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Sunday, 5 June 2011

Simply Mind-boggling Part 3 (Final part)

Hey guys!
Here is the final part of Simply Mind-Boggling! I'm gonna go straight back to writing Skylara's Strange Dream tomorrow BUT I have an interview idea that I will post about tomorrow or the next day and I might want a few question ideas from you...but more on that tomorrow...



“Octa!” Kallista cried, leaping at her friend and engulfing him into a huge hug. Octa smiled and opened his mouth to say something but Kallista suddenly let him go and slapped him across the face. Hard.
“What was that for?” he yelled, shocked at her sudden outburst.
“You left us in different bodies!” she exclaimed. “I’ve been stuck as Sherlock bloody Holmes for over nine hours! Do you know what that does to a girl?”
Octa backed away from her slowly as he nursed his throbbing cheek. Kallista was not one to lose her temper easily.
“And you stole my Tardis.” The Doctor chimed in, keen to join in the finger pointing.
“And if you hadn’t taken off I wouldn’t have had to hit Skylara in the head with a frying pan causing her to lose her memory and apparently her whole personality as well!” Mar-Chu indicated to Skylara, who was nervously peeking from behind her shoulder and was gripping Sherlock’s hand so tightly he thought it might drop off.
“Well I’m here now aren’t I?” Octa blurted out, trying to redeem himself.
“Only because I summoned you with a pot of strawberry jam!” the Doctor informed him. Dragona nodded and patted Octa on the shoulder.
“T’is time my friend.” He said wisely.
“Yeah it is!” Kallista yelled suddenly banging on the table. “My husband is sounding more and more like Yoda by the minute!”
The Doctor pushed past Octa and leapt into the Tardis, happy to have it back again.
“Hello old girl,” he sighed dreamily. “Did you miss me Sexy?” An awkward silence spread across the room and the Doctor noticed that everyone was staring at him as he stroked the Tardis affectionately.
“Right! Everybody in!” he bellowed merrily, quickly diverting the attention away from what had just happened. The others stepped inside, well...except Skylara who was more dragged in by Sherlock and Mar-Chu.
“Now then...” the Doctor said whilst he fiddled with various leavers and buttons, making odd little noises every now and then. Finally, he made a satisfying grunt and turned to grin at them. “GERONIMO!” he roared as he pulled a big orange leaver.
The Tardis rattled uncontrollably once again and the companions were thrown this way and that. Then, there was a huge flash of blue light and everything was still once more.

This time everyone woke up at pretty much the same time.
“Am I me again?” Kallista groaned as she sat up. Her hand went to her hair and she laughed as she ran her fingers through her long silky locks. “Wooht! I’m not some freakishly lanky man anymore!” she rejoiced punching the air in triumph.
Sherlock glared at her from across the room. “I’m glad to see you are back to your usual polite self Kallista.” He muttered sarcastically as he began dusting off his suit.
The Doctor leapt to his feet. “I’m back baby!” he laughed as he began dancing (quite badly) around the Tardis making Kallista snort with laughter until the large bump on her head suddenly started throbbing as her feelings started to return. “Jeez mar-Chu!” she said, gripping the side of the Tardis to support herself as the pain suddenly hit her like a brick. “That hurts like hell!”
“Sorry!” Mar-Chu said apologetically as she picked herself off the floor. Octa slowly got up and he looked down at himself and sighed. “Well,” he said. “It was fun while it lasted and I have to admit it is good to be back in my own skin.”
Dragona grunted in agreement as he shook himself off. “Yeah man,” he groaned. “Your body felt really achy and stuff but at the same time sorta mysterious and wise.” He smiled as he looked down at his tall frame. “YAY! I’m tall again!” he wooped with joy and Kallista ran over to hug him.
“Glad to have you back.” She murmured as she nuzzled deeper into his coat.
“You too.” He replied kissing her head gently.
“Has anyone seen Skylara?” Sherlock asked, sounding uncharacteristically anxious. Everyone looked around but saw no sign of her. Suddenly, as if on cue, a small black cat leapt up from bellow them, transformed into Skylara and threw her arms around Sherlock.
“Hello again.” She said, grinning her usual crooked grin. “Miss me?”
Sherlock smiled down at her, a warmth in his eyes he hardly ever let shine through his hard outer shell. “Not really, no.” He answered. “I was rather getting used to the idea of you cowering behind me all the time.”
Her grin widened. “Not a chance.” She muttered before yelping in surprise as he picked her up and spun her around in his arms. “Hey!” she laughed. “Recovering from temporary memory loss here!”
When he finally put her down, her feet had barely touched the ground before Mar-Chu began hugging her tightly, as if she was a balloon and might fly away if she didn’t hold her to the floor. “I’m so sorry!” she bawled. “I really didn’t mean too...”
Skylara hugged her friend back. “Hey, I know, it’s all ok now,” she comforted. “It was an accident. Anyway, the body swap back must have fixed my memory problem.” She let go of Mar-Chu and smiled happily at her. “And you tried to fix it, which is all that matters.”
She whirled around to Kallista and stared at the large bump on her head. “Wowza!” she whistled. “No wonder I lost my memory! You’re gonna need some ice on that thing!”
Kallista smiled grimly. “I’ll go to the Sanctuary hospital first thing tomorrow; they should have something that’ll help. But, in the meantime, where did you put the frozen peas?”

Everyone settled down in Skylara’s living room. She brought them out some tea and Oreos and as soon as they sank down onto the chairs and couches, they all felt as if they couldn’t move for anything.
Well...that was until Octa clicked his fingers and announced that he had brought them all gifts from his travels as a Time lord.
Mar-Chu darted up like a rocket. “Oh, oh!” she threw her hand up in the air and shook it eagerly. “Me first, me first!” she begged.
Octa put his hand into a large sack and chuckled to himself. “I feel like Father Christmas!” he laughed as he pulled out a large jar made of silver and shaped like a cat.
“Wow!” Mar-Chu exclaimed. “That is so cool!”
“Open it.” Octa urged.
Mar-Chu popped off the cat’s head to find it was filled to the brim with chocolate chip cookies.
“It’s magic.” He informed her. “They’ll never run out.”
Mar-Chu squealed with delight and hugged Octa so hard he could hardly breathe. She let him go and slowly began to nibble on a cookie, giggling every so often with pure joy.
Octa dug his hand deeper into the sack. His hand emerged holding a golden lotus flower about the size of his palm. He handed it to Kallista and her eyes widened in awe.
“You put a few drops of your blood in it,” he told her. “And then you place it somewhere and if you focus on it hard enough then it teleports you there whenever you want.”
“,” Kallista breathed. “Octa, it’s wonderful!”  She smiled up at her friend. “How can I ever thank you for such a gift?” she asked.
He grabbed her hand and twirled her around. “Your happiness is the greatest thanks you could ever give me.” He told her as she laughed and span gleefully.
Once Kallista had sat back down Octa walked over to Dragona and handed him a small disk that looked like just an ordinary DVD.
Dragona frowned in confusion. “It has no label...” he realised.
Octa chuckled. “That’s because it’s every movie ever made! Just think of a movie and put it in a DVD player.”
“Awesome!” Dragona said, punching the air and turning to Skylara. “Your movie collection ain’t so impressive now, is it?”
“Good luck prying him away from the T.V now Kallista.” She said, rolling her eyes at Dragona as he danced around the room.
Octa handed Skylara a small ring. It was silver with a large round stone in the centre and the more Skylara looked at it, the more mesmerising she thought it became. The stone seemed to change colour and swirl mysteriously like a misty kaleidoscope of rainbows.
“This might help a little with your detective skills.” He said, smiling at how she couldn’t take her eyes off the ring. “When you wear it, you can tell when people are lying.”
“That,” she said slowly. “Is the coolest thing ever!” She put it on her index finger and grinned at how perfectly it suited her. “Thank-you so much Octa, you fabulous genius you!”
Octa’s face flushed with pride. “Thanks, it’s not much really...” he said modestly. He turned to Sherlock and handed the detective an elegant little black box, just small enough to fit in his pocket.
“This,” he said seriously. “Was particularly hard to get hold of. Put any piece of DNA in this and it can do a completely accurate DNA test in three seconds, it can identify any substance in fewer than five and it can scan anything you put in it for fingerprints and tell you whom they belong to within a minute and seven seconds.”
“Brilliant!” Sherlock said gazing at the box in amazement. “Now I won’t have to have the police interfering so much or visit the lab and put up with Molly so often!”
Skylara frowned disapprovingly at him. “I like Molly.” She protested. “She’s very sweet and caring.
A devious smile began to play at the corners of Sherlock’s lips. “She asked me out for coffee again last week.”
Skylara’s eyes suddenly went hard and cold, her hand beginning to grip the couch a little too tightly. “Yeah, it’s probably best you stay away from the lab.” she agreed making Sherlock’s smile grow even wider.
Octa approached the Doctor and he raised his eyebrows.
“Octa my friend,” he said. “What could you possibly get a Time lord who can go anywhere at any time in the whole Universe without so much as batting an eyelid and get almost anything he ever wanted?”
Octa produced a little red fez from his sack. The Doctor smiled warmly at him.
“You know me so well.” He chuckled placing the fez proudly upon his head, where it levitated slightly upon his springy quiff.
“Movie anyone?” Dragona suggested, moving towards the DVD player. “Any one that you like!”
“Lord of the Rings!” shouted Skylara.
“The Time Traveller’s wife!” The Doctor yelled.
“Kick-ass!” Kallista chimed in.
“Kick-ass it is!” Dragona announced clasping his hands together.
“Aww! Why?” whined Mar-Chu.
“Because I love Kallista and what she says goes.” He told them, taking her hand affectionately.
Everyone started to make sounds of protest and disgust at Dragona’s cheesy outburst until they were interrupted by a loud knock at the door. Skylara plucked Sherlock’s arm from behind her shoulders and skipped away to answer it.
Moments later she was thrown back across the room and landed with a painful smash into a nearby coffee table.
“Damn!” She groaned. “That was a gift from the Queen! Well...” She pondered a moment. “I wouldn’t exactly say a gift...”
The darkly dressed figures strode through the doorway and into the living room, their deadly looking swords glistening at their sides.
“Ninjas!” Kallista snarled, clicking her fingers to draw a flame.
“Can we please take this outside as I really do like this apartment and-“ Skylara was interrupted when one of the ninjas purposely knocked over a jade sculpture of a tiger.
Skylara took in a sharp breath. “Now, THAT was not very nice.”
Sherlock nodded to her and instantly the friends were by her side, taking up fighting stances.
“Do we ever just have a quiet night in?” Mar-Chu sighed as she eyed up the nearest ninja, looking for the opportune moment to strike.
Octa smiled. “Where would be the fun in that?”





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