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Sunday, 3 April 2011

Blocks of randomness....

.....I haven't done all my homework. But I felt the need to write.

But now that I've finally sat down at the head is full of too much randomness to actually write.

You want to know what I am currently thinking about as I am writing this? I'm sure you don't but I'm gonna go ahead anyway since it might help clear my mind so I can get on with some fan-fiction.

Doctor who. Sherlock. Bunnies. Robert Webb doing flashdance on comic relief. Sideways scene.

...Let me explain.

I think the doctor who may have been caused by the fact that I am sooooo excited that it's comming back on soon and therefore there will be something that is actually deccent to watch on tv. All week I have been singing the theme tune around the house. ...It also might be linked with this:

Now, Sherlock and the bunnies is most deffinatly because of this:

Now if those bunnies are anything like the one in Monty Python no wonder even Sherlock is scared.

Robert Webb on comic relief has to be because of that dance programme my sister was so intent on watching. If anyone hasn't seen the clip it is actually pretty epic....and maybe a tad scaring for life...

Anyone know how to add clips of youtube? T'would be most handy to know for future referance but for now I shall just put the linky-dink:

And finally sideways scene. This is because my friend insisted that I watch some sideways scene clips from a comedy show called 'Fast and Loose'. Since I'd never heard of it I decided it was probably rubbish. But then I remembered that that's exactly what all my friends said about Sherlock and decided to give it a go.

It was hilarious. Simply hilarious.

You guys MUST watch this: They are all amazing but this one was my favorite.

Fast and Loose also has a guy who does funny interpretive dances. My favorite is 'Human' by the Killers or 'Don't stop me now' by Queen. here's the link for the killers one:

Now then, the whole point of this post was too ask what your guys random thoughts are currently about.

Sherlock: *sighs* Wrong!

Skylara: What?

Sherlock: The whole POINT of this post was that you finally got a chance to post and you couldn't think of anything to write about so you went on about a bunch of random stuff that no one particularly cares about.

Skylara: *Grumbles* Your just grumpy because you haven't had a case in weeks and your bored.

Sherlock: So are you.

Skylara: Shut up and let me post on my blog!

Sherlock: Fine! I'm going to go and experiment on something.

Skylara: Is it John?

Sherlock: Yes.

Skylara: *smiles* Good.

ANYWAY, I want to know what you guys are currently thinking of randomly. Oh and also if you guys ever have these randomness writer's blocks or if I'm just plain weird.

Ok...Since I can't write I think I'm gonna go read now. OH! and I finished 'A study in scarlet'. T'was epic but not as epic as 'A study in pink'



  1. Skylara, my thoughts now are: LOL.

    'Twas: "Interesting..." After the first paragraph, and then LOL continuously after the Doctor Who picture.

    And I MUST check out Fast and Loose now!

    And now I'm thinking: I'LL NEVER LIVE TO BE FOURTEEN!

    And I love how you have all these random conversations with John. 'Tis epic!

  2. Ooooeeeeooooooooooo.....


    Dun-dun, d-d-dun-dun, Dun-dun, d-d-dun-dun, dah! ;)

  3. Another thing...who's John? And by Sherlock you mean Holmes, right?

    I have to say...I didn't quite get that comic strip :/ it seemed funny tho...

  4. lol yes hellboy i meant sherlock as in holmes- specifically the sherlock holmes played by benedict cumberbatch in the bbc series 'Sherlock'.

    And John is Dr. John Watson also out of sherlock holmes. ;)

    and i've still been singing doctor who all of today lol!

  5. and lol lunar, fast and loose is amazingly epic! me thinks you will like it ;)

  6. SKYLARA!!!!

    *runs screaming at her and tackles her in a hug*


    Thanks for leaving a comment om my blog!

  7. I'm thinking this.

    Dumm dee Dumm dim dee dum Dumm dee Dumm diddly dum

    Bird! A crystal lake with banks of gold. Ooh! Write that lime down somewhere.

    Badger badger badger badger mushroom mushroo

    Arggh! The whistling! Vox! Drat that bird! Ummm
    Amarynth? Is that a word?

    Gold! Drunken squirrel! Paris is a myth!
    Horror! GCSE's in 5 weeks!

    (mind blanks out about now to be replaced with agonising panic)