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Saturday, 18 September 2010

Skulduggery Fan-fic part 8-To England

Skryil looked up in awe at the London eye. She'd never been to London before. It was spectacular!
On the plane she'd been too busy nursing her swollen neck to be exited but as soon as she saw Big Ben she hadn't shut up about London ever since.
"OMG! Look you guys! It's the London eye! Can we go on it!? Can we go on it!? Pleaseeeeee?" she squealled in delight.
"Easy Skyril." Said Bridget chuckling slightly. "we're here on a business trip remember?"
"Aww! We're always on buisness trips." she grumbled.
Nicolette looked down at the map in dismay. "London's so darn big! If you were Tanith where would you go?"
"Hmm..." said Bridget. "Billy-Ray said she had unfinished buisness. I suppose when the remnant and Tanith joined it had the same memories as her so....did Tanith have any enemies in London?"
Skyril's smile dropped. "Jack." She snarled. she'd been having so much fun that she had forgotten her old enemy.
The other two were taken back. They'd never heard skyril sound so vicious. She was always so nice and friendly.
"Spring-heeled Jack?" asked Nicolette,unsure whether she should push the subject any further.
Skyril looked at the other two. "My one true enemy is Spring-heeled Jack. He's almost killed me a couple of times and killed my friend,guadian and mentor Vivacious Fog. I hate him more than anything and the next time I see him I will have my revenge."
The pair looked at her in shock for a moment.
"Erm....ok." Said Bridget eventually. "Well....I suppose she MIGHT have gone after him. But remember Skyril,our main goal is to get Tanith. I understand that your upset and you also have unfinished buisness with Jack but...can't it wait a little longer?"
"I can't promise that I won't go after Jack if I see him but I'll try and stay focused." Skyril said quietly.
" are we going to find him?" Nicolette asked cauciously.
Skyril laughed bitterly. "If there's any one who can find jack,it's me. We'll find him. And when we do...he's mine."


  1. Sarthacus is related to springheeled Jack!


  2. Haha! We can call you Springheeled Sarthacus! :P
    Awesome story, Skylara! (Or do you want to be called Geckogirl?) :)
    Write more!

  3. Cool! sorry Sarthacus but have a feeling that jack is going to get beat up

  4. lol i dont mind being called SKylara or geckogirl Kallista ;)
    ohhh sorry sarthacus but i think skyril might have a LITTLE grudge against springheeled jack :)

  5. That is such a cool story!! I'm going to have to do fan-Fic 4 without fighting just talking and stuff.Really good plot and characters

  6. thanks Leo :D i love ur fan-fic 2! u have a real talent for writing