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Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Clues for comp and sherlock

First off, hello to Trohyman! A new follower to my blog (yays! I feel special!)

Down to the competition,

The first two people in my story are....Dragona was Kallista but she gave up her spot for Octa (you kind and generous girl! I am much to selfish to ever do such a thing) So I guess Octa gets a place and Kallista...your just too darn gererous and kind to stay out the story so I'm gonna include you in too!

I'll just have to make a few arangements...(mentally crosses voldemort out her story) dones. ;)

BUT! There is still one place up for grabs.

And no. None of you have guessed the answer yet. So I shall give you 3 more clues...

1. It's a mammal.
2. It has fur.
3. It has a fluffy tail.

and we've already clarified that it is not an alpaca, gecko, wolf, bunny, dolphin, fox, frog, horse, cat, owl, llama, fish, dog or a swan.

But as an extra clues...I can tell you that Octa was the closest.

Oh, and although probably NONE of you are interested, something that hellboy said in the comments of the post before last made me want to say something. Here is the low down on some important sherlock characters I may talk about...a lot (and may be included in the story) Any of you who HAVENT seen the bbc show sherlock I highly reccomend it. Me, Niall and the Golden God himself are just a few who love it.

Whenever I say Sherlock I mean Sherlock Holmes. Specifically this one:

*sighs dreamily*

Ehem...Anyway, when I say John, I mean his loyal companion Dr. John Watson. Specifically this one:

Yeah. His picture is smaller because he's no where near as awesome as Sherlock.

And here is Sherlock's arch-enemy (apart from his borther) the evil, Irish genius psychopath Jim Moriarty:

Yeah...he's more intimidating when he hasn't got an OMG face.... there was some information you probably never wanted to know...



  1. Oi! Skylara! You are the awesome one! :)
    Love the pic of Sherlock! He is a handsome one! ;)
    Have given your link to Hellboy. Hope he has a chance! :)
    Can I give up my place for him?

  2. A RODENT!

    A MOUSE!


    A RAT!



  3. *pokes sherlock*

    *beady eyes*

    are you REALLY a good detective....?

  4. Wow thanks Kallista!

    You'd really do that for me?

    I'm touched!

    I guess badger?

    Similar to fox Hmmmm....


  5. Is it a Skunk?
    The Giant Rat of Sumatra?
    The Hound of the Baskervilles?

    Seriously, though. Skunk?

  6. Awww... I wanted to say squirrel.

  7. oh! wait! cyote?

    or rodent?

  8. cyote, deer, turkey, rabbit, racoon, squirrel...

    has this turned into a 'lets list all the animals in Mar's backyard'? forgot hawk.

  9. I was going to say rabbit...

    What nationality is it? Cos I could say Koala, but I have a feeling it's not...

    Some sort of jungle cat?

    I dont know... I remember you being an awesome artist, and I remember someone sticking some sort of drawing on their wall....BUT I CAN'T REMEMBER WHAT IT WAS!!!!

  10. Trying to think of something no one has said...

    A possum!

    … A meerkat!!