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Monday, 8 November 2010

Dimentions (part 4)

I'm ill. Well, not as ill as yesterday but still ill.

I'm off school today *yipee!* but im home alone *dun,dun dunnnnnnn...* so now i carry my horse riding whip around the house with me. I heard a rustle earlier and squealed but it was just my cats. I let my imagination run away with me, its both fun and terrifying.
Yesterday i just felt all achy so i thought horse-riding would loosen me up...sadly i fell off the horse when it stopped in front of a jump so i felt even worse. But dont worry, the rock hard jumping poles cushioned my fall.
So I FINALLY have some time to do my fan-fic :D then i might just watch a repeat of sherlock and just chill. Now i finally have the TV and computer all to myself so alone.

on with the fan-fic!

Kallista had drawn her sword before Tanith had even taken a single step towards them. She slashed at her wildly causing Tanith to retreat. The Nicolettes snarled in union and flung themselves at eachother. The went toppling down the stairs into the basement but their angry growls could still be heard from far below. Sabien rushed to the curtains and flung them open. He basked in the moonlight for a moment and then he fell to the floor, gasping and crying out in pain. Moments later Sabien was gone, and a huge brown werewolf stood in his place. Sabien ran foward and lashed out onto Dragona.
"Skylara, care to get your boyfriend off of me?" he asked just about holding Sabien back.
"Sorry Sabien but it has to be done." she sighed as she turned into a bright silver werewolf and pounced upon him.
Bone and Bridget were moving so fast that everyone else only caught the odd glimpse of them.
"I'm gonna kill you." Bone sneered at Bridget.
"In your dreams honey!" Bridget snapped back.

Everyone else just stood there in shock.
"What....the hell just happened?" Israel asked gawping at the scene before him.
".....Am I dreaming?" Sarthacus asked. "Coz if I am where the hell is my pet dragon and my giant pot of gold?"
"No, your not dreaming although I wish you were." sighed Necros.
"Do you know how we can get back?" Leo asked Necros.
"Every dimention is different, it's gonna take me a while." Necros replied rubbing his temples.
"Well the sooner the better," Florence said piping up. "I don't like this dimention, not one bit."
"Me neither," Aquila said quietly. "and I haven't even met the other me yet."

They turned as they heard Bridget let out an almighty grunt and flung Bone across the room and into the wall. Bone, didn't get up.
"Well, that was fun." Bridget said wiping her hands on her jeans.
"You didn't kill her did you?" Necros asked his expression darkening.
"Erm, don't think so why?" she replied.
"I'm not sure whether killing someone in this dimetion effects our one." he said quietly.
Bridget's eyes widened and she ran back over to Bone. Relief spread across her face when she cheaked Bone's pulse. It was still there.
Skylara was kicking Sabien's ass. Knowing that she was stronger than him, Sabien scanned the room for another unsuspecting target. Then he spotted Aquila, once again in cat form licking her paws clean. Sabien growled happily and bounded towards her. Aquila was oblivious but luckily Lillivale and Skylara had noticed. Skylara leap across the room and guarded Aquila deffensivly, growling, daring Sabien to come closer. Lillivale turned into a lion and roared ferociously at Sabien. Sabien yelped as Lillivale swiped at his tail and Skylara nipped at his heels and he burst out of the window running for the hills.
"Thanks guys," Aquila said as the three of them turned back to human form. "I didn't see him comming."
"No probs Aquila. Not bad Skylara." Lillivale said sounding impressed.
"Not too bad yourself." she said grinning back.
Kallista punched Tanith in the stomach making her double over in pain. Then she grabbed Tanith by the ear, led her to the smashed window and kicked her out of it.
"And stay out!" she shouted as Tanith fell below.
"Where's Nicolette?" asked Leo once everyone had caught their breath.
"Here," Nicolette said emerging from the basement. "Man that other me gets on my nerves!"
"We need a plan of action." said Israel taking charge.
"I agree." Necros said sitting down. "I think we should split up. One group should try and figure out how to get out of this dimention, another should follow Sabien and Tanith and the last should stay here and question Bone when she wakes up."
"Good idea," Israel said nodding slowly. "Ok, so Aquila, Necros, Nicolette and Sarthacus should go and try to figure out how to get out of this hell hole, Florence, Leo, Bridget and Lillivale, you guys stay here and question Bone while me, Skylara, Kallista and Dragona go and follow Sabien and Tanith. Got that?"
Everyone nodded in agreement exept for Leo who paused.
"Wait, how are we going to tell who are the good us or the bad us...if you get what I mean?" he said thoughtfully.
" We should have a code or something." suggested Florence.
"Too easy," muttered Necros. "they'd figure it out as soon as they heard us say it."
Dragona clicked his fingers. "Got it! We all wear something that shows we are the good side."
"'s not perfect but it might work." sighed Israel.
"I've got something!" Kallista squeaked in excitement. "Florence could you get me some string?"
Moments later everyone was wearing a  tiny turquoise bead on some string around their wrists.
"My bracelet snapped a few months ago." Kallista explained. "I forgot that the beads were still in my pocket until now."
"Great, let's go!" Said Israel.
When the ones who were leaving had gotten outside Nicolette paused.
"Nicolette, arn't you comming?" Sarthacus asked.
"I'll catch up in a minute." she replied. "I  think there's a stone in my shoe."
Sarthacus shrugged and turned away. Nicolette smiled to herself,got out her phone and started to text.
"Intruders from other dimention are here. Shall keep u updated master, tell mistriss I shall lead them 2 u soon." She sent it and chuckled to herself. Then she followed Sarthacus down the path.
Little did anyone but her know, that at the bottom of the basement, the real Nicolette lay bleeding and unconcious.


  1. WOW!!!!
    AWESOME story, Skylara! :D
    Great suspense!!!!
    But now you have to write the part!!!!!!
    We can't be left hanging!!!!!!

    I'm sorry that you have been ill........and that you fell from your horse!!!!!!
    I hope you will feel better soon!

  2. lol
    .....I meant to say, the NEXT part......
    crap I am stupid......


    Nice ending + Werewolf!

  4. THIS IS EPIC! i hope you feel better soon (and i also hope you post more soon)



    This is like the ultimate plot. I love it! So many exciting little time...GREAT WORK!

  6. AHHHH!!!! AWESOME ASSS!!!!! Cant wait to see what Necros and Necros are like in a fight :D

    Great writing, and great plot!!