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Friday, 12 November 2010

dimentions part 5 and....something else..comming sooooooon!

woop look at me im posting slightly more often!
do u know why? its coz im skipping all my homework! yay, im gonna fail in all my exams! nah, not really ill do it all tomorrow. boy, i love saturdays!

i had a nosebleed today...and a banana. sadly i got kicked out the library for eating and kicked out of spanish for bleeding....

Anyway before i continue with the story i have another thing im gonna post...

BUT, not for 6 days!! So you have to wait a while for that, and its not the old sherlock, ohhhhh no. As most of you may know i am obsessed with yet another witty detective, thats right its not just skulduggery anymore. Its the new Sherlock on BBC 1 thats all modern and stuff. Sadly its not on for another year so im just gonna have to wait. Just like we all have to wait for Skulduggery. Man, waiting sucks.

So in 6 days i shall post it, right here, on this blog.

But for now..i give you...DIMENTIONS PART FIVE *dramatic swoosh!*

Skylara, Israel, Kallista and Dragona gathered around the fire they had made and warmed their hands upon it's open flames. They'd been following Sabien and Tanith for several hours now and they'd desided that it was high time they had a rest. They'd made camp in a forest several miles from Casa de Florence.

" was fun! We went to an alternate dimention, got kicked around a bit and now we are here, freezing too death! Good times, good times!" Skylara said sarcastically.
" least we have the fire!" Kallista said cheerfully.
"NO-!" shouted Israel but it was too late. The heavens had opened and the fire sizzled and faded out.
Israel sighed. "Have you learnt nothing from the movies?" he grumbled hugging his brown jacket tighter around him.
"Oh...sorry. I was just....." Kallista said looking ashamed.
"Don't worry Kallista." Dragona grinning at her. "It's easily fixed." Dragona pushed his hands up to make a tight wall of air above their heads, stopping the rain from falling upon them. Then he clicked his fingers,quickly dried the firewood. Kallista laughed happily, clicked her own fingers and re-lit the flame.
"Show offs." muttered Israel only making Kallista laugh harder.
"Anyone got any food?" asked Dragona looking down at his growling stomach. They hadn't eaten in hours.
Skylara's head whipped around and her ears seemed to prick up. "I could go hunting." she said, her eyes twinkling brightly.
"Fine, but I don't want any dog slobber on my food." Dragona muttered making Skylara thump him in the arm. She turned into a wolf, yelped exitedly and rushed off deeper into the forest.
"I wonder why she chose a wolf as her main form..." muttered Kallista.
"Well maybe the name Skylara Wolfbane gives it away. Also there's fact that her boyfriend is a werewolf! She obviously has a thing about wolves." replied Israel.
"My main form would be a dragon!" said Dragona eagerly.
"Mine would be a panther!" Kallista said.
"Mine would be a platypus!" shouted Israel. An akward silence fell.
"What?It was a joke guys!God!" exclaimed Israel. The others looked at eachother and then back at Israel.
"So...." Kallista said breaking the silence after a moment or two. "What do you think of this dimention?"
"I think it's a bloody nightmare," mumbled Israel angrily. "Still, it would be kinda cool to meet another me."
"I agree." Dragona said noding thoughtfully. "It would be such an epic battle and the most exillerating fight ever if I got to fight myself. Basically coz I couldn't lose either way!"
"Well, actually if the dark you won then technically you would kinda lose." admitted Kallista.
"Dark me?"
"Yeah, I think that's what we should call them. Like Dark Dragona and Dark Kallista."
"Yeah, it fits..." agreed Israel. "I like it..."

A loud bang could be heard from in the distance. Then the desprate howl echoed around them.
"Skylara..." whispered Israel. They all ran into the direction of the howling which had now become more of a wail. They came to a clearing and there in the middle they saw a silver shaped slumped on the ground that had to be Skylara. There was a large gaping wound on her left side and she wasn't moving.
"Skylara!" gasped Kallista running to her side. She cheaked her pulse and sighed in relief. It was faint but at least it was there.
"She's fading fast. If we don't get her some medical attention soon then..." Kallista didn't finish.
Israel scanned the clearing, trying to suceed in the impossible task of pointing his gun in every direction possible.
"Someone's still here..." he said quietly, his eyes darting around the thick forest. "Watching and waiting...."
"Oh, you mean someone like me?" a familiar voice said from behind him. The three of them darted around to see Skulduggery Pleasant standing before them, his arms folded and his head cocked slightly the left.
Behind him, at least a dozen clevers stood, ready to attack. But something was different about them...they were all white.
"Skulduggery, how nice too see you again!" Dragona said casually. "Didn't you here that there are some freaks from another dimention wandering about! The bloody cheak! We should so kick their asses, I heard from Nicolette that they were heading East!"
"Don't play that game with me Dragona." chuckled Skulduggery almost mockingly. "I spoke to the other Dragona moments ago on the phone."
"Oh.....well that plan failed..." muttered Dragona.
"Cuff them, grab the wolf and let's go," Skulduggery said waving his hand towards them. "The Queen said she wanted us to bring them straight to her so I suggest you do as she says unless you want to end up like the last people who upset her."
Imediately the clevers moved forward. They kicked and punched but they were too outnumbered. It was no use.
"Dragona, grab Skylara and let's get out of here!" shouted Israel as the three of them backed away.
Skulduggery tutted at them. "Seriously? I really did expect more of a fight from you Israel, I know how you love a challange. Oh well....night,night."
Before any of them could react Skulduggery drew a small silver ball from his pocket, pressed a button and threw it at them. They fell to the ground coughing and splutterling. The world started spinning and then they blacked out....


  1. :O

    *several moments staring at the screen where the story ended*


  2. AWESOME!!!!!!

    My favorite funny part:

    "I wonder why she chose a wolf as her main form..." muttered Kallista.
    "Well maybe the name Skylara Wolfbane gives it away. Also there's fact that her boyfriend is a werewolf! She obviously has a thing about wolves." replied Israel.




    I like teh part with Dragona where he tries to tell Skulduggery that they're on his side. Lol...