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Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Skulduggery fan-fic part 12

Finally the trio arrived at an abandoned warehouse. "He's here." said Skyril getting out the car.
"How do you know?" Lizzy asked.
"I just.....know." She replied.
Lizzy raised her eyebrows and Nicolette and made her finger swivel around her ear whilst mouthing"Cookoo."
They opened the creaky door of the warehouse. It was full of wooden planks. They could hear faint talking in the distance. Skyril put her finger to her lips and signalled that they should follow her lead.
They crept up behind a stack of planks and peeked around. Before them stood Tanith talking to someone they couldn't see.
"I've never liked you." she snarled. "Not when I was just Tanith and not now."
"..It's suprising how many people have said that to me." Said a voice that had to be Jack's.
Skyril growled and lept out from her hiding place. "Hello Jack. Remember me?"
Jack cocked his head to one side a moment and then a huge grin spread across his face.
"Ahhh Skyril Oblivion. How nice to see you again."
"I'm here for revenge. You killed my friend!"
"Did I? God I've lost track. I'm afraid I can't remember. I've killed too many people you see. Oh! Wait! It's comming back to me! ....Erm....what was his name....Vivaloos Frog?"
Skyril's features darkened. "His name..." she said slowly. "Was Vivacious Fog!" then she sprung forward and punched Jack in the jaw.

Then all hell broke loose.


  1. Then all hell broke loose.


    You have to take away the word verification in settings, comments, word verification.

  2. Ahh That Jack, He's such a weiner! Get 'im Skyril!
    Great story, Skylara. That Cookoo bit had me laughing! can't wait to read more!

  3. Wha...whaaaaaaat?!!!! Sarthacus got first comment again?!!!! Well at least I beat Dragona! Ha!

  4. all hell breaking lose is fun!

  5. well id like to see heaven break loose im still laughing at the farting cats

  6. Lol, very good. XD three stars ***

  7. ..... can i be in ur fanfic??

    yh i know i am asking like really late.... D: