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Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Skylara's Strange Dream part 3

Hey guys! I'm on holiday! ...I'm also too exhausted to say anymore on that matter.
There are more people to come in later parts, I promise! Hope you guys like it!

Lunar hummed happily to herself as she skipped down the orange tar path.
“Congratulations Lunar!” Skylara announced sarcastically. “You’re so disgustingly cheery that you have won yourself a part in the Wizard of Oz! Please, take a left into cheesy lane to start rehearsals!”
“You seem to have reached a new level of sarcasm Skylara.” Lunar sang skipping more vigorously just to annoy her further.
“I do try.” Skylara retorted.
“Ignore her.” Sabien told Lunar. “She’s just angry because she hasn’t gotten to hit anything in this dream yet-OW!” he yelped as Skylara punched him in the arm.
“Problem solved.” She said smiling sweetly at him. “Now, if I remember correctly there should be a scarecrow around here somewhere...”
She heard someone clear their throat from behind her, making her spin around and take up a fighting stance.
Before them, stood a barely recognizable Skulduggery, hanging limply upon a wooden frame. Skylara had to do a double take. His suit was ragged and covered in a thick layer of dust, his tie was missing and worst of all his hat had a pigeon nesting in it.
“Do I fit the description?” he asked.
“But you’re a skeleton! Not a scarecrow!” Lunar blurted out jabbing her finger towards him in disbelief.
“Indeed.” Skulduggery sighed. “Yet I’m the one tied to a wooden cross next to a field of Oreos.” He indicated to the field behind him filled with Oreo loaded bushes.
Skylara looked sheepishly at the floor. “I’m going through an Oreo’s and tea phase...” she explained.
“Ah!” said Skulduggery, nodding slowly. “That would also explain why the soil smells of tea...can someone please remove me from this?”
“Oh! Sorry!” Skylara said apologetically as she and Lunar ran forward to untie him as Sabien tried his best to shoo the pigeon out of Skulduggery’s hat. The pigeon, which was quite comfortable there, began to coo and flap it’s wings frantically.
Skylara sighed and turned into a sparrow hawk. She looked menacingly at the pigeon and it took off immediately. 
“Thank you.” Skulduggery said brushing himself off and adjusting his hat to its usual cocked angle. “Now, at least, I look a little more dignified.”
The others exchanged glances. Although Skulduggery had removed some of the dust from his suit and the pigeon had flown from its make-shift nest
he looked far from dignified.
“Yeah...” Lunar assured. “You look...great. You know, for a dead man.”
Skulduggery looked down at his suit. “Fine.” He grumbled. “But even in a ruined suit you can’t deny how devilishly handsome I look! Right?”
His comment was met by an uncomfortable silence.
“Wanna come and ask the Wizard for a new suit?” Skylara asked finally.
“Fine.” He grumbled. “But this is a stupid dream.”
Skylara chuckled. “T’is an awesome dream! ...Well except for this stupid dress!” She tugged at it aggressively.
  “It makes you look like a sweet little angel!” Skulduggery teased.
Skylara glowered at him as Lunar and Sabien laughed raucously. “Looks can be deceiving...” she growled as they set off along the orange tar path again.

Meanwhile, in a castle not too far away...
“Mirror, mirror on the wall...” sang Cheryl. “Who wears fake-tan most of all?”
The mirror stood silently in front of the expectant Cheryl.
“Darn!” She muttered angrily. “Why couldn’t I have one of those talking mirrors that are in the fairy tales like?” She stormed over to a dark cage at the back of the room.
She knocked loudly on the cage. A mysterious figure shuffled forward, it’s tail twitching angrily.
“I have a little job for you...” Cheryl said.
“Not until I know my Kallista is safe...” Dragona snarled.
“Look!” Cheryl said as she beckoned him futher towards the front of the cage. She held up a crystal ball which showed Kallista happily making daisy chains as Octa sang another of his sweet poems beside her.
“And you haven’t undone the spell?” Dragona asked.
“Of course not! She doesn’t even know you’ve been born!” Cheryl cackled before spluttering madly and running over to her table to grab a glass of water.
Once she had recovered she looked expectantly back at Dragona.
“What do you want me to do?” he demanded.


  1. Wow!!!

    Really brightened up my day!

    This now has an element of mystery in it!

    LOVE IT!

    First comment yay!

  2. WOOOOOOOOT!!!!!
    I LOVE IT! A field of oreos! I want to harvest them all!
    This is great fun Skylara! Hilarious as ever and very well writen. Love how you put SP in your story!
    Thans for posting!

  3. wowww it is such a good story i want more now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. AWESOME GECKOGIRL! Please don't make me evil... could I kill Cheryl? Lol. I don't know what the "job" is but it sounds kinda freaky :) I wouldn't like to be evil in this story or do anything evil. Anyway, NICE JOB! XDDDDDDDDDD

  5. Please don't make me harm anyone except for evil people/things.

  6. *jumps up*