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Friday, 25 March 2011

I HAVE RETURNED! And Skylara's Strange Dream Part 5

Yes, I have returned! :D
I have finished my big exams for now(although with a constant feeling of dread after my head of year told us that "The fun part of eductation was over." Eductation was never fun so I don't even want to imagine what it will be like now)
I am pretty sure I have failed my science exam BUT I am praying that the science teachers still let me into triple science next year (especially if I suck up to them for the next two weeks).
I think I did ok in my maths and actually, FANTASTIC in my english ;)

But, alas, my music group gave up on me and the violin. They told me it was 'too loud' when I'm guessing I was 'too rubbish'. I think I'll leave the violin to sherlock for now.

I've missed you guys! I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO glad to be back!

So, to celebrate, here is the next part of Skylara's Strange Dream:

The creature beat down with its almighty fist and Skulduggery rolled out of the way just in time. He fired several times at the beast’s face but the bullets seemed to have no effect upon it- or if they did, the creature was into much of a frenzy to care.
Skylara’s eyes changed from silver to amber to green. Try as she might, she could not shift into the silver wolf she longed to be. She hated being weak and defenceless. Even when she had no weapons, she could almost always rely on her powers- or so she had thought.
“Damn it!” She shouted angrily as she had no choice but to back away when the creature swiped its claws at her viciously. “Why can’t I shift? Can you guys use your powers?”
Skulduggery clicked his fingers together experimentally but no spark appeared. Pinicolette produced no blue energy and Lunar could not teleport.
“I think it’s because we all have parts to play in this dream.” Sabien said thoughtfully as he dodged another blow. “Scarecrows can’t produce fire, wooden girls generally don’t levitate or anything and pixies don’t far as I’re the first pixie I’ve met.”
“I need a weapon!” Lunar decided scouring the woods for something of use. “A sword, a gun even an average sized stick...”
“Don’t. Even. Think. About. It.” Pinicolette growled catching Lunar’s side glance towards her.
Everyone heard a yelp of surprise and saw Skulduggery being picked up by the creature and thrown around like a rag-doll.
“Someone do something quick!” Sabien yelled, running forward to grab Skulduggery’s fallen gun.
Skylara stood up straight, closed her eyes and held out her hands expectantly. “SWORD.” She said commandingly.
When she opened her eyes, she gave a little gasp. In her hands, a dark purple light sabre had appeared, glowing as bright as the moon.
“Not what I was looking for,” She muttered. “But so much COOLER!”
Just as she was about to try it out, she felt herself being lifted high in the air. A moment later she was face to face with the monsterous creature, its burning eyes glaring at her with pure hatred.
“Errrr...hello?” she tried.
The creature gave a thunderous roar and began shaking her violently. Skylara swung the light sabre blindly as the world around her went flying past in a blur.
“The collar!” she heard a distant voice say. “Get the collar!”
But her brain wasn’t functioning properly. She had no idea why. It was a dream after all. How could all of this be effecting her? Then a thought hit her. “You can’t die in a dream right?” she shouted to the others down below her.
“W-what?” She heard Sabien say. “Why?”
“I don’t know,” sighed Skulduggery as the beast threw him up in the air and caught him again, toying with him. ”Because we’re being swung around by a gigantic beast from hell you twit!”
“What if it’s like the matrix?” Skylara continued too engrossed in her own thoughts to hear Skulduggery. “What if this is actually real life and the life I have been living has been a dream all along? What if everything I have known is a lie? What if-”
“There’s a field of Oreos over there.” Lunar interrupted.
“Oh. Well that’s far too good to be real life.” And with that Skylara slashed wildly in the general direction of the beast’s neck.
The beast froze. It dropped Skylara and Skulduggery and tried to grasp at its own neck. The collar crashed to the ground and made a satisfiying crack. Skulduggery’s foot also made a satisfying crack as he hit the ground with a thud. Skylara landed a little more gracefully but she still landed on her feet, toppled a bit and stumbled into a bush to her left.
Skylara stumbled back out of the bush a few moments later, her hair sticking up at odd angles.
“Did we win?” she asked.
“Like hell you won!” they heard a familiar voice say. The creature had shrunk to less than 10 times its size and now it was about the same height as Skulduggery.
“Israel!” exclaimed Lunar. “You’’re a.....what are you exactly?”
“A liger. It’s a lion, tiger cross. Look it up.”
“Do ligers have a habit of throwing people around and breaking their feet?” Skulduggery asked sarcastically.
“Oh. Sorry about that...” Israel said sheepishly. “Shock collars do that to some people. Thanks for getting that off by the way.”
“Not at all, not at all. That’s what I do for people who break my feet!”
“You’re not going to let this go are you?”
“You broke my foot!”
“You’ve broken it before!”
“But this time it was broken by a liger!”
“At least I gave you a new experience.”
“You gave me a new excuse to punch you.”
“Not from down there you can’t.”
“Come closer so I can yank your tail!”
“At least I have a tail!”
“Ladies,” Sabien interrupted. “Are you quite done?”
“Yeah shut up will you!” groaned Pinicolette. “Hey, has anyone seen Mar-chu?”
As if on cue the small white kitten crawled out from her hiding place under a small green shrub. She mewed and padded over to Skulduggery and began to lick his foot.
Skulduggery hissed in pain. “Someone throw me my gun before I-“ Everyone gasped in admiration as Skulduggery’s foot healed before their eyes.
“Woah...” breathed Skylara. “Once again, my imagination is so dang awesome...”
When Mar-chu was finished, she settled down in front of Skulduggery expectantly.
“Sorry about the gun thing.” He muttered, scratching her head between her ears.
Sneezing happily, Mar-chu jumped up and crawled into Skulduggery’s front pocket before anyone could stop her.
“Ah.” Skulduggery said. “Well that was unexpected.”
“Leave her be.” Lunar said waving her hand at him. “She healed your foot after all.”
“Hail be to the ice-cream kitten!” laughed Skylara.
“Come on guys, let’s go before anything else happens...” Sabien prodded, looking around the woods for anything else that looked suspicious.
Everyone murmured in agreement and started to trudge along the orange tar path once again.
“Hey,” Israel said suddenly. “Is that a light sabre? Where can I get me one of those?”
“My dream. My light sabre.” Skylara replied hugging the light sabre protectively.
Dragona watched them silently from the bushes.
“I’m so sorry.” He whispered. “Kallista, I wish you could understand that everything I do is to protect you.” Slowly, he crept after them, biding his time and wishing that there was some other way...


  1. First comment! (thanks Kallsita)

    :DDD this is awesome!! Freaking Epica xD

    ..."Like hell you won!" Perfect. Just what Israel would say :]

    A liger :) Napolean Dynamite ;)

  2. HAHA! Second comment!


    Awesome! I love it Skylara! Hilarious!!!!
    Loved Israels bit in it! LOL And MAr's too! Soo cute! :P
    Bravo my, friend!


  4. AMAZING!!!! SUPERB!!!

    Does Octa have a further part to play?

  5. lol, of course you do octa! maybe in the next part but deffo in the last one ;)

  6. LOL, I love this (and all) parts!!!!

    SO funny! Love Israel's part, and a field of Oreos. Yup, too good for real life. :)

  7. hey geckogirl!


    can i use skylara in my fanfic? pleeeeeeeeeaseeee...?


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  9. of course mar-chu!

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    *pokes mar-chu*

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