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Sunday, 12 September 2010

Skulduggery fan-fic part 2

" So I have some good news and some bad news." Sarthacus started as they all sat down.
" The good news is that there's still one remnant loose."
Everyone grinned at eachother. Finally something interesting to do. But Cornellius wasn't getting his hopes up too high.
" And the bad news?" he asked.
Sarthacus dropped his smile "It's inside Tanith low far as we's staying there."
Imediatly the mood dampened in the room.
" Tanith?" Croaked Nicolette. "Poor,poor Ghastly."
Everyone knew that Ghastly Bespoke had been in love with Tanith since the day they first met.  They also knew that he would never stop untill he found a cure for her.
"So...what's the plan of action everyone?" Asked Skyril.
Bridget stood up again making Skylara cautiously step back. "Well I think we should split up. One group should go looking for a cure for Tanith, the other should go looking for the remnant."
Skylara,realising Bridget had calmed down again turned back to human form.
"Skyril, are you feling up to this?" she asked kindly.
" ARE YOU KIDDING?" she shouted, throwing her sling to the ground. "I WOULDN'T MISS IT FOR THE WORLD!"
" Then it's settled then." said Cornellious and imediately everyone felt a million times happier when he spoke.
" Sathacus and Skylara with me. We'll go looking for a cure. Then Nicolette, Bridget and Skyril, you go looking for the remnant. Try and keep Tanith contained untill we find a cure."
Sarthacus groaned "Why can't I go and beat up a remnant?"
"Because Skyril's blinding skills might be needed to defeat the remnant, Nicolette's good with daggers and I'm afraid if Bridget doesn't hit someone soon...things are gonna get ugly."
Sarthacus mumbled something they couldn't make out but didn't object any further.
"Let's a' go Mario!" shouted Skyril.
Everyone looked at her with shocked expressions.
"OK!" she said looking hurt. "I'm never saying that again."


  1. ah haaa ah ha ha ha (goes into laughing fit)

  2. I think th eonly wayn to cure her is to get her to Doctor Nye, and have him gut her to get the Remnant out. A bit gruesom, but if it means a good Tanith, then I'm for it. Awsome story by the way!

  3. thanks nicolette :D yay! i can write i can write!
    im gonna get some juice! i can walk! i can walk1 i can...*trips over a parsnip.*
    why on earth did my mother put a bag of parsnips in the middle of the floor?

  4. thanks sarthacus! yay! more comments.
    did i mention i enjoy comments?

  5. perhaps doctor nye will come in to it sarthacus.......
    *to self* "darn! are my plots that easy to figure out?" *scrumples up paper and throws it at cat

  6. god its so amazing! you've never met me(i think) and yet you nailed my personality perfectly!

  7. yay! i dont think i have met you...maybe im phycic! :O

  8. Awesome. I think that Tanith is going to get turned into a vamp because remnants can't inhabit vampires. My logic is outstanding.

  9. Hahaha :D Ok. That's officially AWESOME and HILARIOUS!!! Hahaha I'm having a hard time NOT laughing!! :3