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Friday, 22 October 2010

sorry, kinda random i know. i shall continue with my fan-fic in a while

sorry, i know this isnt my fan-fic but i shall continue with it in a bit!
i just wanna say two small things.
1. does anyone have any ideas for small but cool christmas gifts? you guys are the randomist people i know so i figured id ask you. see im getting a camera for chrsitmas but i also want some small cheaper random things to go with it. for example im asking for a sound mashine with random cartoon noices (always comes in handy) and a gun that shoots foam balls at people. pleassee help.

2. also on the same subject, has anyone cheaked out I LOVE THAT SITE! thats where i get most of my random christmas ideas from. theres like...EVERYTHING.
theres an emergency clown nose kit (thats right im thinking of u florence)
a giant gummybear!
anti-gravity radio controlled cars.
also it delivers to the UK unlike msot cool random things that are just in america!

i shall continue with fan-fic later but for now BYEEEEEE! :D

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