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Friday, 18 February 2011

Skylara's strange dream part 2 of now probably about 7

Hi guys! Sorry I haven't posted in a while! I hate having so much stuff to do that I never have time to read or write any fan-fics!

I know i said this would probably be about 5 parts long but's probably going to be about 7. I'm going to try and fit quite a few of you into this as I can, some only comming on for brief parts but parts they are all the same.
This part only introduces one new character but more are still to come!

Secondly, I would like to mention that it is Kallista's and Dragona's wedding tomorrow! I wish them happiness and fingers crossed that it all goes smoothly.
...But knowing us lot it's bound not too. Oh dear...*imagines it* Err...don't worry Kallista and Dragona! It will all be fine! *Writes down that she needs to get safety helmets for her and everyone else before the wedding* All be fine...

And the day after that t'is my birthday! *grooves around madly in a fez while everyone else shuffles away from her slowly*

Anyway, without futher adue I present to you...MY FAN-FIC!

“What the hell?” Skylara exclaimed. “You?!”
“It’s your dream pet...” Cheryl pointed out.
This time it was Bridget’s turn to laugh. “Ahh!” she said wiping her eyes. “Classic!”
“Well...” Skylara pondered. “I suppose you do suit being a Witch...”
“That’s not on love!” Cheryl shouted sounding hurt. “Don’t you be sayin’ stuff like that! That’s my job pet!”
“Please stop saying ‘pet’ it’s driving me insane!” groaned Sabien.
“Give me those ruby slippers like!” Cheryl squealed as menacingly as she could.
“Hmm...I wouldn’t say they were ruby...” Skylara muttered.
“More of a hot pink...” suggested Kallista.
“I say they’re maroon...” Bridget chipped in.
“Fuchsia!” sang Octa.
“Shut up like!” screeched Cheryl like a Northern banshee.
“Why do you even want them anyway?”asked Kallista.
“My feet are killing in these heels! And because my agent says I should keep up my public image, I can only wear second hand shoes like!” Cheryl explained.
“What public image?” muttered Bridget earning her a vicious glare from Cheryl.
“I’ll get them!” Cheryl cackled, “And you’re little squelching mass too!”
“Hey!” whined Sabien.
“Sabien, I think that the harsh comment was actually directed at me...” Octa muttered in a clipped tone.
“Hey! Look lady! Octaboona is my squelching mass do ya hear me? DON’T YOU WALK AWAY FROM ME!” Kallista yelled as Cheryl faded into the distance.
“Err...I’m not sure how this works but aren’t I meant to venture out along the yellow brick road to find some wizard?” Skylara asked once steam had stopped pouring out of Kallista’s ears.
“Huh?”  Kallista said turning her attention to Skylara. “Oh! Well...funny story about the yellow brick road...the munchkins kinda paved over it after they tried to maul Dorothy and she ran away down it...”
“WHAT?” Skylara exclaimed. “THAT DIDN’T HAPPEN IN THE MOVIE! ...Although it would have been better if it did....”
“You didn’t see the deleted scenes.” muttered Bridget. “Personally I think they took out the best bits.”
“Oh!” Kallista said looking down at her watch. “Would you look at the time! I’ve got to get back and make more daisy chains!”
“But...where do we go?” Sabien puzzled.
“Here!” Kallista said tossing them a small silver ball. “This will help you! Tata!” she chirped happily as she flew away into the sky with Octa in his basket reciting another of his fabulous poems.
Skylara weighed the ball in her hand. It didn’t seem very heavy. She tried to pry it open and finally it began to unscrew once she turned it anti-clockwise a few times. She peered inside to find a tiny figure staring up at her. Suddenly the ball began to shake violently and it flew out of Skylara’s hand. Everyone gasped in awe as before their very eyes, the figure grew to normal size.
“Lunar!” laughed Skylara as she recognised her friend.
“Punk Pixie...I like it...” admired Bridget.
Sure enough Lunar was dressed in punkish clothing, with chains and piercings to match. She had shocking hair dyed bright purple with florescent pink and orange streaks and her pointy ears could just be seen poking through it.
“I know.” Lunar said grinning at them. “Shocking image change or what?”
“I’ll say!” Skylara laughed admiring Lunar’s hair.  
“Hey Lunar,” Sabien interrupted as Skylara and Bridget where circling Lunar, studying her like hawks. “Do you know anything about how to get to the wizard?”
“Oh, hey Sabien, didn’t see you there, well I-WHAT THE HELL IS THAT BEHIND YOU!” Lunar cried out pointing at his tail peeking out from behind him.
“Don’t. Ask.” Sabien seethed through gritted teeth.
“Anyway,” Lunar continued like nothing had happened. “We need to take the old yellow brick road that had now become...the orange tar path...”
Skylara and Sabien looked at her in confusion.
“Us munchkins like colour ok?” Bridget said defensively.
“Well, let’s get going!” Skylara said clapping her hands together and striding over to the orange tar path.
“I’m staying here guys. Promised the other munchkins I’d give them another martial arts lesson before lunch.” Bridget explained sadly.
“Did you have anything to do with them mauling Dorothy?” Skylara chuckled, giving her friend a mock serious look.
Bridget gave her a crooked smile. “It’s your dream pet.” She joked mimicking Cheryl perfectly. Skylara gave Bridget a farewell salute and then she, Lunar and Sabien set off down the long and windy orange tar path...


  1. This is great, Nice change from the more serious stuff!

  2. Lol, I LOVE this Skylara! Have to admit, I was worried what I would be... But I'm very happy I'm the punk pixie.


    Anyway... I was laughing so much... I was starting to get weird looks from my parents who were sitting the room...

    Epic. :D

  3. Lol OMG this is cool it's nice to read humorous stories for a change

  4. *manages to climb back on chair after falling off from last time*

    *reads new part and falls off the chair laughing again*


    Hilarious and f read! Excellent job Skylara! Thanks for posting another one so sooooon! I didn't think I would be able to wait any longer! :P

  6. LOL THIS IS EPICA! '"...the munchkins kinda paved over it after they tried to maul Dorothy and she ran away down it...”
    “WHAT?” Skylara exclaimed. “THAT DIDN’T HAPPEN IN THE MOVIE! ...Although it would have been better if it did....”
    “You didn’t see the deleted scenes.” muttered Bridget. “Personally I think they took out the best bits.”'

    LOL Awesome! Keep writing!