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Friday, 15 April 2011

Prepare yourselves...for possibly the longest story in one post ever.

I'm writing the story! :D
And because I said it was going to be a one off, AND because I want to get back to Skylara's Strange Dream it will be in one post.

...But the story is kind of long so it may possibly be the longest post in history by how its going now. I have written 10 double sided pages and I'm not even half way through. Then I have to type it all up. I dont even know if blogger has a limit on how big blog posts are do u guys?

But I am loving every second of it! I love this story! Kallista, Dragona, Mar-chu and Octa- you guys are all in it along with me and some special guests....that's all I'm gonna say.

So prepare yourselves, as the next post will be the longest thing I have ever posted. EVER!

At the rate I'm going might be done by this time next week...hopefully!

So, yeah. That was all I really wanted to say :D Speak to you guys soon! I'm off to try and get 400 page views on Thor's blog so he posts a sherlock interview!


Friday, 8 April 2011

Competition Results

Ok people. I am about to flip the coin... So if it's heads, Aquila gets the part, Tails, Mar-chu gets the part...



oh...sorry, important competition results *ehem* focus Skylara!

Flipping the coinnnnnnnnnn NOW!

*drum roll*

IT'S..........................oh god, I dropped the coin! One sec it's rolled under the table!

Erm...I'm not sure if this is the same coin....

Oh well, the coin was on.........TAILS! CONGRATS MAR-CHU! COMISERATIONS AQUILA! *gives aquila a giant chocolate teddy bear to make her feel better*

So the people who will be in my one off fan-fic are now....KALLISTA, DRAGONA, OCTA AND MAR-CHU! Congrats guys!

The story itself will probably be up sometime later this week/ early next week depending on how much time I have to actually write the thing! thanks to everyone who took part in the contest! *gives everyone giant lollipops that can also randomly be used as torches*

Now, where was I? *grooves to tik tok sherlock video*

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Ahh...I'm in a pickle

Well then. I am in a pickle.
First off, I can say that the correct answer has been guessed! 3 people...

Thankfully one of them was Octa who already has a spot so it is now down to 2 people.

(but before i annouce the people let me just say Niall, that the hound of the baskervilles was an epic guess because of the sherlock thing-way to get on my good side! ;) so you get a shiney sticker! *gives niall sticker*)

The two people who guessed right were.....Aquila and Mar-chu (even though Mar-chu probably guessed every possible animal lol)!

T'was a squirrel! here is the picture, my pride and joy as a non-artistic person:

T'is not much, but I am proud.

Commiserations to everyone else. *sees everyone with tears* *gives them all lollipops*

But I'm in a pickle, as I mentioned previously...

Kallista, you sweet, generous, generous girl...your kindness does put me in some situations.

Before you said you wanted to give HELLBOY your place I had already started planning the bits of the story with you in it. And also since you got first comments on both of these posts it's only right you are in the story.

Sherlock: And she said I was handsome!

Skylara: *sighs* So?

Sherlock: I like people who think I'm handsome.

Skylara: Let me carry on with my judging!

Sherlock: My dear Skylara, I am always judging...


Sherlock: I don't speak in riddles. *Begins to walk out* I just solve them...

Skylara: *gurmbles angrily* ANYWAY,

So I do appologise Kallista, but you simply have to be in my story and I only have one place left. Sorry Hellboy! I feel so bad Hellboy...

*Sees Niall protectively hugging shiney sticker*

*shrugs and gives Hellboy a shiney gun instead* There :D

But to deside the winner out of Aquila and Mar-chu...


*sighs* There's no way like the old fashioned way.

HEADS OR TAILS? and if you both pick the same one I am picking for you. *looks smug* Because I'm awesome.

Sherlock: *runs back in* Someone just poked me!

*Mar-chu runs away giggling*

Sorry I haven't been on the blog much! Homework and all. But I'm comming on now, and in the holidays I shall speak to you all so much more! :D They start on Friday! Wooottttss!

Byes guys! Good luck to Mar and Aquila!

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Clues for comp and sherlock

First off, hello to Trohyman! A new follower to my blog (yays! I feel special!)

Down to the competition,

The first two people in my story are....Dragona was Kallista but she gave up her spot for Octa (you kind and generous girl! I am much to selfish to ever do such a thing) So I guess Octa gets a place and Kallista...your just too darn gererous and kind to stay out the story so I'm gonna include you in too!

I'll just have to make a few arangements...(mentally crosses voldemort out her story) dones. ;)

BUT! There is still one place up for grabs.

And no. None of you have guessed the answer yet. So I shall give you 3 more clues...

1. It's a mammal.
2. It has fur.
3. It has a fluffy tail.

and we've already clarified that it is not an alpaca, gecko, wolf, bunny, dolphin, fox, frog, horse, cat, owl, llama, fish, dog or a swan.

But as an extra clues...I can tell you that Octa was the closest.

Oh, and although probably NONE of you are interested, something that hellboy said in the comments of the post before last made me want to say something. Here is the low down on some important sherlock characters I may talk about...a lot (and may be included in the story) Any of you who HAVENT seen the bbc show sherlock I highly reccomend it. Me, Niall and the Golden God himself are just a few who love it.

Whenever I say Sherlock I mean Sherlock Holmes. Specifically this one:

*sighs dreamily*

Ehem...Anyway, when I say John, I mean his loyal companion Dr. John Watson. Specifically this one:

Yeah. His picture is smaller because he's no where near as awesome as Sherlock.

And here is Sherlock's arch-enemy (apart from his borther) the evil, Irish genius psychopath Jim Moriarty:

Yeah...he's more intimidating when he hasn't got an OMG face.... there was some information you probably never wanted to know...


Monday, 4 April 2011

Competition time! Get set....GO! GO! GO!

My writer's block has ended...sorta.
All of the things jumbled up in my head have been combined into something quite extrodinary....
So I have decided to make a one off random story! Only thing is...I need three more of you guys to be in it...

So I have been pondering and pondering of how to do this fairly- because of the time zone differences and what.

So...I have come up with a solution...ish.

The first TWO story places shall go to the first TWO people to comment on this post.

But because of the time zones however, I thought it was only fair to let the THIRD story place go to the person whom answers a question correctly.

At first I was gonna make it a riddle but I thought you guys would be too clever for that.

So instead...I shall ask a question that only I shall know the answer too and you guys must guess. You are each allowed but 3 guesses and the first person to get it right get's the third place.

Yes. I am that evil.

and if none of you get it right I shall ask another question.

Soooooooo, the question is *drum roll*..........................................................

What is the animal that I drew and is now on my wall as it is the best thing I have ever drawn?
Here are 3 clues to help:
1. It's NOT a wolf.
2. It's NOT an alpaca.
3. It's NOT a gecko.

Good luck!

OH! and after this one off story i am going back to Skylara's strange dream. Don't worry, I'm not gonna leave it there, ohhh no. there is much more to come ;)

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Blocks of randomness....

.....I haven't done all my homework. But I felt the need to write.

But now that I've finally sat down at the head is full of too much randomness to actually write.

You want to know what I am currently thinking about as I am writing this? I'm sure you don't but I'm gonna go ahead anyway since it might help clear my mind so I can get on with some fan-fiction.

Doctor who. Sherlock. Bunnies. Robert Webb doing flashdance on comic relief. Sideways scene.

...Let me explain.

I think the doctor who may have been caused by the fact that I am sooooo excited that it's comming back on soon and therefore there will be something that is actually deccent to watch on tv. All week I have been singing the theme tune around the house. ...It also might be linked with this:

Now, Sherlock and the bunnies is most deffinatly because of this:

Now if those bunnies are anything like the one in Monty Python no wonder even Sherlock is scared.

Robert Webb on comic relief has to be because of that dance programme my sister was so intent on watching. If anyone hasn't seen the clip it is actually pretty epic....and maybe a tad scaring for life...

Anyone know how to add clips of youtube? T'would be most handy to know for future referance but for now I shall just put the linky-dink:

And finally sideways scene. This is because my friend insisted that I watch some sideways scene clips from a comedy show called 'Fast and Loose'. Since I'd never heard of it I decided it was probably rubbish. But then I remembered that that's exactly what all my friends said about Sherlock and decided to give it a go.

It was hilarious. Simply hilarious.

You guys MUST watch this: They are all amazing but this one was my favorite.

Fast and Loose also has a guy who does funny interpretive dances. My favorite is 'Human' by the Killers or 'Don't stop me now' by Queen. here's the link for the killers one:

Now then, the whole point of this post was too ask what your guys random thoughts are currently about.

Sherlock: *sighs* Wrong!

Skylara: What?

Sherlock: The whole POINT of this post was that you finally got a chance to post and you couldn't think of anything to write about so you went on about a bunch of random stuff that no one particularly cares about.

Skylara: *Grumbles* Your just grumpy because you haven't had a case in weeks and your bored.

Sherlock: So are you.

Skylara: Shut up and let me post on my blog!

Sherlock: Fine! I'm going to go and experiment on something.

Skylara: Is it John?

Sherlock: Yes.

Skylara: *smiles* Good.

ANYWAY, I want to know what you guys are currently thinking of randomly. Oh and also if you guys ever have these randomness writer's blocks or if I'm just plain weird.

Ok...Since I can't write I think I'm gonna go read now. OH! and I finished 'A study in scarlet'. T'was epic but not as epic as 'A study in pink'