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Sunday, 12 June 2011

In need of some enlightenment

Ok, Im not one too stick my nose into things but something has to be said.

So I was off blogger or chatbox or whatever everyone talks on for a short while but now whenever I come back there seems to be people arguing or fighting or upset with each other.
There are about 50 different places people are talking on and I cant keep up!

I miss when we were all on Derek's blog, dancing merrily and having random stuff at every moment. Everyone seems to be arguing now and I don't like arguing. So I don't know why all that changed and yeah, im just kind of confussed, thats all.

So yeah. Ok, there was absoluterly not point to that what so ever. Yeah, thats just what I think. ...ehem.

Oh, and on a completely different note, I am working on the Sherlock interview now but I cant continue Skylara's strange dream until my laptop comes back from the repair shop. Thankyou for all the questions guys (lol, some are very very random and I shall enjoy interrogating Sherlock loads)

Sherlock: *sighs* That's something to look forward too.

Skylara: *grins smugly*

Sherlock: And did you mention something about dancing before?

Skylara: That I did.

Sherlock: *holds out his hand* Shall we?

Skylara: *takes his hand and dances off*


  1. LOL
    *hugs Skylara*
    Don't worry my friend. We will get back to all that fun stuff. Much of it still happend. I hate to say this, but the balance of the blogs has shifted a bit. When some of th ecool people started not to show up as much,(Darkane, Skylara, Leo, Thor, Sarthacus, Lenka, Mary Hiashi and some others) due to homework and all, the coolness level dropped. We met osme great new people since then but have longed for our old friends to come back. There are a couple of people who come on everyblue moon. These have prove n to be trouble makers and are subtly manipulative. (sometime not so subtly)I have tried to help with the issues and believe that soon all things will be sorted and we all will enjoy more good times with one another again.

  2. Well hopefully we are all going to be moving back to Derek's blog since I fixed Dragona's blogger. I think that was the main reason we were on the chat anywayz as it was the only way to communicate with him.

    Atleast that was the only reason that I went on chat.

  3. I don't know what's up with all the fighting either :/
    I try to help keep the peace, but sometimes things just get a bit messy. I'm hoping things will rather normal starting about now....

    And Awesome!!
    ~grins madly~
    Can't wait for this interview!