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Saturday, 20 November 2010

Just a Little post about some stuff.

Hello all!

First of all i would just like to wish DRAGONA PINE A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Happy birthday Dragona, if any of you want to leave dragona a birthday message i suggest you go to kallista's blog where she has a whole post dedicated to him. or, of course you could do the same as me and post something on ur own blog :)

Second of all...i have just reccived some very sad news......HELLBOY'S BROTHER ISNT GOING TO DO MY DRAWING!!!!!

ALSO HE'S NOT GOING TO DO SARTHACUS'S, DARKANE'S, AQUILA'S OR NICOLETTE'S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so, as you can tell i am deeply upset by this BUT i do understand. Louis had loads of homework and exams so he has no time to draw them. Hellboy, if your reading this then please wish louis good luck from me on his exams and also that i'd STILL better have a part in your story or....there are gonna be consequences.

so has anyone got any reccomendations for artists who would just love to draw skylara for me? Maybe someone who takes in chzracter descriptions and trys to draw them? any suggestions would be a big help as i REALLYYY want a drawing of Skylara and:

A. I can't draw

B. I'm not going to ask the 3 people in my 'group' who actually can draw becuase two of them said behind my back that they want me to go and kill myself and the other is a spoilt, arty, girly,perfect superstar who has a mean attitude.

C. I don't know anyone in my family who can draw or who would be willing too.

so yeah, any help would be appriciated.

Also i am feeling kinda ill (got a cold) but im also feeling kinda festive today! so  i would like too know what all of YOU guys are asking for for christmas. Not your whole list (ovs) but just some of the main things your gonna ask for.

I'll start:  I'm asking for a realllyy cool profesional camera so i can get into photography and take loads of pictures of wildlife :D it's gonna be my first camera but its also a really expensive cool one so im VERY excited.

Finally, I shall post some more of my fan-fic soon but for me (as im sure is is for you) im piled full of homework. im sure you all are. For some reason this year the teachers are clamping down hard and the stress is getting to me. I got 98% on a history test (and im not that good at history) and a really rubbish mark on my english (my best subject) so my world's kinda turning upside down.

so im not sure how long it will be, but dont worry, ill still be on dereks blog and reading your fan-fics! i'm a little addicted to be honest ;)

peeaceee outtt!


  1. Well, I'm getting............ fingerless glove. Sounds crap I know but my dad bought me a drum kit so that was a very early christmas present so I'm happy.
    SAD FACE!!!!! I really wish Hellboy's brother could draw me but, as you said, he has exam's so they're important. IF YOU'RE READING THIS HELLBIY TELL HIM I SAID GOOD LICK!!!!
    and, finally. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DRAGONA!!!!

  2. OMG!! Sorry Hellboy I spelt your name wrong...... sorry.

  3. 1st of all:



    He turned 14 today!!!!!!



  4. 2nd!
    Skylara and Darkane!
    I'm still not giving upa1 ai still am hoping that as soon as the new year arrives and most of the craziness is gone, that Louis will find the time and energy to do more pictures.

    I also hope another talented artist pops up just in case!

  5. lol
    silly typos
    As to what I want for Christmas.....I'll tell you but I don't think it'll happen.

    !trip around the world
    2.miniture horse- they are SO CUTE!!!!!
    3. regular least 15 hands high....young & gorgeous like me! of those computers that Tony Stark has in the Ironman movies.
    5. another sister
    6. a mirror reflection so I can skip school
    stories about Larry the Beautiful Zombie from everyone here in Dereksville Blogland
    8. Derek's next book......dedicated to sweet humble Kallista Pendragon

  6. ummm i could try draw skylara if you want? im not the BEST drawer in the world but the practise would be good if i could find the time :)

  7. and for christmas, the thing that i am going to ask for, the thing i need the most in the world will be..................................................................Happiness, the thing i have not experienced for ever so long :S