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Sunday, 21 November 2010

drawings, possums and chimney sweeps

Just a little post.

1st thing: YAY darkane, i hope u do get your fingerless gloves. im asking for some expensive horse-riding gloves but i went with my dad to get them so i know i am getting them :D
2nd: Kallista, a mirror reflection would be soooo awesome!!!!!!!!! i want one too! *hopefully science will move on that far before christmas! fingers crossed!*

3rd: ALEX!!!!! THANKYOU SOOOO MUCH I WOULD BE HONORED IF YOU DREW SKYLARA FOR ME!!!!!!!! I WOULD LOVE IT!!! THANKYOUUUUU! and awwww i hope you experiance happiness soon! *gives alex a large possum* his name is Sammy and i hope he brings you joy.

...aww what the hell possums for all! *gets possum canon and shoots possums at everyone.*

....did i remember to give them their booster shots?

...*sees rabid possums and everyone screaming and shuffles away.*

oh i know another thing i want for christmas, NO HOMEWORK! i think i shall put on a cute little chimney sweep's costume and beg my teachers for no homework. "Please sir, i beg you for no homework. T'is christmas afterall!" *puppy dog eyes*

sorry guys, must dash, homework is a'callin.
happy early christmas to all! and i hope you all get what you want. Oh and that the rabid possums don't kill you while im away....:S


  1. ahh ill see what i can do, theres no guarantees with me tho :/ i will really try, but if it isnt good enough i wont bother to post it and will give you my deepest apologies...or if i dont have time on the other hand, then i think thats pretty much self-explanatory

    And for everyone else this isnt a regular thing its a one-off, so.... sorry


  2. oh....uh.....

    *quickly hides the list of people behind her back that she was going to hand to Alex to draw*

    Skylara! You are already wishing us a Merry Christmas. Does this mean you will not be on for a while?

    *goes white in the face and has to sit down*

    **find she can not breath at the thought of No Skylara for the next month and a half*


    Please tell me different, Skylara!

    OH! And thanks for the adorable possums!

    *goes to pet the possums*

    *screams as the animals growl at her and show thier teeth*

    *is last seen running crazily down the street with a dozen rabid possums right behind her*

  3. ~whilst running, terrified, from the possums shouts over shoulder:~
    Sorry I haven't been around here lately!
    I'm working on catching up with everybody's!!!

  4. ~finally escapes the possums~
    I hope you get what you want for Christmas too!!

    Happy Thanksgiving, Geckogirl!!