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Monday, 6 June 2011

Questions for interview needed!

Hi guys!
As I mentioned in the previous post, I have been meaning to do an interview with someone for quite a while now, and while I'm busy writing the next part of Skylara's strange dream I would kinda like some questions from you all!

Sherlock: Who are you interviewing?

Skylara: *smiles mischiviously* You.

Sherlock: What! No, no,no,no,no! Why me?

Skylara: *ignoring him* Now I know Thor did an interview with another Sherlock but I'd quite like to do one with my Sherlock.

Sherlock: *eyes narrow* What do you mean the other Sherlock? There is only one me isn't there?

Skylara: Umm...*shifty eyes* Yes...of anyway, you can-

Sherlock: You don't have to do an interview. Why do I?

Skylara: *sighs* Because they already know quite a bit about me! Not about you!

Sherlock: Well I'm not doing the interview unless you do it too. *Folds arms*

Skylara: *shakes head* When did you get so stubborn?

Sherlock: *Smiles smugly*

Skylara: *grumbles* Fine. But they aren't gonna want to ask me any questions! They are sure to want to ask you some though.

Sherlock: Such as?

Skylara: Why the hell you were in Hellboy's house the other week scaring the hell out of him!

Sherlock: Well...he wasn't very welcoming.

Skylara: You appeared in his house uninvited! You terrified him!

Sherlock: I tend to do that to some people.

Skylara: *shakes head* So guys, send in any questions you want me to ask Sherlock-

Sherlock: Or Skylara.

Skylara: *glares* Or me, and I'll do the interview once I have enough questions to ask. Thanks!


  1. When did you first discover Sherlock?

    If someone hadn't watched it before and wanted to be up-to-date in five minutes, what would you say?

    Do you write?

    Did anything magical ever happen to you?

    What kind of books do you like?

    What would be your answer to Magic Rainbow Ninja Unicorn are about to rule the world?

    Gepard Valk

  2. I've never been good with questions...

    I'll try to think of some!

  3. For Sherlock: Since you are a very observant person, what were your first impressions of Skylara?

    For Skylara: Which is better- Pirates or Ninjas?

    For Sherlock: Do you believe in any mythical creatures?

    For Skylara: Are there any more writing projects you are thinking of? And are you wondering as to if you will have writing as a career?

    ^Those are all I have... for now^

  4. Ooooh. Questions.

    Skylara- Which langauges do you speak?

    Sherlock- Do you like oranges?

    Skylara- What is your favourite letter of the alphabet?

    Sherlock- Do you read Skulduggery Pleasant?

    *waves axe threateningly*

    Um... that be all.

  5. Hehehe! Questions!
    ~rubs hands together mischievously~

    What exact hue did Watson turn when you told him you were out of jam?

    Have you ever had a pet?
    If so, what happened to it?

    Do you like bunnies or think them rather... bunny-ish....

    What's your favorite type of phone?

    Have you always lived in the city in which you live?

    Khaki or jean trousers?

    Pirates or ninjas?

    What was the first story/poem/fan-fic/miscellaneous article of writing not related to school stuff that you ever wrote?

    Can you post it?? ;D

    What's your favorite movie?

    Why do you call yourself Geckogirl anyway?

    How did you come to like those things that look like llamas, but are really something else whose name I have forgotten?

    Why did we ever stop saying, "Stay weird and possibly" umm something... was it gecko? It might have been gecko... anyway....

    Do you remember those little stories we used to make on the blog? Wasn't that fun? :D You should come on sometime to do it again ~nods~

    Who's your non-online bff?

    Ok... I think that's it for now :P

  6. Oh wait! I think it was, "Stay weird and possibly salamander" ;}

  7. Have you ever used a kitchen utensil as a weapon?

  8. *narrows eyes*


  9. Skylara!

    New post! READ READ READ!

  10. Questions :D

    For Sherlock: If you were trapped in a room with no way to escape, the only other person in the room was Doctor Who, and there was an unlimited supply of air and somehow both your bodies were being sustained (much like the cages in The Gaol from SP) which person do you think, being the genius that you are, would go insane first and try to kill the other? *Plus* If one if you DID try to kill the other, which one of you would survive?

    For Skylara: We do not hear a lot about Skylara's crossbow in your stories. Background/history/possible name/misc info?

    When you are talking about Sherlock, are to referring to him from the ABC short TV show that was on a while ago (what was it, three episodes?), or is he the Sherlock from the movie? (I liked the movie one better...epic 48fps slow-mo shots ftw)

    @Sherlock Have you ever insulted (to their face) someone of royal status? If so, by accident ("So, when's the baby due?" "...What baby?" "...oh..." -__-) or on purpose? (There are way to many ways to insult someone on purpose so I'm not even going to give an example)

    For Skylara: Just a random question that I literally just thought of, but if your OC saw a gazelle fifty feet away and she had her crossbow and a roaring fire next to her, would she shoot it, cook it and eat it as a human, or would she shift into a lion and beat the crap out of the gazelle, and eat it raw. (it would taste just as good, seeing as she'd be a lion and lions prefer roar meat [see what I did there? xD You see what I did? Get it? 'Roar'? Cos it's...and lions...ah stuff it...].)

    Um... That's all I can think of.

  11. woah. that is a looooot ooff quuueesttiioons.

    Sherlock: Yes. Yes that is.

    ok, im gonna get started on the interview now. thanks guys! might not be able to post for a while though coz laptop is off at the shop getting fixed and i cant post on this computer.

    Thanks for all your help! :D

  12. *mutters and grumbles*

    His name is the Doctor! Not Doctor Who. That be the name of the show. *mutters some more*

    Bah humbug!

    (I apologise. I'm just too big a fan to let that little slip pass unoticed)