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Sunday, 27 February 2011

The fan-fic that never happened.

Hi guys!

I'm going away tomorrow! Just for a week so if you don't hear from me that's why. My dad hasn't yet agreed to let me take the laptop so you probably won't be hearing from me for a while.

I did deside though, that today, just before I go away, I was going to write another part of my fan-fic.

...Yeah. That kinda went downhill.

I've got these weird spots on my legs and I've had them for over a week so we desided to go and get them cheaked out.
We went to a walk-in centre and then to the hospital.
For 5 hours.

5 hours.

And I had to have some stupid tests and give some samples including a blood sample and now my arm has a massive bruise. I was actually looking forward to finding out my blood type but they didn't even give it to me. I was hoping I had superpowers and my blood type was completely new but then my dad said that wouldn't help if I was bleeding to death and no one else had my blood type. Then he told me I watched to many si-fi movies.

Way to shatter my dreams dad.

But on the upside a patronising nurse played 'where's wally' with me while the doctor cackled madly at one of my dad's jokes and stuck a massive needle in my arm. Sadly I completed half the 'where's wally' book in under a minute so when the nurse looked a little frustrated I desided to pretend I hadn't found him and thought about Sherlock for a bit.

Then I came home and my mum and sister told me I was being grumpy and annoying so I got angry and just now came on the laptop out of the warm living-room. cold *shivers*

Then I discovered we had run out of oreos.

And then my tea went cold.

Overall, not a great day.

But I'm hoping tomorrow all shall be fine again. I'm hopefully going to write some more stories in my notebook while I'm on holiday and I'll be sure to post them up as soon as I'm back if I do!
I'm also going to try fencing and archery! :D I'll be a swashbuckler in no time! En garde! *whacks herself in the face with her foil* ...ow.

See you guys all soon, if I don't speak to you just now as I'm posting this!



  1. Sounds like you had it rough for a while Skyalra. :O
    I hope you have a blast while on your holiday!
    We will miss you and gant wait to see you again.

    I hope you can do both the fencing and archery! That would be awesome!