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Monday, 4 July 2011


I'm soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sorry I havent posted in forever or been on chat that much. But I have a reason.

...I have my english writing GCSE next week.

*Skylara pauses so everyone can gasp dramatically*

Yes, for some reason we are taking it early and it's the creative writing one. And guess who wants an A* because she wants to be a writer or scriptwriter?

...Yup. Me.

So we have been preparing for weeks and weeks and just today they have given us the brief and let us start to draft the actual thing. Sadly, I started planning something but it turned out too much like a story rather than a description (which is the first one we are doing) so my teacher didn't like it so much.

Back to the drawing board for me then.

Next week, once it is over though, I shall type up the Sherlock interview I have already done and then carry on with Skylara's Strange Dream after that.
Oh how I do miss writing for fun rather than following stupid english rules and regulations.

Wish me luck and I shall return to you soon!

In the meantime I hope you guys are all writing away so that I can read your awesome stuff when I get back! :P

*Skylara flies out on a giant flying possum*


  1. Ach. You yungun's have a new English Course to my GCSE. You have to do assements no?

    I just had loads of exams at the end. Still had a description thingy though. I had to "describe a country scene in summer and winter". Not the most exciting thing.

    But at least all my GCSE's are over

    *malicious grin*

    But the very best of luck in your endevours.

    GOOD LUCK!!!

  2. SKYLARA!!!!! Can't wait to chat with you again and read your awesome stories!
    As Octa said, GOOD LUCK my friend!

  3. I'm sure you'll do well Skylara! Amazingly well! And fingers crossed and rabbit's feet and horses hooves and four leaf clovers for luck!

    ... Are leprechauns considered lucky? You're getting one, just in case...

    *launches a leprechaun in Skylara's general direction*

  4. ~glomps Geckogirl before she can disappear... even though it HAS been a week since she posted this.....~
    [I've been trying to catch up with reading blog-stuff for ages xD]
    I wish thee the greatest and most prestigious luck you can possibly, possibly, have!
    .... Even though you've probably already finished whatever it....
    Ah, well, I can't wait for you to get BACK! :D

  5. Wishing you luck!

    I was wondering why you weren't on for ages!

  6. *lassos flying possum*
    We miss you dreadfully!
    Hope all is well with you!
    *hugs and noogies a billion times*


  7. SKYLARA!!!!!

    I was reading Skylara's Strange Dream again and I realised how much I miss it. I know I've asked for the next part before and I know you'll write it.

    But I miss chatting with you even more!

    So come back! Hope all is well!