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Saturday, 22 January 2011

Dimentions part 11

Just sneaked in and turned the internet on for a moment or too to post this. T'is 12.00am and i must go to sleep now so, enjoy!

“But...but...” stammered Kallista. “Your Valkyrie...not Darquesse!”
Darquesse examined her nails in a not caring sort of way. “Oh, Valkyrie is long gone.” She told them. “Dare I admit it but I used to be that snivelling wreck of a girl.....but just look at me now!” she said lifting her arms up into the air. “I’m queen of the world!” she said chuckling to herself.
“Ah!” she said standing and turning to Skulduggery. “Skulduggery, how you have done well, my loyalist of servants.”
“For you my queen, I would do anything.” Skulduggery said bowing once again.
Dragona turned to Israel and Kallista and mock gagged making them chuckle slightly.
“Ah! What have we here?” Darquesse asked curiously walking over to the three of them. “Visitors from an alternate dimension? How delightful! And what timing! I was just beginning to get bored!”
“What do you want with us?” snarled Israel glaring down at her.
“Well, I can’t have little trouble-makers like you wandering about my kingdom can I? And also I’m getting a little bored and when I’m bored I’m angry and when I’m angry....well, let’s just say you don’t want to see me angry.” she said, talking to Israel as you would do a child. It was really starting to bug Kallista. She was just about to say something when a high pitched whine came from her left. Skylara had awoken and she was scrambling about on the marble floor, trying to find her footing but whining in pain with her swollen paw.
“Oh...what have we here?” asked Darkquesse.
“It’s the alternate Skylara Wolfbane my lady. She won’t change back into human form, my guess is that she is too greatly wounded and distressed.”
“Aww! Poor little puppy!” Darkquesse said in a sickly sweet voice as she wandered over to Skylara. Skylara looked up and her eyes glistened with happiness as she recognised whom she thought to be Valkyrie. But then she as she sniffed the air she started to growl angrily, like no one had heard her before. Suddenly she lunged forward, her eyes manic. She had a muzzle on but Skylara didn’t care. All that she knew is that this woman was dangerous. Far too dangerous and utterly insane. She could smell the power in the air around her yet the smell of the woman’s passion for suffering was so much stronger.
Darquesse sighed and lifted her hand in the air, making Skylara freeze. Slowly, Darquesse began to curl her hand into a fist and Skylara wailed in pain as the sound of cracking bones could be heard.
“STOP IT!” sobbed Kallista, unable to see her friend in such pain. “JUST STOP IT! YOU’RE KILLING HER!”
Darquesse relaxed her hand and Skylara fell to the floor in a grey heap. “Oh Kallista.” laughed Darquesse. “Where would be the fun in that?”

Three hours later the sound of curdling screams could still be heard echoing through the castle. Dragona and Israel lay in their cells, trying to block out not just the pain they felt, but the pain that could be heard within Kallista’s screams.
“We’ve got to do something!” exclaimed Dragona, cradling his broken arm and trying to drown out Kallista’s screams of torture. “It’s bad enough when she’s torturing me but...I just can’t listen to any more...”
“I know.” growled Israel, the anger in his voice unmistakeable. “But at least we know she’s not going to kill any of us...yet anyway. She wants to have her fun first...” he said, feeling queasy at just the thought of how someone could be so evil.
“How’s Sky?” he asked Dragona.
“Still unconscious.” Dragona mumbled unhappily. “How do you think she’ll ever turn back?”
“We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.” Israel replied, wincing slightly as he tried to stand up and put some weight upon his broken foot. “First of all...we need to figure out how to escape...”
“And just how are we gonna do that? Hmm? Skulduggery and the cleavers are constantly on alert and they’re all completely focused on serving their beloved queen and making her happy! They’re gonna watch us like hawks coz we’re her ‘new toys’ and the worst we can do is throw a few snarky comments in their direction!” Dragona shouted angrily.
Israel’s eyes sparkled with realisation. “That’s it...” he murmured. “Dragona! You’re a genius!”



    I WANT MOAR!!!!!!! This is AWESOME!!!! I mean....WOW!!!! Amazing writing, Skylara! XDDDD
    I can't wait to read the next part. It's about time you posted! :P

  2. Yeah!! Love it skylara !!

    Oh no everyones being tortured!! This just wont do!!

    Glad to see israel has a plan!!

    Please update soon

  3. Wait...what did he say?

    Im glad that i have a plan too, Nicolette. Im also glad to see that i haven't been tortured :P


    Great work! KEEP WRITING!

  4. I don't ming being tortured. I can take it!

    *strikes a heroic pose.....last for only 1.3 seconds before she starts to cry*



  5. Amazing writing as always skylara!

    But...where is Necros again? i forgot... haha

  6. Oh wait dont worry, they were going to check out the sanctuary *Facepalm* haha

  7. Awwww....Alex was here and I mised him.

    *sits down in a dark corner and cries while pulling off the heads of teddy bears*

  8. Hey Skylara. I've missed you on the blog. If anyone desreved to have thier fanfic read, it is you. I have truely enjoyed your writing and just by reading them I feel inspired to write again.
    I know what happened that day that made me forget to add you to my list as I had intended to do. In between my comments I saw Lenka was on. I tried to hurry and finish my list for Derek so I could chat with her. My mind was going in a thousand different dirrections at once. (not a comfortable thing for a girl with a puny mind) :P
    Anyhow I became careless and it cost you big time.
    It's hard for me to think about. I cost you your chance to have your excellent fanfic read. I know that Derek would have been very delighted with it.
    My thoughts are that now that he has an idea of what to expect from the fanfics now, and likes them, he will most likely try and pick a few more fanfics to read after his book comes out.
    You can be sure I'll be watching and waiting and when that time comes....YOU WILL BE
    ON MY LIST!!!!!!!
    I will put that list in his face as I have dome before and make sure your wonderful fanfic gets read by the Master!
    I hope in the meantime you forgive me SKylara.
    I don't deserve it but ask humbly.

  9. AWWW! Kallista! thats so sweet of you! you are the nicest person ever! how could i be mad at you?
    It's ok, everyone makes mistakes ;) And I'm glad Derek had the chance to read all of your fan-fics, so that will encourage him to read mine :D
    I'm working on a new one currently as probably a three parter and you are most deffinatly in it ;)
    Thanks kallista,your a great friend :)

  10. Hey! He didn't read yours! No! I will not have this on the blogosphere!

    *strikes extreme dramatic pose*


    I'm with Kal here. I will not rest until he reads and comments on your blog! If we post enough comments on that subject, he will surely read it!

  11. Lol thanks hellboy ;) that's so nice of u guys!
    teehee, with you guys on a vicious rampage im sure derek will have too read my fan-fics sooner or later ;) if he knows what's good for him

  12. Hey Skylara! I heard about your engagement to Sherlock! Congratulation! I have started a blog to tell everyone about the weddings and i invited you to be an author :) please check it out