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Thursday, 21 October 2010

dimentions-part 3 (FINALLY:D)

Today is a good day. Its half term at school,im gonna write a new fan-fic and im having pizza for tea!!!!! yay!woots! anyways, on with the fan-fic!

They arrived exactly where they had been. Standing in an identical kitchen, exactly where they had been standing. The only differerance was that the glowing blue light was gone.
"....Well." Sathacus said slowly. "That was an adventure."
"Wanna a rematch of ping-pong Israel? I'm sure I can beat you this time!" asked Dragona.
Israel grinned mischiviously. "Race ya!"
"Wait!" shouted Necros. "Something's not right."
"What?" Nicolette asked.
"....I'm not sure." he muttered. "Just...something."
"I feel something too." Leo mumbled quietly.
"Can you hear that?" whispered Florence. The others strained to hear. There was the quiet murmer of the TV comming from the livng room.
"But....we turned all the TVs off." Dragona said looking at the others in confusion.
Slowly, they crept into the living room. Aquila shapeshifted into a cat, Skylara into a wolf and Lillivale into a snow leopad. The others drew their weapons as silently as a ninja and crowded around the closed door. Kallista mouthed a countdown and on zero she kicked the door open.
They looked around the room.
"Bone?" spluttered Bridget as she saw her cousin lounging on a green sofa.
"Tanith!" exclaimed Dragona.
"Sabien?" gasped Skylara turning back to human form as she saw her boyfriend standing by the lampshade.
"Nicolette?" shouted Sarthacus.
"Um...yeah Sathacus I'm right nex to you!" sighed Nicolette.
"But...but.....but....your over there aswell!"
"What?" Sure enough Nicolette saw plain as day that she was standing (looking quite shocked) by the fireplace. Nicolette blinked at her double-ganger in disbelief.
"Bone!" laughed Bridget not noticing that there were two Nicolettes in the room. She walked over to greet her cousin. "It's so good too...." before she could finish Bone punched her in the face. Bridget staggered back in shock.
"Why the hell did you do that?" asked Sabien.
"That's not Bridget. That's not any of them." she snarled.
Everyone looked around in confussion exept for Necros. He seemed to have gone quite still.
"Alternate Dimention." he wispered to Lillivale.
"What?" laughed Lillivale.
"Just watch..." he muttered.
"HEY! BONE! WHAT'S YOUR PROBLEM?" shouted Bridget aggressivly. She hating getting punched. She was normally the one who did the punching.
Bone glared at her. "My problem?" she asked. "My problem is that yout not my cousin! Your too nice!"
"No I'm not!" shouted Bridget. "I love a good fight and I'm hardly ever friendly! Ask anyone!"
"Shut up bitch!" shouted the Nicolette standing by the fireplace.
"Escuse me?" gasped the other Nicolette. "I'm sorry but can someone tell me what the bloody hell is going on."
"I can." sighed Necros. "Alternate dimention. I read up on this after I got back from a differant one."
"When you say what way do you mean?" asked Israel.
"Well judging by the other Nicolette and Bone's behaviour I'm guessing a bad one."
"So......what's happening again?" Tanith asked standing up.
"I'm guessing these punks are from another dimention and are looking for a little fun." laughed Sabien.
"What? Sabien? What the hell's got into you?" exclaimed Skylara. "Your ment to be visiting your uncle Steve!"
"I killed my uncle Steve!" he chuckled. "Silly git."
"And now we're gonna kill you!" snarled Tanith as she lept forward.

Sorry this one wasnt very good and a little confuzzling but hopefully the next one shall be a bit better :D


  1. awsome!

    It isn't confusing... it's awsome!

  2. AWESOME! An alternate dimention!!!!!
    Very cool story, Skylara! Love the action! Thanks for posting!!!!
    *laughing at the thought of two Nicolettes*
    Here comes trouble!!!!! :P

  3. AWSOME!!!! and two mes lol well thats a weird though ... at least i could have a conversatio with myself without having to stop and explain my randomness :]