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Sunday, 14 November 2010

dimentions part six!

first of all, i just have to say..HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO KALLISTA!!!!!!

ahem, secondly, i shall post my SHERLOCK FAN-FIC in 3days!!! i hope your all excitedddddd! seriously, please coz no one else is *sniffles*

and now, ON WITH THE FAN-FIC!!!

Leo, Florence and Bridget looked down at Bone. It had been three hours now since the others had left and Bone still hadn't woken up.
"Shall we do something?" Leo asked the others.
" I vote we hit her over the head. Preferably with something hard." Bridget suggested cracking her knuckles loudly.
"No, the shock might kill her. She already looks half dead." murmered Flo.
"Well thats what happens when you mess with me." growled Bridget.
Just then Lillivale walked into the room with a large red bucket. He sighed and threw it over Bone. Her eyes opened wide and she coughed and spluttered, gasping for air.
"You emptied out the bucket before you used it?" asked Florence.
" It was already filled up with something." replied Lillivale looking worried. "Why?"
Florence smacked her forhead. "That bucket was filled with horse pee. Do you know how long it take to get a litre and a half of horse pee?"
"Horse pee?" mumbled  Leo looking confussed.
"Don't ask..." muttered Florence. "Anyway she's awake and that's what matters."
Bone seemed to have reccovered and looked up at the four of them. "Horse pee?!" she cried. "This top cost a bomb! How the bloody hell am I gonna get horse pee out?"
"That's the least of your worrys." snarled Bridget lifting up Bone and slamming her down on a nearby chair making Bone's vision blur.
"Who's your leader?" asked Leo trying his best to sound as tough as possible.
Bone chuckled dryly. "Why the hell would I tell you?"
Bridget had a very short patience and couldn't stand Bone's snarky attitude any longer. She slapped her across the face, grabbed her left arm and twisted it hard causing Bone to cry out in pain.
"Because if you don't tell us I'll twist your arm off and I'll tell Lillivale here to turn into a werewolf and knaw your face off!" she hissed.
"I'm a shapeshifter, not a savage." mummered Lillivale tucking a lock of hair behind his ear.
"Not helping." whispered Florence while Bridget glared at him.
"Do your worst!" gasped Bone, trying her best to disguise the pain in her voice. Bridget nodded to herself and began to twist harder. Just then they heard a groan from down bellow.
"Dark Nicolette!" remembered Leo running towards the steps to the basement. He opened the door to see Nicolette lying in a pool of her own blood. Her left leg was sticking out at an akward angle and there was a huge gaping wound in her chest. But the worst thing of all was that her own name had been carved deep into her stomach. A Leo looked upon the scene before him in horror and he came to the realisation that that was not dark Nicolette down there. The Nicolette he knew would never do anything as cruel and as mocking as that.
"It's not Dark Nicolette down there!" he called to the others. "It's good Nicolette and she's in bad shape!"
He heard quick footsteps from behind him. "How do you know...." Lillivale stopped when he saw Nicolette. "Oh god..." he said quietly rushing forward to help Leo with Nicolette.
When they'd brought Nicolette up Florence gasped in horror and even Bridget looked a little shocked.
Bone cackled when she saw Nicolette. "The game, is on." She croaked before slipping into unconciousness.
The four of them looked at eachother in worry. "Yes it certainly is." whispered Florence.


  1. I would really laugh if the parallel Florence wore pink.....

    I hope that I didn't just give you ideas....

    hahaha horse pee that's legendary

  2. Thanks for wishing me a happy birthday, Skylara!
    That was really sweet of of you and did in fact, brighten my day!

    That and the fact you wrote another totaly awesome story!!!!!

    All I can say is:

    WOW WOW WOW WOW!!!!!!!!!

    Very intense and exciting story.

    ....and the part with horse pee!!!!!
    Very funny! I loved it. Poor Bones. :P

    ...and poor Nicolette!!!! I can't wait to see what happens next!

  3. *in a whisper to Skylara*

    Put both Florences in pink!!!!!!


  4. EPIC!!!!!!!!! i can't wait for the next part! and i can't wait for the Sherlock story too!