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Sunday, 3 October 2010

New skul fan-fic: Dimentions-part 1

Leo walked into the chinese take-away. He'd pulled the short straw and had to go and collect the food. He didn't mind. It was a nice evening and he felt like a stroll.
Leo went up to the counter and rang the bell. A small, old chinese man with a long white beard and glasses came running out. He stopped when he saw Leo and gawped at him.
"Erm...hi." Leo said nervously. "I came to pick up an order under the name of Black. Florence Black."
The man hesitated and then moved closer. "You. You magic." he said in a thick chinese accent.
Leo froze and his body tensed. It was probably just a crazy old man but he wasn't going to take the chance.
"Phh! No I'm not!" he said trying to laugh it off. The man wasn't buying it.
"I can sense people's magic. I sense you magic."
Leo's eyes widened. He took up a fighting stance. "Look," he said. "I really don't want to hurt you but.."
"Nor I wish to hurt you, but, me sees things. Please,give me your hand. I sense your future."
Normally, Leo wouldn't have even thought about giving the man his hand but, there was something in his expression that made him stop. He saw nothing bad in the man's eyes, only kindness. Leo relaxed and slowly moved towards the man. Cauciously he held out his hand. The man smiled and took it. He let out a small gasp as he did so and quickly took it away.
"Mr.Sparks," he gasped. "Great danger is comming! Great danger for you and your friends!"
"How did you..."
" You can not escape it! You and your friends must prepare yourselves! The cracks are opening! They shall find you! Cannot escape! Cannot escape!"
Leo looked at the man's horrified expression and he was frozen with fear.
Leo sprinted out of the take-away and up the street. He truely believed the man and he wasn't taking any chances. His friends would probably think he himself was crazy but better to be safe than sorry.

Israel flicked through the channels with a bored expression. "Nope, nope, nope,deffiantly not!" he sighed.
Aquila sat on the arm of the chair next to him in cat form licking herself. Once she had finished she yawned and curled up on his lap. Israel looked down at her with a look of distaste. "There's too many shapeshifters in this house. When I'm not covered in cat hair it's wolf hair or fox hair or dog hair!"
Skylara looked up from her magazine and grinned mischiviously. She put it down and turned into a tabby kitten. She jumped up onto the chair and then up onto his head and balanced precariously there. Bridget and Nicolette saw this and started giggling. "It's not funny!" Israel grumbled. He lifted Skylara off his head and held her up to his face. "Stop it. No. Bad Skylara." Skylara leaned forward and licked his nose. He yelped and dropped her onto the floor making the girls laugh even harder.
Dragona sighed from the corner of the room. " This is all very entertaining but I'm off to my room. Call me down when Leo gets back, I'm freakin' starving." Just as he reached for the doorhandle Leo burst in looking very worried.
"Get the others!" he panted. "NOW!"
The group raised their eyebrows at one another but ran to get the others all the same.
Once everyone was in the living room Leo told them about what the old man had said.
"The cracks are opening?" snorted Bridget. "Really now? Wasn't that a doctor who episode?"
"Oh! Oh! The one with the fez!" piped up Skylara.
Necros stood in the corner looking deep in thought. "Cracks...." he said. "That's what I saw when I was younger. When I was thrown into another dimention. A large crack through time and space."
"No, seriously Necros I'm sure that was a doctor who episode." said Florence.
"I know what I saw..." Necros said quietly.
"Ok," said Sarthacus. "So we either have A. a crazy old man whose watched doctor who too much. B. a rip in time and space comming for us or C. something competely different."
"So, what the hell are we supposed to do about it?" Lillivale said turning back from dalmation form to human.
Kallista sighed. "Well, we'll just have to play the..."
"Waiting game." everyone groaned.
"Hey Skylara,Aquila," shouted Lillivale. "Bet you couldn't bet you two couldn't beat me in a race across the garden." he said turning into a lion.
"Your on!" Skylara shouted turning into a cheetah and bounding out the room.
"Hey!" shouted Aquila turning back to human form and running after them. "That's not fair, I only have three forms!"
Florence sighed. "Shapeshifters, so darn competative. We're not like that are we guys? Guys?"
Florence turned around to see Kallista and Sarthacus having an arm wrestle and the others cheering them on. The only person who wasn't was Leo.
"I'm worried Flo." he said quietly.
She smiled at him. "Don't worry with a bunch like us we're sure to be fine. What on Earth could they throw at us that we couldn't beat?"


  1. Cool! Can I win the arm wrestle???


    I asked 1st, so I bagsie winning it!

    Off to my FF, and also There's a new post on my blog!

  2. Silly boy!
    Of course Kallista wins the arm wrestle! GIRL POWER ALL THE WAY!!!!!
    *cheering all around*
    Awesome story, Skylara! Very exciting! .......soooooooooooooo......whens the next part coming......
    Can I beat up all the boys! * looks eagerly at Skylara* Of course not to badly....Lol

  3. That is such a good story!!! write more soon!!! i'm the star!!!you are really talented and i think you are really good at describing things in it!!!KEEP 'EM COMIN'!!!!!!!!

  4. Heaps cool! Cant wait for more!

    lolz cat hair on my special jacket! oh noes!

  5. Haha come on geckogirl i cant wait to see what you come up with next!