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Saturday, 27 November 2010

Dimentions part 7!

here it is...finally... its a bit short but the next part will be nice and long ;) the next part is where it all kicks off...

"So...anyone got any idea where to start." sighed Sarthacus as they trudged along the path.
"I think we should start to try and find out a bit more about this dimention before we try and escape it." said Aquila thoughtfully.
"I agree..." mumbled Necros to whom everyone listened too as he knew the most about dimentions. "We should see what we're in for here, then we might be able to figure out who can help us...."
Everyone looked around at Nicolette as they heard a bleeping. "Oh...opps." she said apologeticaly. "It's my i-phone." She looked down to cheak her texts. "You have done well. Lead them to the old sanctuary. I shall send some of the others to meet u there. U will be rewarded greatly...Misstress will remember ur loyalty...." Dark Nicolette smiled to herself. "Fools." she thought. "This will be so easy..."
"Who was it from Nicolette?" asked Sarthacus, turning to look at Nicolette's phone.
"Oh, just Flo telling me that they still haven't got anything out of Bone..." she said, quickly shoving the phone back in her pocket. "Hey, why don't we cheak out the Sanctury? There's a good place to start!"

Sarthacus eyed Nicolette up suspiciously but said nothing. "Yeah, what do you guys think?" he said to Aquila and Necros.
"It's as good a place as any..." mumbled Necros. "Let's go!"
Nicolette chuckled quietly as the others lead the way. It was just too easy....

Sorry that bit was a bit boring. BUT the next bit is where it really gets exciting! might post it tomorrow if i have time! BYE!


  1. haha sorry to nitpick, but Dimension <--you spell it with an S not a T :)

    But other than that, amazing writing! as always, its great that you can switch from dialogue to action, and back again :D

  2. So what if Dimention was spelled wrong! I mean dimenchion...dimenshion....ahh to hell with it all...

    I also read the previous thing as well, and i know how it feels when all your stuff goes missing. To be honest, if this is what your 'friends' do, i'd just walk away. And don't make a show of it either. Don;t do a speech on how horrible they have been and so on, because i know the people like this and they will take maybe three words that you used in that speech (like 'you guys suck') and then repeat it to you forever more whenever they see you around school. Don't give them any ammunition (stuff they can use against you) and find refuge with those who are like you. I joined highschool this year, and i messed up completely at the start, joining one of the most popular groups around. I started following them, trying to relate to the conversations that were being held, and eventually one of them told me to get lost, because he thought that i was someone who would fit into one of the groups who sat at the front of the class (he actually told me this while i was trying to sit next to him, and he did motion to a group of people around the front).
    Now i was devo. I cried that night, not sure where i would fit in, and then i was told by my dad to just keep on going, and to try and look for another group. I didn't believe him, but over the course of the next few weeks, i met up with that group and it turns out that they like the music i do, the games i do, the movies and also the T.V shows. I hang out with this 'nicer' group, who don't rat me out or steal my stuff. Well, sometimes....

    Anyway, its getting late, so i better be off soon. Good work with the story, i can;t wait to see who the 'Mistress' is.

    Seeya all soon,


  3. AWESOME!!!!!
    Not boring at all!
    Short but sweet!!!!!

    WRITE ON, Skylara!!!!! Write on!!!!