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Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Skulduggery Fan-fic Part 4-Skyril,Nicolette and Bridget

"Any ideas on where to start looking for Tanith?" Asked Bridget.
They'd just set off in Skylara's Land rover which she'd had for several years but looked almost brand new.
"I don't really use it." she said when they'd asked. "I just turn into a horse or a bird for a while. It's more exiting yah know."
" I know a guy...who might have some information about her." Nicolette said mysteriously as they turned around a sharp corner. Skyril raised her eyebrows at Bridget but the pair said no more on the matter.
Around half an hour later,they arrived at a small bar on the outskirts of town. It didn't look completely abbandoned but it was deffinatly quite shabby.
They opened the door to find the bar was completely empty,exept for a tall,lanky barman who was washing a few glasses.
He had a long pointy nose and sharp blue eyes. His hair was short,brown and was spiked up in random places.
" Hello Carlton." Said Nicolette,strolling into the bar and taking the seat nearest to him.
Carlton looked up and a broad smile spread across his face.
" Ah! Nicolette. How nice to see you again! How long's it been? Four years? But last time I saw wern't in such a great mood."
"I'm sure I wasn't that bad."
" You tried to kill me."
"Phhh! That's in the past Carlton! Stop living in the past....."
"Hmmm." He said suspiciously. " Anyway who are your friends?"
"Well this is Skyril and this is Bridget. Skyril,Bridget this is Carlton Quicksilver. He's an adept. He can make people tell him the truth,even when they don't want too."
Skyril took one look at Carlton and took a small step away from him instantly.
Carlton smiled at her reaction "Don't worry." he said. "Last time I tried my powers on one of Nicolette's friends I was in hospital for 2 weeks."
Nicolette laughed "Oh Carlton the fun we have together. Anyway, have you heard anything reccently about Tanith Low by any chance."
He paused a moment "Well...I did here that she's got a remnant stuck inside her. Oh! and some guy said she'd seen him hanging around with a Texas guy with sunglasses."
Bridget's eyes narrowed "Billy-Ray.."
Skyril gasped "No....." she said. "Oh god. We've truely lost her now."
"No!" shouted Bridget. "We can't give up hope! Not untill we've tried. And anyway...I still haven't got to fight anyone yet."
"Oh you can start with me lil' darlin'." Someone said behind her. "No one goes hunting down my gal."


  1. Billy-Ray stikes again! very good story, Geckogirl. Can't wait to see what happens! :)
    1st comment again! Yeah!

  2. No one goes hunting down my gal...

    Cool! I'm scared fo farting cats? Or massive farting cats?

  3. Oo Quicksilver's ability would be VERY useful!