else just stood there in shock.
"What....the hell just happened?" Israel asked gawping at the scene before him.
".....Am I dreaming?" Sarthacus asked. "Coz if I am where the hell is my pet dragon and my giant pot of gold?"
"No, your not dreaming although I wish you were." sighed Necros.
"Do you know how we can get back?" Leo asked Necros.
"Every dimention is different, it's gonna take me a while." Necros replied rubbing his temples.
"Well the sooner the better," Florence said piping up. "I don't like this dimention, not one bit."
"Me neither," Aquila said quietly. "and I haven't even met the other me yet."

They turned as they heard Bridget let out an almighty grunt and flung Bone across the room and into the wall. Bone, didn't get up.
"Well, that was fun." Bridget said wiping her hands on her jeans.
"You didn't kill her did you?" Necros asked his expression darkening.
"Erm, don't think so why?" she replied.
"I'm not sure whether killing someone in this dimetion effects our one." he said quietly.
Bridget's eyes widened and she ran back over to Bone. Relief spread across her face when she cheaked Bone's pulse. It was still there.
Skylara was kicking Sabien's ass. Knowing that she was stronger than him, Sabien scanned the room for another unsuspecting target. Then he spotted Aquila, once again in cat form licking her paws clean. Sabien growled happily and bounded towards her. Aquila was oblivious but luckily Lillivale and Skylara had noticed. Skylara leap across the room and guarded Aquila deffensivly, growling, daring Sabien to come closer. Lillivale turned into a lion and roared ferociously at Sabien. Sabien yelped as Lillivale swiped at his tail and Skylara nipped at his heels and he burst out of the window running for the hills.
"Thanks guys," Aquila said as the three of them turned back to human form. "I didn't see him comming."
"No probs Aquila. Not bad Skylara." Lillivale said sounding impressed.
"Not too bad yourself." she said grinning back.
Kallista punched Tanith in the stomach making her double over in pain. Then she grabbed Tanith by the ear, led her to the smashed window and kicked her out of it.
"And stay out!" she shouted as Tanith fell below.
"Where's Nicolette?" asked Leo once everyone had caught their breath.
"Here," Nicolette said emerging from the basement. "Man that other me gets on my nerves!"
"We need a plan of action." said Israel taking charge.
"I agree." Necros said sitting down. "I think we should split up. One group should try and figure out how to get out of this dimention, another should follow Sabien and Tanith and the last should stay here and question Bone when she wakes up."
"Good idea," Israel said nodding slowly. "Ok, so Aquila, Necros, Nicolette and Sarthacus should go and try to figure out how to get out of this hell hole, Florence, Leo, Bridget and Lillivale, you guys stay here and question Bone while me, Skylara, Kallista and Dragona go and follow Sabien and Tanith. Got that?"
Everyone nodded in agreement exept for Leo who paused.
"Wait, how are we going to tell who are the good us or the bad us...if you get what I mean?" he said thoughtfully.
" We should have a code or something." suggested Florence.
"Too easy," muttered Necros. "they'd figure it out as soon as they heard us say it."
Dragona clicked his fingers. "Got it! We all wear something that shows we are the good side."
"'s not perfect but it might work." sighed Israel.
"I've got something!" Kallista squeaked in excitement. "Florence could you get me some string?"
Moments later everyone was wearing a  tiny turquoise bead on some string around their wrists.
"My bracelet snapped a few months ago." Kallista explained. "I forgot that the beads were still in my pocket until now."
"Great, let's go!" Said Israel.
When the ones who were leaving had gotten outside Nicolette paused.
"Nicolette, arn't you comming?" Sarthacus asked.
"I'll catch up in a minute." she replied. "I  think there's a stone in my shoe."
Sarthacus shrugged and turned away. Nicolette smiled to herself,got out her phone and started to text.
"Intruders from other dimention are here. Shall keep u updated master, tell mistriss I shall lead them 2 u soon." She sent it and chuckled to herself. Then she followed Sarthacus down the path.
Little did anyone but her know, that at the bottom of the basement, the real Nicolette lay bleeding and unconcious.

Friday, 22 October 2010

sorry, kinda random i know. i shall continue with my fan-fic in a while

sorry, i know this isnt my fan-fic but i shall continue with it in a bit!
i just wanna say two small things.
1. does anyone have any ideas for small but cool christmas gifts? you guys are the randomist people i know so i figured id ask you. see im getting a camera for chrsitmas but i also want some small cheaper random things to go with it. for example im asking for a sound mashine with random cartoon noices (always comes in handy) and a gun that shoots foam balls at people. pleassee help.

2. also on the same subject, has anyone cheaked out I LOVE THAT SITE! thats where i get most of my random christmas ideas from. theres like...EVERYTHING.
theres an emergency clown nose kit (thats right im thinking of u florence)
a giant gummybear!
anti-gravity radio controlled cars.
also it delivers to the UK unlike msot cool random things that are just in america!

i shall continue with fan-fic later but for now BYEEEEEE! :D

Thursday, 21 October 2010

dimentions-part 3 (FINALLY:D)

Today is a good day. Its half term at school,im gonna write a new fan-fic and im having pizza for tea!!!!! yay!woots! anyways, on with the fan-fic!

They arrived exactly where they had been. Standing in an identical kitchen, exactly where they had been standing. The only differerance was that the glowing blue light was gone.
"....Well." Sathacus said slowly. "That was an adventure."
"Wanna a rematch of ping-pong Israel? I'm sure I can beat you this time!" asked Dragona.
Israel grinned mischiviously. "Race ya!"
"Wait!" shouted Necros. "Something's not right."
"What?" Nicolette asked.
"....I'm not sure." he muttered. "Just...something."
"I feel something too." Leo mumbled quietly.
"Can you hear that?" whispered Florence. The others strained to hear. There was the quiet murmer of the TV comming from the livng room.
"But....we turned all the TVs off." Dragona said looking at the others in confusion.
Slowly, they crept into the living room. Aquila shapeshifted into a cat, Skylara into a wolf and Lillivale into a snow leopad. The others drew their weapons as silently as a ninja and crowded around the closed door. Kallista mouthed a countdown and on zero she kicked the door open.
They looked around the room.
"Bone?" spluttered Bridget as she saw her cousin lounging on a green sofa.
"Tanith!" exclaimed Dragona.
"Sabien?" gasped Skylara turning back to human form as she saw her boyfriend standing by the lampshade.
"Nicolette?" shouted Sarthacus.
"Um...yeah Sathacus I'm right nex to you!" sighed Nicolette.
"But...but.....but....your over there aswell!"
"What?" Sure enough Nicolette saw plain as day that she was standing (looking quite shocked) by the fireplace. Nicolette blinked at her double-ganger in disbelief.
"Bone!" laughed Bridget not noticing that there were two Nicolettes in the room. She walked over to greet her cousin. "It's so good too...." before she could finish Bone punched her in the face. Bridget staggered back in shock.
"Why the hell did you do that?" asked Sabien.
"That's not Bridget. That's not any of them." she snarled.
Everyone looked around in confussion exept for Necros. He seemed to have gone quite still.
"Alternate Dimention." he wispered to Lillivale.
"What?" laughed Lillivale.
"Just watch..." he muttered.
"HEY! BONE! WHAT'S YOUR PROBLEM?" shouted Bridget aggressivly. She hating getting punched. She was normally the one who did the punching.
Bone glared at her. "My problem?" she asked. "My problem is that yout not my cousin! Your too nice!"
"No I'm not!" shouted Bridget. "I love a good fight and I'm hardly ever friendly! Ask anyone!"
"Shut up bitch!" shouted the Nicolette standing by the fireplace.
"Escuse me?" gasped the other Nicolette. "I'm sorry but can someone tell me what the bloody hell is going on."
"I can." sighed Necros. "Alternate dimention. I read up on this after I got back from a differant one."
"When you say what way do you mean?" asked Israel.
"Well judging by the other Nicolette and Bone's behaviour I'm guessing a bad one."
"So......what's happening again?" Tanith asked standing up.
"I'm guessing these punks are from another dimention and are looking for a little fun." laughed Sabien.
"What? Sabien? What the hell's got into you?" exclaimed Skylara. "Your ment to be visiting your uncle Steve!"
"I killed my uncle Steve!" he chuckled. "Silly git."
"And now we're gonna kill you!" snarled Tanith as she lept forward.

Sorry this one wasnt very good and a little confuzzling but hopefully the next one shall be a bit better :D

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

I believe some apologies are needed...

hi all!
i believe some apologies are needed.
first of all SO SORRY I HAVENT DONE THE NEXT PART OF FAN-FIC! no joke i am O_V_E_R_L_O_A_D_E_D with homework!
those of you in year nine may agree with me that suddenly the homework goes right up! it is rather a shock to the system.

JUST to get part 2 done i stayed up till 1.30am. it was a friday though so i was ok.

also you all may have noticed i havent really commented on all your fan-fics in a while. honest answer. its coz i havent read them. IM SOOOOO SOOOOORYYYYYYYYY! its for the same reason.

D. .....EAT LOADS OF COOKIES! (that ones for my benefit btw)


that is all.


...that is all. offically.

Friday, 8 October 2010

dimentions-part 2

First of all this bit may ay not be very good. I've had a hard week. and today to top it all off  i went to the library and a girl had my chemical romance on so loud through her headphones i almost screamed, my sister turned into tiny tim/scroge for her acting skills and my father went on about sheds,maths and my education until half eleven at night!
it is now almost 12.00am. i am hoping this shall calm me down.....i hope.

Lillivale hissed in pain as Nicolette gently dabbed a wet cloth onto the large scratch across his forhead. Skylara glared at him from the other side of the room as Bridget wrapped a bandage around her hand.
"My oh my." Nicolette tutted. "You shouldn't have been so competitive, look where it's got you now!"
"He started it.."mumbled Skylara.
"Oh! Really? And when you lept on me from behind and scratched me across the face you didn't?" Lillivale snapped back.
" I was being playful!" she snarled.
A small cat jumped up onto the window ledge and prowled over the kitchen surfaces purring contently. The cat changed back into Aquila and she sat there rather smug. "While you two were fighting I crept past you in fox form. Slow and steady wins the race." she grinned at them and they growled at her under their breathes.
"I hope that the man Leo was talking too was right about danger comming." grumbled Bridget as she sercured Skylara's bandage "I don't know how much more of this I can take."
Then the shaking started.

Meanwhile in the games room of casa de Florence, Israel and Dragona were playing ping-pong.
Israel chuckled as he scored yet another shot against Dragona. He was winning by a mile.
Dragona frowned at him. "Ping-pong is stupid anyway. I'd beat you in a proper fight any day."
"Really? You keep believing that Dragona." Israel said sarcastically.
"Bring it!" laughed Dragona.
"You don't know what your getting into."
"Trust me I do!" Dragona replied,taking up a fighting stance.
Just as the two were about to start when the ground started to shake.
"What the....?"
The two went crashing to the floor. It seemed like the whole house was shaking.
"Let's go find the others!" shouted Dragona.

Necros looked out across the garden. Something wasn't right. He could sense it. He'd felt like this before. Once. Before the portal opened. He touched the gun in his overcoat pocket. He had a feeling history was going to repeat itself.
Sarthacus walked up behind him. "Are you ok?" he asked.
"Something's comming Sarthacus, something big." he muttered.
Sarthacus let out a huge sigh. "Well we're all doom and gloom today aren't we?! Jeez. I'm getting a drink."
As he turned to walk away the ground started shaking. The pair looked at eachother and ran back inside to find the others.

Florence handed Leo a glass of water. She didn't know exactly what the old man had said to him but it sure had shaken him. He'd been jumpy and jittery ever since. She was starting to believe something was very wrong.
" are you feeling?" she asked kindly.
"I have a feeling something bad is going to happen Flo. I'm sure of it! The man knew my name and...and...he seemed so sure and the look in his eyes"
"Shhh. It's ok. I believe you! We've heard and seen stranger things!"
Leo sipped his water and tried to relax. He had to stop worrying. They'd all be just...
A disturbance interrupted his thoughts. The glass in his hand started shaking.
"Oh god!" said Florence. She looked up and grabbed Leo's hand. She dragged him out of the way of a falling lamp just in time and stormed out the door. "It's got to be my house that gets wreaked!" she shouted as another light smashed onto the floor where she'd just been standing.

Kallista was humming happily to herself as she strode down the corridor. She was in a good mood. She hadn't beaten Sarthacus in the arm wrestle but she'd let him win. Tomorrow she'd ask him for a rematch and the look on his face would be priceless when he lost. The thought made her chuckle to herself.
She heard a noise. She looked above her and saw a chandelier shaking. "That's odd." she thought outloud.
Then she heard a strange wooshing noise and infront of her a large blue light appeared. She looked upon it in awe. It was so pretty, just...flickering there. It was the most beautiful thing she'd ever seen.
But her instints stopped her from going towards it. It was beautiful but it felt wrong. Like it didn't belong here.
Just as she was about to turn away the light started advancing towards her. She turned and ran shouting for her friends.
They all met up in the kitchen. Kallista arrived last and told them about the quickly advancing blue light.
"The back door!" shouted Florence. Sarthacus opened it but it was too late. The blue light was there too!
"Oh hell!" said Israel as he eyed up the fast approching blue light.
"What do we do?" Leo asked looked at the others for guidence.
"We go through it." Necros said quietly. The friends looked at eachother and nodded slowly. They all took a deep breath and let the light comsume them.

Sunday, 3 October 2010

New skul fan-fic: Dimentions-part 1

Leo walked into the chinese take-away. He'd pulled the short straw and had to go and collect the food. He didn't mind. It was a nice evening and he felt like a stroll.
Leo went up to the counter and rang the bell. A small, old chinese man with a long white beard and glasses came running out. He stopped when he saw Leo and gawped at him.
"Erm...hi." Leo said nervously. "I came to pick up an order under the name of Black. Florence Black."
The man hesitated and then moved closer. "You. You magic." he said in a thick chinese accent.
Leo froze and his body tensed. It was probably just a crazy old man but he wasn't going to take the chance.
"Phh! No I'm not!" he said trying to laugh it off. The man wasn't buying it.
"I can sense people's magic. I sense you magic."
Leo's eyes widened. He took up a fighting stance. "Look," he said. "I really don't want to hurt you but.."
"Nor I wish to hurt you, but, me sees things. Please,give me your hand. I sense your future."
Normally, Leo wouldn't have even thought about giving the man his hand but, there was something in his expression that made him stop. He saw nothing bad in the man's eyes, only kindness. Leo relaxed and slowly moved towards the man. Cauciously he held out his hand. The man smiled and took it. He let out a small gasp as he did so and quickly took it away.
"Mr.Sparks," he gasped. "Great danger is comming! Great danger for you and your friends!"
"How did you..."
" You can not escape it! You and your friends must prepare yourselves! The cracks are opening! They shall find you! Cannot escape! Cannot escape!"
Leo looked at the man's horrified expression and he was frozen with fear.
Leo sprinted out of the take-away and up the street. He truely believed the man and he wasn't taking any chances. His friends would probably think he himself was crazy but better to be safe than sorry.

Israel flicked through the channels with a bored expression. "Nope, nope, nope,deffiantly not!" he sighed.
Aquila sat on the arm of the chair next to him in cat form licking herself. Once she had finished she yawned and curled up on his lap. Israel looked down at her with a look of distaste. "There's too many shapeshifters in this house. When I'm not covered in cat hair it's wolf hair or fox hair or dog hair!"
Skylara looked up from her magazine and grinned mischiviously. She put it down and turned into a tabby kitten. She jumped up onto the chair and then up onto his head and balanced precariously there. Bridget and Nicolette saw this and started giggling. "It's not funny!" Israel grumbled. He lifted Skylara off his head and held her up to his face. "Stop it. No. Bad Skylara." Skylara leaned forward and licked his nose. He yelped and dropped her onto the floor making the girls laugh even harder.
Dragona sighed from the corner of the room. " This is all very entertaining but I'm off to my room. Call me down when Leo gets back, I'm freakin' starving." Just as he reached for the doorhandle Leo burst in looking very worried.
"Get the others!" he panted. "NOW!"
The group raised their eyebrows at one another but ran to get the others all the same.
Once everyone was in the living room Leo told them about what the old man had said.
"The cracks are opening?" snorted Bridget. "Really now? Wasn't that a doctor who episode?"
"Oh! Oh! The one with the fez!" piped up Skylara.
Necros stood in the corner looking deep in thought. "Cracks...." he said. "That's what I saw when I was younger. When I was thrown into another dimention. A large crack through time and space."
"No, seriously Necros I'm sure that was a doctor who episode." said Florence.
"I know what I saw..." Necros said quietly.
"Ok," said Sarthacus. "So we either have A. a crazy old man whose watched doctor who too much. B. a rip in time and space comming for us or C. something competely different."
"So, what the hell are we supposed to do about it?" Lillivale said turning back from dalmation form to human.
Kallista sighed. "Well, we'll just have to play the..."
"Waiting game." everyone groaned.
"Hey Skylara,Aquila," shouted Lillivale. "Bet you couldn't bet you two couldn't beat me in a race across the garden." he said turning into a lion.
"Your on!" Skylara shouted turning into a cheetah and bounding out the room.
"Hey!" shouted Aquila turning back to human form and running after them. "That's not fair, I only have three forms!"
Florence sighed. "Shapeshifters, so darn competative. We're not like that are we guys? Guys?"
Florence turned around to see Kallista and Sarthacus having an arm wrestle and the others cheering them on. The only person who wasn't was Leo.
"I'm worried Flo." he said quietly.
She smiled at him. "Don't worry with a bunch like us we're sure to be fine. What on Earth could they throw at us that we couldn't beat?"

Friday, 1 October 2010

Just to clear things up before i start.

Ok people, as you may know I am starting a new fan-fic.
Here are the people who so far are in it: Nicolette, Leo, Kallista, Alexzz, Lizzy, Donkey shooter, Dragona, Aquila, Florence and Hellboy.

now i dont THINK if missed anyone out. Please tell me if you have asap.
Im going to probably start it tonight but im not sure.
Now leo will be the main person in the first bit but the first bit might be PRETTY LONG so yeah other people will also be in it.

and the story line so far (next to nothing) is A-MAZ-ING if i do say so myself :D
so...yeah...peace out. adios. bye. auvoir (or however you spell it) toodlepip, so long....i should stop now.

Thursday, 30 September 2010

Skulduggery fan-fic part 18

Cornelious spotted Skylara and Sarthacus chatting and laughing together at the end of the corridor. He smiled to himself. He was glad they appeared to be friends again. Then he stopped smiling. Why did he feel glad? He didn't feel anything normallly. It had always been the downside of his power. He could change others emotions but never feel any of his own. Maybe his power was maturing. He chuckled to himself. It had taken 152 years for his power to finally mature.
Skylara spotted him and ran towards him.
"Where have you two been?" he asked.
Sarthacus opened his mouth to answer but Skylara got there first. "WE JUST MET SKULDUGGERY PLESANT!"
Cornelious paused. "Right. Cool."
Skylara blinked at him. "Skulduggery Plesant? We JUST met him! The REAL Skulduggery Plesant. In the flesh,well, in the bones, know what I mean."
"Skylara,it's nothing new. I've met Skulduggery a thousand times. It's not really that big of a deal."
Skylara glared at him and crossed her arms. "Well I haven't." she mumbled.
"Erm,anyway Cornelious any news from the girls?" asked Sarthacus.
"Yes actually, they have Tanith and  they also took the trouble of finding a soul catcher and they're bringing it with them. Oh! And they caught Billy-Ray Saguine while they were at it."
" My,oh my! Did they have the time to uncover the lost city of Atlantis and solve world hunger aswell?" Skylara murmered sarcasticaly.
"They say they'll meet us here in about an hour." Cornelious said ignoring her.
"Right." Sarthacus said nodding his head. "Shall we ready a room for their arrival?"
"Certainly master Bolt and then when they arrive we shall all gather around and roast chestnuts upon an open fire while mama reads us a story." Skylara sighed sarcastically as she walked out the door.
Cornelious raised his eyebrows at Sarthacus.
"Don't mind her. She's just had a near death experiance and hasn't had any sleep for over 10 hours. And to top it all off I think you just pissed her off." he whispered.
"Ah. That would explain the over-used sarcasm."
"Indeed." Sarthacus said following Skylara out of the room.

Nicolette,Skyril and Bridget arrived at the sanctuary at 1am. Bridget lifted the unconcious Tanith out of the boot and onto her shoulder.
"Cornelious said to meet them in room 15 on the west wing of the Sanctuary hospital." she said as Skyril locked the car.
"Let's go." Nicolette said clapping her hands together and striding purposely towards a large door on her left."
"Erm Nicolette, it's the other way."
They arrived at a large white room filled with several hospital beds. The one nearest to the door was occupied by a boy with short dark brown hair and green eyes who looked about 17. He looked round and grinned at them.
"You must be Nicolette,Skyril and Bridget." he said in a rough voice. "I'm Sabien Mist. Skylara told me you'd be comming."
"Erm...yeah  and you must be the werewolf. You must be worn out by Skylara's constant questioning." joked Bridget.
"Oh, I don't mind." he said. "Anyway Skylara should be back in a minute. She went to get a coke, she's pretty shattered."
"Aren't we all." muttered Skyril.
A moment later Skylara emerged sipping a cup of coffee with a look of distaste. "I hate coffee," she grumbled. "but they didn't have any coke and I need the stupid caffine so I don't drift off."
"Nice to see you too Skylara." said Nicolette.
"Oh, sorry. Hi guys. Come on, let's get this over with." she sighed. "Sarthacus and Cornelious are through here." she indicated to the room opposite.
 They walked in to find Sarthacus placing a chair in the middle of the room and Cornelious seemed to be untangling some rope.
"Hi girls, can you put Tanith on there please?" asked Sarthacus looking around.
"Sure." Bridget said shrugging and dumping Tanith down on the chair. Hard.
The group gave her a look. "What? Tanith won't mind a few bruises. And if she does I'll set her straight."
"Violence doesn't solve everything Bridge." Said Skyril wisely.
"No,but it solves most stuff n' it sure as hell is fun!" she replied grinning mischieviously.
"Have you got the soul catcher?" Corneilious asked and Nicolette held it up. "Good, Sarthacus,if you would do the honours."
"Certainly." Sarthacus said as he finished tying up Tanith. He walked over to the corner and picked up a large red bucket. He swung it and a load of water splashed on Tanith. Tanith opened her eyes and coughed and spluttered violently. When she'd reccovered she took in her surroundings.
"Where the bloody hell am I?" she asked.
"That, you don't need to know." Skyril said. "But you do need to know that we're busting you out of Tanith pronto."
Tanith laughed bitterly. "You can't do that silly child, I'm bound to this body forever!"
"Really? Are you now?" Nicolette asked as Sarthacus produced a small bottle from his trench coat.
"Hold her." he instructed Bridget and Skylara.
"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" Screached Tanith as she struggled against the two girls.
Skylara sighed. " Skyril just told you what you moron. Your rather slow to catch on aren't you?"
"We can and we will." Nicolette said as Sarthacus poured the liquid from the bottle into Tanith's mouth.
Tanith struggled for a few more seconds and then se stopped. She screamed as the remnant slowly crawled out of her throat. Nicolette opened the soul catcher and caught it just as it tried to fly into Sarthacus.
"Gotcha!" she said triumphantly.
After a few moments they heard a grunt from the chair. Tanith lifted up her head and looked around her.
"Hey, where am I? I don't know where I am, who half of you are, how I got here or why the hell my bum hurts so much."

They'd explained to Tanith about what had happened and she'd thanked them and left almost imideately to go and find Ghastly.
After Tanith had left the two groups had all gathered around Sabien's bed and told eachother what had happened since they'd last met. It was nearly morning.
"So....what are we going to do to entertain ourselves now that this is over?" asked Nicolette.
"Oh I'm sure something will crop up eventually. But for now we'll all just chill." Cornelious said sighing.
Sabien coughed. "Erm, well...I was wondering if.....sometimes all do this kinda thing if I could....ya know.....tag along?"
Skylara smiled at him and took his hand. "Sure, we could always use your help."
Skyril raised her eyebrows at them. "Ohhhhhh! Looks like Skylara's got herself a werewolf!" she sang.
Skylara glared at her. "I would so punch you right now but I'm too darn tired. I'm off to bed." she said standing up and walking out. "Laters."
"Looks like I touched a nerve." Skyril whispered to Bridget.
"Well I don't know about you guys but I could really use a break." Sarthacus said tilting back in his chair.
" I think we all could Sarthacus," said Bridget looking outside. "but we never get a break when we want one."

                                                                      THE END

New fan-fic shall be comming soon.....I hope........


Wow....that,was a whole lot'a fish names.
i was ment to post the results yesterday but my parents have offically said i spend to much time on the computer and on this blog and derek's and whenever i say "im going on the computer" they give me disaproving looks and shake their heads. *glares* that is so untrue....well...maybe it is a tad true.....maybe.

But after a few withering looks from my dad i am up here and deciding on the results.
Its so hard!!!!!!!!!!! No,really its soooooo hard. I hate making decisions like this. I hate disappointing people.
but *sigh* it must be done.

before i say the winner i must say that the following were my favs: Zed,Conkers,Fishduggery Fin, Brock, Bob, Alfred, Yappy, Skylara Fishtail and Montague.

i think im gonna have to have a first,second and third...
but i can't think of any other prizes for second and third so basically you just get the pride of being an amazing fish-namer (which not many people can say they are)

so in third place IS........................MONTAGUE! which was by Lizzy.

in second place.................................SKYLARA FISHTAIL! which was by Sarthacus.

AND FINALLY IN FIRST PLACE.......*drum roll please*........................
............................................BROCK! by Leo Sparks!

congrats Leo you shall be the main person in the first post of my new story (hopefully comming soon if my parents dont ban me.) oh and also you get the joy of looking at Brock as he swims around my blog.

also i liked how you included the referance in your story! it was very clever.

thanks everyone and seriously it was VERY hard to chose.


Tuesday, 28 September 2010


Ok, well I have almost finished my current fan-fic so I am currently thinking about the plot to my next one.
Also (in case any of you havn't noticed) i have some rather snazzy new fish on my blog page. THEY ARE SO AMAZING!
*cough* anyway i have named the green one Zippy and the black one Ned and I'm not sure about the rest.

I challenge you to help me name the yellow fish. It can be any name what so ever (boy or girl) and the person who i think has chosen the best name for the fish....SHALL BE THE MAIN PERSON IN THE FIRST POST OF MY NEW FAN-FIC (COMMING SOON)!!!!!!

I shall carry on with my science now. *mumbles* stupid science!
Get naming!

oh and for anyone who like Sarthacus was wondering how i got the fish i went into design on my blog and then went on add a gadget and its somewhere in the gadgets!

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Skulduggery fan-fic part 17

Ok so before i carry on with the story there is a little matter about my next fan-fic i wish to sort out.
Ok, so far these are the people who are going to be in the next one: Nicolette, Leo, Kallista, Alexzz, Lizzy, Donkey shooter, Dragona, Aquila and Florence. i THINK thats it. so if you also want to be in it and ive forgotten you (sory if i have) then please say so below. Thanks ;) on with the story!

Skylara gawped at him.
"" she stuttered.
"Handsome?  Witty? Manly?" asked Skulduggery.
"Your Skulduggery Plesant!"
"Yes. Yes I am. And who might you be strange,stuttering person?"
Sarthacus sighed. "Brace yourself." he told Skulduggery.
"Your Skulduggery Plesant! Your here! OMG! I'm just so pleased to finally meet you! I am such a big fan! I....I.." Skylara rambled on. "Oh! Wait! Can I just...?"
Skylara turned and before them stood an identical Skulduggery.
"Well...said Skulduggery. "This doesn't feel weird at all."
"Sorry..." said Skylara in Skulduggery's voice. "It's just I've never turned into a..."
"Skeleton detective before?"
"Yeah." she said sheepishly turning back into herself.
"This is Skylara Wolfbane." said Sarthacus. "She'd a shapeshifter and as you can probably tell she's a big fan."
Skulduggery looked taken back for a moment. Then he seemed to stand up a little taller. "I have fans." said Skulduggery smugly.
" You have A fan Skulduggery. As in one."
"I COULD have more fans."
"I wouldn't allow it. Your already far too big headed for any more fans."
Skulduggery paused. "Ah. Well, there is that."
"Anyway Skulduggery why are you here?" Sarthacus asked.
"I needed to come to the Sanctury hospital as I had a broken arm. I was just about to leave when I heard a commotion on the roof and decided to cheak it out."
"Where's Val?"
"Gone to Paris with Fletcher. I don't know how she stands spending so much time with the boy. Still...could be worse. Least she's not with the vampire." he said his tone darkening when he said vampire.
"Anyway Sarthacus, what have you been up too?" he said,quickly changing the subject.
"Me,Skylara and Cornelious went looking for a cure for Tanith while Nicolette, Bridget and Skyril went to go fetch her."
"Were you sucessful?"
"From this end, suprisingly, yes." said Skylara chipping in. "It was a close shave but we got what we needed."
"Oh..." said Skulduggery sounding disappointed. "So..there isn't much fighting left?"
" not if the others have Tanith."
" don't really need me?"
"No. Not really." said Sarthacus.
"If all goes well we'll tell you when Tanith's back." Skylara said also sounding disappointed that she didn't get to spend more time with her idol.
"So....what on Earth am I supposed to do now?"
"We reccomend monopoly." said Sarthacus sympatheticly patting him on the shoulder.
"Well..." Said Skulduggery sighing and walking to the edge of the building. "It was nice meeting you Skylara, great to know that I have a fan. Hopefully I'll see you two again soon."
"When trouble comes a'callin'" chuckled Skylara. "Oh and thanks for saving us!"
"That,Skylara, is what I do best." he said jumping off the side of the building and gliding down to the floor.
Silence fell.
"That...WAS SO COOL!" exclaimed Skylara after a moment.
"He is way too cocky." Sarthacus mumbled shaking his head.
"Oh! And your not?"
"I'm allowed to be. I'm too awesome not to be cocky."
"Phh! You keep believing that Sarthacus!" she said pushing him toward the door.

Saturday, 25 September 2010

Skulduggery fan-fic part 16

Skylara walked down the hallway. Sabien had persuaded her to go and get some sleep and she was off to a quiet store-room where she might be able to get some shut-eye. It felt good to stretch her legs. She'd been sitting there for eight hours straight now. She'd been walking for at least ten minutes and the pins and needles were only just starting to fade.
She looked down and saw that her bootlace was un-done. She bent down to re-tie it but no sooner than she had she heard a low growl from above her. She looked up to see a large vampire snarling down at her.
"Uh oh." she said and then turning into a cheetah, she sprinted as fast as she could in the other direction.
Sarthacus looked down at the floor. He'd never felt so guiltly in all his life. He'd tried to find a reason why it hadn't been his fault but he'd came up with nothing. He was never the one to cause something bad to happen. He was normally the one who prevented it. Now,he had no one to blame but himself.
Sarthacus sighed and trudged up the silent hall. Suddenly he heard hurried footsteps comming from down the hall. A small indian man sounding out of breath came running in his direction. He was too busy looking behind him to notice Sarthacus and he bumped straight into him. The two of them went crashing onto the floor.
"Hey! Watch where your going..." started Sarthacus but then he saw the look of panic in the man's eyes.
"The two vampires!" The man said in a harsh whisper. "They've escaped! We need too..." He didn't get to finish that sentance. A clawed hand from behind him picked him up and ripped the head from his body. The head rolled next to Sarthacus,the look of panic still fresh on it's face. Sarthacus looked up at the vampire's furious face.
 " Aw hell!" he said. He threw a fireball at the vamp's face,distracting it momenterily and then fled.

Sarthacus turned a sharp corner and sprinted towards the door to the roof. They were on the top floor but he might be able to loose them on the roof if he jumped to the next building. He saw another vampire comming from his left with a cheetah just infront of it. The cheetah changed back into Skylara and she ran alongside him.
"There are two?!" she asked.
" 'Fraid so." he replied slamming open the door. The pair sprinted onto the roof. They knew they wouldn't be able to outrun the vampires, Skylara could have turned into a bird but she knew that the vampires were to close for Sarthacus to even have a chance to try and jump to the next building. Very few people ever escaped vampires and the two of them were not feeling up to their best this evening.
They turned around to face their opponents and the vampires hissed viciously.
Skylara turned into a large werewolf and the vampires snarled angrily. Everyone knew most vampires hated werewolves.
Sarthacus had been mastering a new trick for a few days now. "What better time to use it than now?" he thought to himself. He clicked his fingers and produced a fireball. Then he blew as hard as he could on it causing the fireball to grow and surge forward towards the vampires. The two instantly burst into flames. They cried out in pain but managed to extinguish the flames in a matter of seconds.
Skylara bounded up to one of the vampires while it was distracted and bit it's arm clean off. The vamp howled in agony and before it could attack she bonked it on the head.
The other vampire looked at it's fallen companion and lept at Sarthacus. He dodged it just in time and he and Skylara sprinted to the far side of the roof. They might be able to throw the vampire off the side of it if they were lucky. Sarthacus pushed the air causing the vampire to stumble further towards the edge. Skylara turned back into human form and punched the vampire in the face,causing it to topple off the side but at the last second his hand snaked out and clung to Skylara's ankle. She cried out in shock and toppled over the edge with it. She clung to the side but her fingers were slipping. She wouldn't be able to hold on for long.
"Skylara!" shouted Sarthacus. "Hang on!" He threw a fireball at the vampire's face. It didn't let go so he threw another one. This time the vampire let go of Skylara and tumbled to it's doom. If Sarthacus didn't act fast, Skylara would suffer the same fate. He knew she couldn't change in mid-air.
"Give me your hand!" he cried.
Skylara looked up at him. She had to trust him. She had no other choice. She thrust her hand up towards him and he gripped onto it. He pulled her up and they crashed into a heap on the floor.
After a moment or two they got up.
"Are you ok?" Sarthacus asked looking concerned.
Skylara grinned at him. "Yeah. Thanks."
"So....friends?" he asked hopefully.
" Friends." she agreed.
Skylara looked behind Sarthacus to see that the vampire with the severed arm had gotten up.
"SARTHACUS!" she shouted. He looked behind him just in time to see the advancing vampire get shot in the head. The vampire fell to it's knees and from behind it, the pair could see a thin man in a suit holding up a gun.
He put the gun away and walked over to them.
"Why on Earth are you on the roof fighting vampires on a night like this? It's far too cold." Said Skulduggery Pleasant.