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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Ahh...I'm in a pickle

Well then. I am in a pickle.
First off, I can say that the correct answer has been guessed! 3 people...

Thankfully one of them was Octa who already has a spot so it is now down to 2 people.

(but before i annouce the people let me just say Niall, that the hound of the baskervilles was an epic guess because of the sherlock thing-way to get on my good side! ;) so you get a shiney sticker! *gives niall sticker*)

The two people who guessed right were.....Aquila and Mar-chu (even though Mar-chu probably guessed every possible animal lol)!

T'was a squirrel! here is the picture, my pride and joy as a non-artistic person:

T'is not much, but I am proud.

Commiserations to everyone else. *sees everyone with tears* *gives them all lollipops*

But I'm in a pickle, as I mentioned previously...

Kallista, you sweet, generous, generous girl...your kindness does put me in some situations.

Before you said you wanted to give HELLBOY your place I had already started planning the bits of the story with you in it. And also since you got first comments on both of these posts it's only right you are in the story.

Sherlock: And she said I was handsome!

Skylara: *sighs* So?

Sherlock: I like people who think I'm handsome.

Skylara: Let me carry on with my judging!

Sherlock: My dear Skylara, I am always judging...


Sherlock: I don't speak in riddles. *Begins to walk out* I just solve them...

Skylara: *gurmbles angrily* ANYWAY,

So I do appologise Kallista, but you simply have to be in my story and I only have one place left. Sorry Hellboy! I feel so bad Hellboy...

*Sees Niall protectively hugging shiney sticker*

*shrugs and gives Hellboy a shiney gun instead* There :D

But to deside the winner out of Aquila and Mar-chu...


*sighs* There's no way like the old fashioned way.

HEADS OR TAILS? and if you both pick the same one I am picking for you. *looks smug* Because I'm awesome.

Sherlock: *runs back in* Someone just poked me!

*Mar-chu runs away giggling*

Sorry I haven't been on the blog much! Homework and all. But I'm comming on now, and in the holidays I shall speak to you all so much more! :D They start on Friday! Wooottttss!

Byes guys! Good luck to Mar and Aquila!


  1. Geckogirl, you said that the first two people to comment on your post would get a place in your story. I was 2nd, will I be in it?

  2. Of course you will dragona! did u not read the previous post?

    So far you, kallsita and octa are in it and there is an epic battle for last place between aquila and mar-chu

  3. No I didn't. No one told me it was on.

    And if I read it I would have got the competition straight away! But I have a place in the story so that's good :)

  4. ah. i guess i pick...


    tails doesn't exist anymore!

  5. LOL
    Yes, a pickle...
    I don't like pickles
    ~turns nose up~