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Thursday, 2 June 2011

Simply Mind-boggling part 2

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. Very busy in school (uhh. I can't even imagine year 10)
Fingers crossed that you get to stay Kal! Wouldn't be the same without you!
Oh and Octa, in answer to your question, Straight after the last part of Simply Mind-boggling (the next part after this) and perhaps a little interview I have planned I will go right back to Skylara's Strange Dream ;)  Promise.

So here is the next part guys! Hope y'all like it! Oh and I have a little line of French in there and im not sure it's correct (I am awfaul at French) so appologies.

“Woah, woah,  woah!” Mar-Chu said raising her hands to stop everyone from babbling at her all at once. “So after the white flash, you all woke up in each other’s bodies? That’s just creepy...”
“Tell me about it!” groaned Kallista rolling her eyes...well, whoever was in Kallista’s body anyway...Mar-Chu still wasn’t very sure who that was.
“Let’s get this straight before I get confused again.” Mar-Chu ordered. “Kallista- you’re in Sherlock’s body,”
“Sadly...” Kallista replied, looking down at her long legs sadly.
“Sherlock- you’re in Skylara’s body, Skylara, you’re in Kallista’s...I think, Octa...where are you Octa?”
“Here!” The Doctor said leaping up and down. “I’ve never felt so alive! Two hearts- it’s like they’re beating to a samba!”
“Umm...anyway,” Mar-Chu continued. “Doctor, you’re in Dragona’s body and that means Dragona is in Octa’s body!”
“Wait! Does that mean we can use each other’s powers?” Skylara exclaimed.
“Brilliant!” Sherlock said with a grin that looked just a tad insane. “Now I can test out so many more of my theories!”
Skylara’s smile vanished in a flash. “Sherlock- what the hell do you mean?!” her voice rose in panic. “That’s my body! Don’t you be experimenting on it!”
But Sherlock didn’t seem to hear her. “If anyone needs me I’ll be on the rooftop! I wonder if cats always land on their feet?” And with that her transformed into a small tabby cat and bounded up the stairs and out of the basement.
“No!” Skylara protested. She knew exactly how enthusiastic Sherlock was about his ‘experiments’. “Oh, jeez can someone help me stop him before he ends up breaking my legs?”
“I’ll come!” Kallista volunteered, jumping to her feet before toppling over again and landing into a crumpled heap on the floor. “Man!” She made a sound of deep frustration. “Why are Sherlock’s legs so freakin’ long?”
“He was so determined to protect Skylara in his own body, yet now he is in hers Sherlock does what he will with it without a second thought. It seems that the over-protective lion has now become the insolent cub...” Dragona pondered aloud to himself.
Everyone gawped at him. “Dragona, what the bloody hell are you on about?” Kallista asked, frowning at how strangely her husband was acting.
“My mind feels so open!” he replied, staring into space. “It seems that Octa has learned to master his powers of controlling souls and conforming minds. Now, his body seems to have opened up my own mind and I see everything so clearly...”
Mar-Chu sighed and shook her head. This was all getting too weird- even by her standards. “I’m not gonna be able to put up with your stupid mumbo jumbo Dragona! It’s just too weird! We need to get this sorted!” she groaned. “Octa, how do we get Dragona to control your body? Octa?”
The whooshing Tardis noise flared up again and suddenly Dragona (or rather the Doctor in Dragona’s body) was up and banging frantically on the locked Tardis door.
“No Octa!” he pleaded. “You don’t know how to control her!”
“You taught me when we first met!” Octa called back merrily from inside the Tardis. “I feel amazing! Just a few trips- be back before you know it!” Octa’s voice slowly began to fade away, just as the Tardis vanished from the basement floor, leaving the Doctor sagged in a pathetic looking heap on the floor.
“I know Octa...” he whispered softly. “He won’t come back...the thrills of time travel will be too good for him...AND NOW I’M STUCK IN THIS INFERNAL BODY!” he shouted angrily, his sudden change in tone making them jump.
“Please could you stop insulting my body,” Dragona said in a strangely calm tone. “There must be another way to bring back the Tardis.”
The Doctor’s head snapped back up immediately. “There’s a password...” he muttered. “ A password to bring it back!”
“Well what is it?” Mar-Chu exclaimed impatiently.
“Ummm...I’ve forgotten...”
Everyone groaned and he smiled sheepishly. A large thud from the roof echoed through the flat. Skylara made a fearful noise not one had ever heard her make before as she looked up towards the ceiling. “Oh God...” she moaned, suddenly looking very pale. “What the hell is he doing up there?”
“Right!” Mar-Chu announced taking charge. “Kallista, Dragona, you two try and help the Doctor remember the password! Come on Skylara,” she softened her tone and grabbed Skylara’s worried hand and leading her up the steps. “let’s go stop your body from getting mangled.”

 Once they had reached the roof, there was no sign of Sherlock anywhere- not as Skylara or in any other form. It was completely empty.
“Maybe he’s turned into an ant or something?” Skylara mused.
They yelped and jumped back as suddenly, Sherlock, (in his own body) was stood right in front of them.
“This is incredible!” he exclaimed. “Shape-shifting! Every animal transform into is so different! Eyesight,  instincts, everything!”
“We kind of know that since we are...ya know, shape shifters...” Mar-Chu said rolling her eyes.
“There’s so much more I can do! It’s fantastic!” His eyes were twinkling with a mad kind of excitement. Skylara knew that look he had. It was the same look he had whenever a mysterious murder had occurred and it was so strange that the baffled police had nowhere to turn but to him. The same look he had when he was faced with a new challenge he knew no one could solve but him. Sherlock Holmes was almost always bored; this was the look he had when he wasn’t. And for the first time ever it didn’t make Skylara feel the same way at all. Instead, it was scaring the hell out of her.
“Sherlock, I think we should go back downstairs now.” She said carefully, eyeing up how far away he was from the edge of the roof. Normally, she knew Sherlock could quite easily take care of himself...but normally Sherlock didn’t have magic.
“Why? There’s so much more I want to try up here!”
“Don’t make us force you...” Mar-Chu warned him.
Sherlock grinned at them mischievously. “I’d like to see you try.” Then, he transformed into a majestic golden eagle and soared off into the sky. Quick as a flash, Mar-Chu joined him as a swift little sparrow hawk and was hot on his tail.
“Aww, hell.” Skylara muttered to herself. “I’m gonna have to do the weird floaty thing aren’t I?” She pushed the air from underneath her and unsteadily hovered a few feet off the roof. Just as she thought she was getting the hang of it, she lost her balance and crashed back down to the roof floor.
“...Ow.” she groaned.

“Ok, is it something to do with...animals?”
The Doctor groaned and banged his head on the floor in frustration. “I don’t know!” he agonized. “I told you I can’t remember!”
“How about sport?”
“NO! ...Wait,” he sat up. “I think it actually was to do with food...”
“Hallelujah!” Dragona muttered under his breath as he skimmed over the vast variety of books in Skylara’s basement.
Kallista stood up and dramatically pointed to the stairs. “To the kitchen!” she exclaimed.

Mar-Chu floated back down to the rooftop and changed back into her original form.
“Lost him?” Skylara asked as she got back to her feet.
Mar-Chu mumbled something Skylara couldn’t quite make out but the tone was unmistakeably angry.
“He’ll turn up in a minute,” Skylara said, patting Mar-Chu on the shoulder sympathetically. “He likes an audience so he can show off.” She tilted her head to one side as if she was trying to listen to something far away. “Hey, do you hear a buzzing?” she asked.
Mar-Chu’s eyes widened in alarm. “OH MY GOD!” she yelled. “THE BEES!” she started flailing her frying pan around in a mad frenzy of panic, trying to hit the bee she could hear but not yet see.
“Stop!” Skylara shouted. “Don’t hit it! It’s probably Sherlo-“  BASH!
The frying pan hit Skylara smack bang in the middle of her forhead- or rather, Kallista’s forehead. She span around on the spot for a moment before crashing to the rooftop floor. Mar-Chu gawped at Skylara’s unconscious body in shock. “Oh...” she breathed, looking from the frying pan in her hand to her friend’s unconscious body lying at her feet, still trying to register what had just happened.
Seconds later, an eagle swooped down to the rooftop. Sherlock transformed back into his own body and chuckled looking rather smug. “I win Mar-Chu.” He turned to face his defeated opponent but immediately stopped chuckling the instant he saw Skylara’s body slumped on the floor. He ran over and knelt by her side. “What happened?” he asked, his voice was empty with no emotion but as his concerned eyes scrutinized the injuries on Skylara’s forehead, Mar-Chu knew that inside the Detective was far from emotionless.
“I heard a bee and tried to whack it and she thought it was you and tried to stop me and...” Mar-Chu babbled on. “Is she ok?”
“You hit her pretty hard...” Sherlock’s eyes burned holes into the back of mar-Chu’s skull. “She should wake up any second now, then we’ll know how bad the damage is.” Taking great care, he picked up Skylara’s limp form in his arms and went down the stairs, Mar-Chu anxiously followed from behind.

“A ladle?” asked Dragona.
“Carrots?” tried Kallista.
“This is going to take forever!” Kallista said hopelessly. She tried to run her hands through her long black hair but then remembered that she had Sherlock’s hair and growled in frustration. Instead, she went over to the fruit bowl and angrily tore into a juicy red apple, munching viciously.
Dragona tutted at Kallista. “Anger solves no problems...” he informed her.
Kallista almost choked on her apple. “Who are you and what have you done with my husband?” she spluttered.
“You must remember something Doctor.” Dragona said changing the subject.
The Doctor drummed his fingers on the countertop. “I think I had it in France the last time I went.” He pondered aloud. “Ahh yes! I had it when I met Joan of Arc! Lovely woman, but a tad over-dramatic....”
“Well...” Kallista replied slowly. “It’s a start! Maybe we can work our way from there. So tell me, what else do you-“
She was interrupted by a sharp rasp at the front door. She looked expectantly at the two men who acted like they hadn’t heard a thing. “Typical...” she sighed, rolling her eyes at them as she walked towards the front door.
She opened it to find Sherlock carrying her in his arms and a rather worried looking Mar-Chu behind him. She was about to scream until she remembered that Skylara was in her body and she calmed down again. Then she saw the massive lump on her forehead and opened her mouth to scream again.
Before she could however, Sherlock impatiently pushed past her and placed Skylara delicately onto the living-room couch. Mar-Chu hurried to the freezer and grabbed some frozen peas. Sherlock nodded gratefully and put them on the huge bump that seemed to be growing by the minute on Skylara’s forehead.
“What happened?” Dragona exclaimed.
Mar-Chu opened her mouth to answer but Sherlock beat her too it. “Oh,  Mar-Chu just smashed Skylara’s head in with a frying pan because she thought see was a bee.” His voice was dripping with sarcasm and anger.
“Hey! It was an accident!” Mar-Chu said defending herself.
“Oh God!” Kallista whispered. “If I get back into my body then that is gonna hurt like hell tomorrow!”
“Shh!” The Doctor insisted. “I think she’s waking up!”
Skylara’s eyelids fluttered open. She groaned in pain and her hand immediately reached for her forehead.
“Skylara!” Mar-Chu laughed. “You’re ok!”
Skylara looked around them, her eyes widening in confusion. “Who’s Skylara?” she asked. “And who are you guys-WOAH!” she exclaimed sitting up in shock. She stared at Sherlock and Kallista in awe. “Are you guys, like...twins or something or am I just seeing double?”
Sherlock turned his steady gaze back to Mar-Chu. “Skylara!” he mimicked. “You’re ok! Does she look ok to you Mar-Chu!?”
“Oh...Um...” Mar-Chu looked down at the floor sheepishly. “Maybe we just need to jog her memory! Hey, Skylara! Remember what happened with the bee?”
Mar-Chu transformed into a small bumblebee and started darting around the room.
“NO!” everyone yelled in union but it was too late. Skylara was already screaming her head off.

“Well, it seems she still has very basic common knowledge but no memory of anything about herself or magic.” Dragona informed them after he and the Doctor had examined Skylara to get a second opinion.
“Is it temporary?” Kallista asked quietly.
“Most probably, but we don’t know how long it will last. But I’m sure she’ll be fine.”  The Doctor reassured her.
They all looked over doubtingly at Skylara, hunched up in the far corner of the room, shaking in fear and gripping her knees tightly. Things were worse than they thought. The Skylara they knew would never do anything like that.
“Although Mar-Chu may not have gone about it in the right way, she’s right. I think some of us should try and jog her memory.” Dragona suggested.
“I will.” Sherlock volunteered.
“Me too!” Mar-Chu said half a second later. Everyone raised their eyebrows at her.
“She’s cowering in the corner over there thanks to you!” Kallista exclaimed.
“And you were the one who hit her on the head in the first place.” Dragona added.
“I think you’ve done enough damage.” Sherlock said coldly.
Mar-Chu winced at each of their comments, each one felt like she was being slapped across the face. “I want to make it right! Please?” she begged.
Everyone exchanged looks for a moment.
“Fine.” Sherlock grumbled. “But let me calm her down a bit first, ok?”
Mar-Chu squealed in delight and, before anyone could stop her she engulfed the detective into a massive hug making him immediately stiffen. “Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you!” she laughed.
Sherlock looked down at her like she had some sort of disease. “Someone please remove her from me.” He said looking horrified. Kallista quickly peeled Mar-Chu away from him and turned back to Dragona and The Doctor.
“Come on boys,” she said waggling her eyebrows at them. “We have work to do.”
“To the kitchen!” The Doctor bellowed. “...Again!”

“So you are Skylara and this is your flat.” Sherlock said slowly. “And we are your friends.”
“You have really pretty eyes...” Skylara breathed quietly as she gazed up at him. “They’re so cold and stormy yet so alluring.”
“Umm, thank-you.” Sherlock fought the urge to slam his head on the floor. It was like talking to a child. This was going to take forever.
“Can you protect me from that thing over there?” Skylara asked him, glancing at Mar-Chu fearfully.
Sherlock was too taken back to reply at first. In all the time he’d known Skylara she’d never ever asked him to protect her-not that she ever needed him too of course. Sherlock sighed. Patience was something he’d never had. But he would grit his teeth this one time; if only to get his Skylara back.
“Well, you see, Mar-Chu is a shape shifter. She’s magical. Like you.”
Skylara’s eyes widened in shock. “Magic exists?” she squeaked. “Are you magic too?”
“Not normally but something weird happened and we all swapped bodies.”
“Oh...was it magic?”
“...Sort of.” This was hard. He knew 99.9% of all people were idiots-(that’s why he avoided most of them.) but this was torturous.
“Where’s my body then?” Skylara asked, interrupting his thoughts.
“Well, I’m in it.”
“I look like that? Wow, I’m pretty! Wait! I’m not a boy am I?”
“No, I shape shifted back into my body.”
“I’m a shape shifter?”
“This is going to be a long night.” He mumbled to himself in frustration.

“Ok, look at everything in front of you and see if anything jumps out.”
The Doctor stared at the vast collection of various food items and kitchen utensils laid out  in front of him. Dragona and Kallista had raided the kitchen leaving it a bare, empty shadow of its former self. Every possible thing they could find was now sitting on the kitchen floor, staring up at him, and the Doctor stared right back.  The Doctor glared down at them, wracking his brains, the look on concentration on his face was blinding.
“Think, think, think.” He kept muttering to himself quietly as he paced to and fro, scanning each item carefully as he went. After ten minutes or so, he laughed and banged his hand down hard on the table, making Dragona and Kallista jump out of their skin.
“Have you got it?” Dragona questioned, his voice rising in his excitement.
“No, but I need a sandwich!” the Doctor yelled back in the exact same tone. “Preferably one with fish fingers and custard! And a jammy dodger for afterwards!”
Kallista’s eyes filled with rage.”Just when you got our hopes up...” she uttered in a dangerous tone, her fists clenched so hard Dragona thought her knuckles would pop out.
“Come on Kallista, Sherlock would never forgive you if you broke his hands.” Dragona said, dragging his wife away before  this got ugly.

“So everyone here is magic except for you and a magical box made us all swap bodies!” Skylara announced.
“Yes!” Sherlock agreed. Finally they were getting somewhere.
“And that girl smashed me on the head with a frying pan because she thought I was a bee?” she asked pointing again to Mar-Chu, who smiled apologetically from across the room as she used her animal hearing to listen in.
“Yes.” Sherlock glared at Mar-Chu and she looked down again, pretending to be reading.
“But...what if I don’t remember everything again...?” Skylara began to tear up. “What if you all have to teach me it all?” she sniffed. “I don’t want to be like this...”
Mar-Chu ran over to her friend and knelt by Sherlock, ignoring how Skylara flinched as she neared. Tentatively, Mar-Chu reached out and held her hand and, after a brief pause, Skylara took it.
Sherlock lifted her chin up so she could look at him and he gave her one of those incredibly rare smiles he had. A caring smile that he hardly ever showed anyone but her.
“We’ll do whatever it takes.” He promised. Mar-Chu nodded in agreement and gave Skylara’s hand a reassuring squeeze.
“I have it!” the Doctor boomed from across the room. “Oh, of course! Stupid, stupid, stupid!” he thrust his jammy dodger in front of Dragona’s face. “Jam! Jam! Jam!” he shouted like it had just saved his life. “Ohh, but not just any jam! What’s the best jam hmm? What is the jammiest jam of all jams?”
“Is he always like this on television?” Sherlock asked Mar-Chu who nodded as they watched the Doctor’s rampage.
“Good ol’ strawberry jam!” He grabbed Kallista by the shoulder and shook her with joy. “What’s better than strawberry jam? French strawberry jam, in France with Joan of Arc! But it’s not French strawberry jam! Ohh no! It’s UNE POT DE CONFITURE A LA FRAIS!” he cried out thrusting his hands up in the air in triumph.
A familiar whooshing sound filled their ears. Everyone laughed happily and jumped for joy save Skylara who didn’t have a clue what was happening so hid behind Mar-Chu and Sherlock.
The Tardis appeared in front of them and the Doctor (or rather Octa) popped his head out the door and frowned at them.
“Aww!” he groaned, stamping his foot like a spoilt child. “But I was just off to see Sir Issac Newton!”


  1. LOL

    This is really amazing. And very confusing! But I think I've got my head around it!

    Fantastic! Love it! Awesomesauce Incarnate!

    An EPICA derektastic piece of writing!


  2. Hahaha!! This is incredibly crazy and awesome-sauce! :D
    I love it :]

  3. Awesome! XD Amazing work, and I loved how you depicted the doctor, exactly as he is. Especially the jam scene :)

    Great work, but O_O what's going to happen to Skylara o.O

  4. Hey, Geckogirl, Thanks for your comment on my poem! :D
    But I had to tell you that that picture of Katniss wasn't done by me, unfortunately. It was in my favorites and I clicked on it to get the link to show Hellboy xP
    It was awesome, though, wasn't it? :D