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Monday, 5 September 2011

The much awaited Skylara's Strange Dream Part...uhh...6 I think

Hey guys! *skips in* Haven't seen you in ageeeeeesss! HUGS ALL AROUND! *hugs everyone*
Aw...I've missed you guys so much. *sniffs*
Sorry, I've been kinda busy. My cousin came round, then the internet broke down, then I hit the laptop and it nearly died...
I've also been working on a Sherlock Fan-fiction on I got myself a Beta (lucky me) and I've been working with her on improving some of my writing a bit and getting some of her Sherlockian advice with my characters. If anyone's interested just ask and I'll post a link :)
BUT as promised, I have desided to put aside everything else for a while and post some more of 'Skylara's Strange Dream' Octa and Kal have been especially keen ;) But I'm not going to show favouritism or anything like that...*secretly sneaks Kallista and Octa a lollipop each*

Since it has been a while since the last part of ‘Skylara’s Strange Dream’ I’m just gonna do a quick re-cap – but if you’re still unsure you can look back at the last part a few months ago. ;)

So basically....

1.    Skylara, Pinicolette, Skulduggery (with Mar-Chu the magical kitten in his pocket), Sabien, Lunar and Israel are all off to see the wizard and are following the orange tar path.

2.     The evil witch Cheryl Cole has sent Dragona to stop them and is threatening to hurt Kallista if he doesn't follow her orders.

3.     Octa and Kallista are off somewhere while Octa sings her poetry.

4.    The gang can’t do any magic in the dream since they battled Hellboy the Liger.

5.    Oh, and Skylara has a purple lightsabre.

So on with the story! Hope you guys like it!
“Are we nearly there yet?” Pinicolette groaned, dragging her small wooden feet along the orange tar path.
“For the last time, just because it’s my dream it doesn’t mean I know how long it takes to get there!” Skylara answered, her voice filled with irritation.
“It can’t be much longer though can it?” Lunar asked. “The dentist is probably nearly finished.”
“Unless he gave you too much aesthetic...” Skulduggery muttered.
“What?” Skylara squealed, turning to him looking panic-stricken. “Wh-what do you mean too much aesthetic?”
“You could have gone into a coma; perhaps you won’t wake up for months, years even.” Skulduggery continued cheerily. “Maybe you died in the dentist chair and you’ll be stuck here forever.”
“Really?” Skylara whispered, her face a deathly shade of white.
“Of course not!” Skulduggery replied, patting her comfortingly on the shoulder. “Just look at me; my suit is a mess and my hat was ruined by a nesting pigeon. I can only look like this for so long before my image as a suave, sophisticated gentleman gets damaged and we all know that could never happen.”
“Um...Skulduggery?” Israel started.
“Oh sorry Israel did I forget charming?”
“No, I think Mar-Chu is peeing in your pocket.”
Skulduggery made a sound of disgust and started leaping from side to side shouting “Shoo, shoo!” while the others fell about laughing. Mar-Chu meowed unhappily and reluctantly hopped out, padding over to Lunar for comfort.
“I don’t care if you healed my foot, I still don’t like you.” Skulduggery grumbled, kneeling down and looking at Mar-Chu in Lunar’s arms. Mar-Chu tilted her head slightly in confusion and then sneezed over his face, making the others laugh even harder.
“Charming.” Skulduggery muttered, standing up and straightening his tie.
“Hey guys, what’s that over there?” Sabien called from in front, pointing to a green blob in the distance.
“It must be where the wizard lives!” Lunar exclaimed happily.
“Woot!” Skylara cheered. “I won’t have to wear this stupid dress anymore!”
“Aw, but you look so sweet!” Israel teased.
Skylara glared at him and held up her lightsabre threateningly. “Call me sweet one more time and I’ll-”
A high whistle flew past her ear making her stop in mid-threat. She looked at Israel’s neck and there was a small red dart sticking out of it.
“Aw hell...” He muttered before slumping to the ground. Half a second later Lunar, Mar-Chu and Sabien did the same.
“Hey, I’m already asleep!” Skylara shouted, swishing her lightsabre at the bushes where the darts had come from. “Whatcha gonna do now-” Something heavy fell on her from above and she fell to the ground with a crash. Before she could retaliate something bashed her on the head and everything went dark.

Skylara awoke in a dark room. Shivering, she wrapped her arms around herself. It was cold in here.
Hearing a noise beside her, she stiffened instantly; ready to swing her fist at whatever came her way.
“It’s just us!” Pinicolette blurted out just as Skylara’s fist was about to hit her wooden nose. “Don’t punch or kick or...poke.”
Skylara’s eyes began to adjust to the gloom and before her stood Pinicolette and Skulduggery who was sitting on the floor.
“What happened?” she asked, rubbing her sore head. “I didn’t think you could fall unconscious in your own dream...”
“Evidently you can.” Skulduggery sighed. “The others are in the cell opposite.” He indicated to the darkness ahead. “I heard Israel snoring.” He explained before Skylara could ask.
“How about you two? You’re wooden and you’re a did they knock you guys out?”
“They didn’t.” Pinicolette admitted sheepishly. “They had fire so I kind of had to follow their orders...wooden girls and fires don’t mix.”
Skylara frowned. “Dogs?”
“Big dogs.”
“...Big dogs?”
“In case you haven’t noticed, I’m made up of bones.”
“It wasn’t pretty. A terrier ran off with my leg.” She looked down and noticed he was, indeed, missing his left leg.
“Terriers aren’t that big.”
“This one was particularly vicious.”
They heard a groan from the other side of the room. “Hello?” Lunar called out.
“Hey!” Pinicolette called back. “Are the others up?”
“I’m here!” Sabien replied just as Mar-Chu let out a small mew. Israel let out a particularly loud snore - probably just to let them know he was still alive.
A loud creak filled the room and light poured in, causing them squint as their eyes adjusted.
“Rise and shine!” A horribly familiar voice sang.
“Oh if it isn’t Little Miss Orange-face!” Lunar muttered sarcastically. “Wicked witch? Skylara, you really should have thought more carfully about your casting, she would make a fantastic Oompa Lompa.”
“I’ll bare that in mind the next time I have a dream based on a cheesy film.” Skylara replied just as sarcastically. “Although a chocolate factory sounds kinda fun...”
“Shhh!” Cheryl hissed, stamping her foot angrily. “I’m the one who makes the sarcastic or witty remarks around here!”
“Yeah right, we’re not in your dream pet!” Pinicolette snorted.
“Are we all awake like?” Cheryl asked, ignoring her and flicking her hair dramatically. “Oh...” She looked down at Israel’s sleeping figure and clicked her fingers. “Dragona, the water.”
“Dragona?” Skylara muttered, just as a small twitching purple monkey-like thing came hobbling into the room. “Dragona, is that you?”
The creature ignored her and threw the water over Israel who startled awake, spluttering madly.
“Hey!” Israel barked. “Haven’t you heard cats don’t like water? I’m a frickin’ Liger don’t you know? I’m have a right mind too-”
He looked up at Cheryl. “You.” He growled. “You put the shock collar on me you cow!”
“Oh, who woke up on the wrong side on the cell today?” She tutted. “Lovely to see you again too Israel.” She turned to the creature called Dragona.
“You have done your duty well Dragona, I’m impressed.”
“And Kallista shall remain safe?” He asked.
“It is you!” Skylara blurted out. “Dragona what the hell are you doing?”
“Mm...I’m not making any promises like...” Cheryl laughed.
“But you said you-”
“I’m a witch sweetie, I lie, deal with it.”
Dragona growled and lunged for her, but Cheryl just flicked her wrist and he went flying into the cell, landing heavily beside Sabien.
“Now then,” She said merrily, turning to Skylara. “How about giving me those ruby slippers babe?”
Skylara raised an eyebrow. “Babe? Becuase you’re not the brightest bulb in the box, I’ll let that one slip but call me ‘babe’ again and I swear to god, I will rip your inflated orange head off your scrawny neck you little scan-”
Give. Me. My. Ruby. Slippers!” Cheryl snarled.
“They’re more of a pinkish red don’t you think?” Israel muttered to Sabien.
“I’d say rose...” He replied thoughtfully.
“IT DOESN’T MATTER!” Cheryl screamed; her face set into a furious scowl. “GIVE ME THEM NOW!”
“They’re actually kind of comfy...” Skylara teased as she admired them. “Hmmm...What are you going to do if I don’t?”
“I’ll kill all your little friends, including these two!” Cheryl cackled, pulling back a huge red curtain (for some reason they hadn’t actually noticed it before) to reveal Kallista locked in a huge black cage and Octa squelching in her arms.
“Kallista!” Dragona wailed.
Octa cleared his throat and an awkward silence fell.
“Octa!” Pinicolette cried after a moment or two.
“Thank-you.” He muttered in a clipped tone.
“Deside now, or I will kill all of your friends in this very room.” Cheryl muttered darkly.
Skylara shrugged. “Meh, ok, I’ll give you the slippers.”
Cheryl paused. “Seriously?”
“Yeah, jeez, I know some girls go to some extremes for fashion but you just take the biscuit.”
“...I...I wasn’t really expecting you to say yes. I’m...not sure what I should do now.”
“Let me out of the cage so I can give them too you perhaps?”
Cheryl hesitantly let Skylara out, locking the door behind her so the others could not escape. “Now hand them over.”
“Ahaha!” Skylara said, running to the bucket of water and throwing it over Cheryl.
My mascara!” She screamed, flapping her hands about wildly.
“...Skylara...” Lunar started. “That didn’t melt her; it just made her look rather silly.”
“Then it served its purpose.” Skylara replied looking rather satisfied.
“ are you going to stop her?” Kallista asked.
“Oh um...” Skylara threw the bucket at Cheryl’s head while she was faffing about with her make-up and she fell to the ground unconscious.
“Well...that was surprisingly easy.” Skylara muttered, reaching for the keys.


  1. *falls off her chair laughing*

    *tries to get up, falls down laughing some more*

    This is EPICA Skylara! BRillaint and HILARIOUS!!!

    LOVE IT!!
    Thanks so much for posting this Skylara.
    *hugs her*

    I'm glad you didn't forget about us.


    I've just finished 3 hours of homework and I only went back today. Silly AS levels.

    This made me laugh so much. I'm in a good mood now!

    And thank you Pinicolette for caring about me :)

    This is hilarious.

    I'm still chuckling.

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    Awesome writing, though. =P


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    And don't forget-

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  6. Um...I know this is your story and all. Could you please remove all referense of Dragona being devoted to me. I find it a mockery. In fact, I don't want his name linked with mine at all. Thank you. :)

  7. Say no more Kal ;) I promise I won't do anything else about Dragona being devoted to you. Sorry, I didn't know about what went on while I was away.
    Aww, I'm glad you guys all liked it :D

    And I'll post the link as soon as I get back from School Niall and Leo ;) ...Which reminds me, I have a train to catch in 10 minutes...I'd better get running...bye guys!