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Sunday, 28 November 2010

Dimensions (yeah Alex...i spelt it right) part 8

see alex? are u now pleased with the spelling? hmm? no, its ok ;) i ALWAYS spell things wrong. its my weak point and i am skitted for it all the time by my supposed 'friends'.

Hellyboy, thanks for the advice;)i think ur right, i should move to another group. I did try other group is into what im into...its all make-up and hair and parties with the other groups. But i suppose my group arn't exactly into what im into all the time.... the other day i wrote a poem. They stole it and were very mean about it (including the spelling) So i think i shall try to move to another group........even if they arent into what i am...thanks for the advice though :)

Now...on with the fan-fic! and here it realllllyyyy heats up....kinda.....yeah...

Israel awoke feeling light-headed and woozy. He groaned and tried to prop himself  up so he could take in his surroundings. He was in a dark cell with a green light surrounding it. Opposite his cell, he could just make out Dragona in a cell of his own. He was lying on his back looking up at the celling.
"Don't even bother trying to use magic." he said when he heard Israel stir. "Cells are bound. Green light kinda gives it away."
"Where's Kallista and Skylara?" Israel asked.
A groan to his left signalled that someone was also occupying the cell beside him. "Hello?" shouted Kallista's voice.
"We're here!" Dragona shouted back. "Are you ok? Can you see Skylara anywhere?"
Kallista shook her head to wake herself up. She crawled to the front of her cage and squinted in the darkness.
"I'm fine and no, I can't...wait..." Kallista saw in the cell opposite, a grey wolf with green eyes watching her silently. She had a bandage wrapped tightly around her torso and one of her front paws was badly swollen. When she realised that Kallista was awake, she limped forward and wagged her tail vigorously.
"Skylara!" laughed Kallista, glad to see that her friend was still alive. "Wait..why am I the only one with a green glowish thinggy around my cell?"
"We have it too!" shouted Dragona's voice from her top right. "Why? Hasn't Skylara?"
"That's weird..." mumbled Israel. "It's what bounds our cells..."
"That means Skylara can still do magic!" exclaimed Kallista. "Skylara! Quick, change back and get us the hell out of here!"
Skylara's eyes filled with sadness and she whinned unhappily.
"What's wrong?" Kallista asked. "Can't...can't you change?"
Skylara shook her head and howled mournfully.
"Aww! You poor thing!" Kallista gasped. "Was it something they gave you?"
Skylara didn't reply suggesting that she didn't know.
"What's up?" called Israel.
"Skylara can't change. She's stuck in wolf form." Kallista shouted back. "Do you guys know where the hell we ar-?" A loud creak cut Kallista off. Nearing footsteps could be heard in the distance. Dragona sat up to see Skulduggery and three white clevers looking down at him.
"Ahh! I see that our guests have awoken!" he said happily. "Dragona, I hope you slept well."
Dragona spat through the bars at him. "Go to hell." he sneered.
"...Charming." murmered Skulduggery who then turned to Israel. "I hope your above all that Israel, and that you are, at least willing to greet me in a civil manner?"
"Piss off!" Israel snarled viciously.
"My,my, we're all feeling a little tetchy today." he grumbled walking further down the cells. "Oh look! If it isn't the pet dog! If your polite you might just get a treat! Good girl! Sit!" he jeered.
Skylara growled angrily, baring her teeth and just daring him to come closer.
"Leave her alone!" Kallista shouted.
"Oh Kallista, you didn't think that I'd forgotten you did you?" Skulduggery purred, walking towards her cell.
"That's right..." she muttered. "One more step and you'll be close enough for me to kick your boney-ass!"
Skulduggery chuckled. "Kallista, I'd like to see you try. sadly, we just haven't got the time..."
Skulduggery clicked his fingers and the three white clevers moved towards the cells. "Grab them, I'll get the mutt."
The clevers moved forwards and unlocked the cells. Then they moved forward to cuff Israel, Dragona and Kallista. They put up a good fight but they were no match for the clevers superior strength without magic to help them. Skylara limped forward and snapped at Skulduggery's heels. Skulduggery sighed and kicked her in the ribs where he had shot her earlier and she yelped in pain and fell back. He bent down to put a metal chain around her neak but Skylara was determined and dived for his hands. He hissed in anger when she bit him and smacked her hard across the face making her fall unconcious.
"I'll need a muzzle for her when she wakes up." he said to the clever cuffing Kallista as he picked Skylara up. "I never did like dogs."
"Why?" laughed Dragona. "Do dogs always chew on your bones?"
Israel chuckled quietly. "Couldn't you just imagine him running down the street being chased by hungry dogs?"
"I'm considering whether or not to muzzle you two aswell!" growled Skulduggery.
"So your saying that we should just set a bunch of dogs on him the next time we have a battle?" Kallista asked joining in.
"Exactly." Dragona replied, loving how tense Skulduggery now looked.
"Let's go..." Skulduggery muttered to the clever,sounding irritated. "She's waiting."

They arrived at a huge marbel room. The pillars were jet black and the rest of the room was still pretty dark cloured. It was stunning though, like a gothic mansion. But it also felt cold and unwelcoming, like death itself was lurking in the room. At the back of the room was a large throne which seemed to be made of thin black branches. A dark figure wad sitting upon it, dressed in a long purple dress which curled around her.
"My lady...." Skulduggery said bowing lowly.
"These must be our guests," said a vaguly familiar voice. "Allow me to introduce myself..." she said moving into the light making them all gasp in shock. "I am Lady Darquesse, Queen of...well,everything."


  1. Oh wow... I told SP to go to hell :P

    Awsome... love it... nice ending btw...

  2. WOW! Awesome as!!

    And yes im going to be a bother again :/ (unfortunately) mussle => muzzle :P

    I only do it jokingly Geckogirl :P

    But yeah......really really really really great writing!

  3. AWESOME!!

    AhhH! So VALKYRIE is teh empress! Great writing!

    Can't wait for the next part!

  4. i have edited it alex...i am not amused...;)

  5. LOL

    Very awesome! Thrilling, Skylara! I love how you made it so exciting!!!!!
    Can't wait for the next part!!!!!

  6. lol thats awsesome! cant wait for the next part...i wonder were evil florence is hiding!

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