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Monday, 7 February 2011

New probably 3-5 part fan-fic extravaganza!!

Hey all! I haven't posted in a while. I kinda had a writer'b blog with dimensions so I didn't really know what to do.
So the other day, when I was washing my hair, I had an idea...I needed to do something new, something bold, something so out of this world it was unbelivable! I adapted a well known movie and musical. Yeah....

But it's only going to be a couple of parts long, and it's just a little break from shifters. Quiet a few of you are in it but not all of you in this part. I'm sure you can guess the musical/film quite easily....

Hope you guys like it! I kinda made it up as I went along...


Skylara's Strange Dream
“Miss.Wolfbane?” asked a woman in a dress Skylara thought was far too short for someone of her size. “The dentist will see you now.”
Skylara tensed up and didn’t move. “Necros,” she whispered to her friend beside her. “I’m not going to a non-magical dentist’s!”
Necros sighed and put down his paper. The previous day, Skylara had been gnawing on a leg of lamb in wolf form and had badly chipped her tooth. Everyone knew that Skylara didn’t like the dentist’s. Sadly, it was Necros who had pulled the short straw and reluctantly he had agreed to take her, by force if necessary.
“Do you want your chipped tooth fixed or not?” he asked.
“Yeah, but....”
“Because the only other option is Nye...” Necros interrupted with a cunning smile, using Skylara’s loathing of Nye against her.
Skylara flew out of the seat and almost ran over to the appointed room. Necros chuckled wryly and followed her through the door.
“Ok Skylara, I’m just going to give you some aesthetic and you’re going to go asleep for a bit.” the dentist said smiling at Skylara in a reasuring way.
“What?!” Skylara said sitting up, panic stricken. “It’s just a chipped tooth! What’s the need for aesthetic?”
“I’ll be right here Sky,” Necros promised. “Nothing will me.”
Skylara stared at Necros for a few more seconds, trying to find something untruthful in his expression. After a moment or two, she gave up and grudgingly lay back down. The dentist smiled gratefully at Necros and pressed a mask to Skylara’s face, slowing making her drift into a deep sleep...
Skylara awoke with a throbbing head. She cursed the dentist and hastily got to her feet. But Skylara was no longer in the surgery....actually; Skylara didn’t really know where she was at all!
Skylara looked around her to discover she was in a meadow of lollipops. Small houses were dotted around the meadow in random places and everywhere looked sickly sweet and cheery.
The only thing Skylara could see that wasn’t, was a ruined house that stood behind her.
“This is weirdly familiar...” Skylara muttered to herself. “Oh crap...” she groaned for the first time looking down at herself. “I’m wearing a bloody dress! And heels!” The dress was baby blue with little flowers along the bottom and the matching stiletto heels made Skylara wobble about on the spot.
“Great...” she said sarcastically. “Juuust great...” Just then, Skylara noticed a twinkling noise nearing from the distance. She could see a floating light coming towards her at an alarming pace.
Then she realised. “So now I’m having the wizard of oz dream!” she thought to herself. “Either that or I’ve died and gone to cheesy hell!
As the light drew nearer, Skylara noticed there was something familiar about the two figures it contained...there, in a violet ball gown, was Kallista, holding a basket containing something purple and gooey. Next to her, stood Bridget, completely dressed in black and holding a giant lollypop.
“Kallista!” Skylara exclaimed. “You’re the good fairy!”
“Naturally!” laughed Kallista.
“What’s that you’re holding?” Skylara asked, pointing to the purple squelching mass within Kallista’s woven basket.
“Oh! It’s Octaboona! I carry him around with me...always.”
“Really? Looks more like an octopus to me...”
“No, no, no. It’s Octaboona all right. He can breathe out of water and he speaks poetry! Go on Octa!”
“Kallista,” moaned Octaboona. “I’m really tired and you haven’t given me any food in...”
“Go. On.” Kallista repeated through gritted teeth, her eyes suddenly flashing with an insane anger Skylara thought Kallista was not capable off.
Octaboona sighed and cleared his throat. “Her aura was of lavender,
Its shine lit up the night, Kallista hair of silken gold, Outraced the birds in flight...”

Kallista sighed happily. “So lovely...” she whispered dreamily.
“Erm...” Skylara said looking at the far-away expression on Kallista’s face. “Anyway...Bridget, you must be the bad fairy?”
“Why do people always assume vamps are the bad guys?” Bridget grumbled unhappily.
“So you’re not the...?”
“Worse. I’m a freakin’ munchkin ok?”
Skylara fell about with laughter at just the thought of her aggressive friend as a munchkin.
“Hey! Hey!” Bridget growled. “Shut up and just take the lollipop ok? Happy weird dreaming and such yada, yada, yada.”
“Aren’t you gonna sing it?” She teased.
Bridget gave Skylara the evils. “Just be thankful this is a dream and I can’t twist your face off...” she muttered.
“Now, now,” tutted Skylara. “That’s not a very munchkiny attitude.”
“Look who’s talking Little Miss Muffit!” she sneered back.
“Yeah, yeah...” Skylara said looking back down at her vulgar outfit. “Yo! Kallista!” she said clicking her fingers. “Snap out of it! You got any footwear that won’t make me break my neck when I move an inch?”
“Hmm?” Kallista asked coming out of her trance and shaking her head. “Oh! Yes, as a matter of fact I do!” With a wave of Kallista’s wand, a pair of fluffy slippers appeared on Skylara’s feet.
“Wow...” Skylara said admiring the comfy slippers. “These aren’t half bad, thanks!”
Just then everyone heard a groan from behind them. A dark figure emerged from the remains of the house.
“It’s the Witch!” gasped Octaboona. “Run away!”
“You can’t run idiot. You’re an octopus.” Bridget stated.
Octaboona paused. “...Well that’s beside the point.” He  muttered sounding irritated.
Just then the figure groaned and sneezed at the same time making Skylara snort with laughter. “That’s not a witch!” she giggled running forward to help the figure. “It’s Sabien!”
Sabien walked forward with Skylara’s help and for a moment or two he just stood there looking quite shocked.
“Erm...does anyone else find this awkward?” remarked Bridget after a minute or two of silence.
“I have a tail.” Sabien suddenly blurted out. “And I’m not it werewolf form.”
Sure enough everyone saw a long tail protruding out of a hole in the back of Sabien’s jeans.
Skylara was still giggling. “My mind is so awesome and hilarious!” she chuckled. “Don’t you get it? He’s Toto!”
“No I’m not!” wailed Sabien obviously hurt by the comment.
“Are too.”
“Are too.”
“Shut it!” snapped Bridget. “Accept it Sabien, Skylara’s mind has a sense of humour. You’re a dog, Octaboona’s an octopus, Kallista’s a fairy and I’m a bloody munchkin!”
“Well...” muttered Kallista. “If Sabien’s not the witch then...who is?”
“That would be me...” said a voice that Skylara knew but couldn’t quite recall from where...
Everyone span around to see......Cheryl Cole (as smiley and annoyingly perfect as ever) standing before them.

I promise that more of you are going to be comming into the story soon! Hope you guys liked it!


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