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Friday, 17 September 2010

Part 6: Skyril,Nicolette and Bridget

Bridget cracked her whip at Billy-Ray but he dodged out of the way just in time. he tunneled down and then reapperared behind Nicolette but he was weakened by the use of his power and before he could stop her Nicolette threw a fireball at his face.
Screaming in rage he flapped madly at his face until the fire was out. He had no eyelashes or eyebrows and his face was badly scorched. Growling in rage he charged at Skyril.
Her power usless against Billy-ray, Skyril grabbed the nearest glass and threw it at him. He dodged it easily and grabbed her by the neak.
Before she could even cry for help Bridget was upon them. She swung a right hook at Billy-Ray and he flinched slightly but slowly kept strangling the life out of Skyril's slender body. Nicolette pushed air at Billy-ray and he flew through the air. Skyril wobbled and then crashed down onto the floor.
Billy-Ray tried to get up but before he could move Bridget bashed him on the head. Hard. He staggered back and slumped back against the wall.
Bridget turned around to see Nicolette crouched by Skyril.
"Unconcious." she said before Bridget could ask.
Bridget nodded and then grabbed two chairs from the nearest table. She sat Skyril gently down on one and plonked Billy-Ray down on the other.
"Got any rope?" She asked Carlton who had carried on washing glasses the whole time like nothing was going on. He nodded and went through a door behind him.
Ten minutes later Billy-Ray woke up to find himself tied to a chair. He looked down to discover that he was floating in mid-air. Below him Nicolette was holding him up with air,Skyril was still unconcious on the chair and Bridget was in mid-conversation with Carlton.
"He's awake!" Nicolette called to them.
"Bring him a little lower Nicolette!" shouted Bridget and Nicolette did as she said.
Bridget walked up to Billy-Ray and looked him right in the eyes "Now Billy,I don't like you and you don't like me but we're gonna try and co-operate arn't we?"
Billy-Ray growled at her and spat in her face. Bridget shook with fury and before anyone could stop her she punched him right on the nose.
"Bridget! Control yourself! We need him concious!" shouted Nicolette. Bridget was still shaking with rage but she took a step back. "Carlton." she growled. "Do your thing."
Carlton nodded again and took a step forward. "Now Billy-Ray I don't really like you either but I've had no quarrel with you. Now,please tell me, Where is Tanith Low?"
Billy-Ray laughed at him. "What makes you think I'm gonna tell you?"
Carlton sighed. "Ok,let's do it the hard way." Carlton's blue eyes turned yellow "Tell me Billy-Ray. Where is Tanith Low?"
Billy-Ray sat upright. "She's gone back to London. She said she had some unfinished buisness there."
Carlton turned around and looked at the other two. "There happy?"
Bridget thought for a moment. "Not quite...." she said and then walked over to Carlton and whispered in his ear. Carlton raised her eyebrows at her "Is it really nessecery?"
"No." She replied. "But it would make me happy."
Carlton grinned at her and nodded. He looked back at Billy (who looked quite dazed) and his eyes turned amber again. "Billy-Ray, have you ever wet the bed?"
Billy-Ray sat upright again "Yes. Once. When I was eight. My mom made me sleep outside with the dog for a whole week until I swore I'd never do it again."
Bridget grinned looking satisfied. "Right. Now that's cleared up let's be off."
Nicolette set Billy-Ray back down and turned to Carlton. "Thanks for all your help." she said smiling.
"Not at all." he replied. "It's always more exiting when you bring trouble into my bar."
 "What are we gonna do with Billy-Ray?" asked Bridget.
"We'll drop him off at the sancuary on the way." Nicolette said sighing.
Bridget shrugged,grabbed Skyril,released Billy from the chair,punched him and slung him over her shoulder,saluted to Carlton and walked out.
Nicolette turned back to Carlton again before leaving. "No hard feelings?" she asked.
He chuckled. "Lots. But I'll put them to one side if you find Tanith and cure her. Remanants give me the creeps." he said shivering slightly.
"Deal." She said and then followed Bridget out of the door.